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Hey all! If you are a drummer, or know anyone else who is a drummer who's interested in being a drummist, in a band that needs a drum person, we are looking for a drummer. Skills must include: Being a drummer.
If this bangs your drum, give us a message. Drums!

So, poll results = Heavy riffs with Bee Gees level pop. EP 4 SORTED!

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Poll part deux

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What direction should we go in musically on new material?

Trigger's Broom

Sometimes a hero needs some help. X

Weʼre raising money to fund Tim Smith's healthcare costs. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.

All in all, not a bad year for us. Released NWIC, gigged and got some radio play as well! Here's to 2018 being even better. See you there!

Our EP is finally up on our Bandcamp page. And, even better, it costs peanuts compared to iTunes and Spotify (and in a higher quality format, too) Check it out below.

5 track album

Fab photos from our set at Bar 42 Worthing the other night, taken by the talented Tomlinson Photos

If you're stuck with what to do with your Friday night, pop along. 3 bands, for free!

Fri 8:00 PM UTCBar 42 WorthingWorthing, United Kingdom
27 people went

This Friday. Bar 42 Worthing

Fri 8:00 PM UTCBar 42 WorthingWorthing, United Kingdom
27 people went

If you missed our radio debut on BBC Introducing The South on Saturday evening, you can still check it out on catch up. We kick things off at the 2:17 mark. And if you want to hear the song in person, come see us at Bar 42 Worthing this Friday.

With Melita Dennett. The best in unsigned music with live lounge gigs.

Remember folks to tune into BBC Sussex/Surrey at 8pm to hear our tune 'New Gravity' being played. It's our first time on the radio and we want to make a good impression. You can tell them how lovely we are if you wish!

Don't listen just for us though, there is a live lounge session from Abi Flynn (who is a tad better at singing than us) and a plethora of other bands! Enjoy the show!

If you should so feel inclined. Follow us on Twitter @fifoband

Exciting news! Our song 'New Gravity' is being played on BBC Introducing The South on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey, tomorrow night from 8 - 9.
Send in an e-mail/text/tweet to them with nice vibes/trash about us.