This new tune is fucking ridiculous.

Hey guys... knock knock... hallo... it’s been a while.

This is my new motionlapse film, “24 Hours in Berlin”. For the past 2 years I’ve been engaging in filmmaking and photography, and this is my most recent project. The video is made up of thousands upon thousands of photos that have been edited and compiled to create a timelapse and hyperlapse sequence, promoting the beautiful city of Berlin. No video footage was used and all photography, music and sound is my own.

Yes... i...t took fucking ages to do.

I know it’s not new music, but I thought you’d like to see what I’ve been up to. But heads up - I will also be releasing new music this year, which I’m very excited about, so expect new sounds coming this spring/summer.

Please share this if you enjoy what you see, and follow my filmmaking page (Heven Films) if you want to see more like this on your feed! I will also be making free tutorials on sound design and filmmaking/photography on the new page so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested 😃

Rob x

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24 Hours in Berlin - A Motion-lapse Film
Heven Films

"24 Hours in Berlin" - A Motionlapse Film, produced by Rob Mackie (Heven Films). 🇩🇪

This video has been produced with the intentions of promoting the beautiful of Berlin and it's amazing architecture, history and culture, using timelapse and hyperlapse photography. Hopefully it inspires you to visit this great city if you haven’t already done so. The video is based primarily in the "Mitte" area of Berlin.

For usage & licensing, please message directly, or contact via email (see on page).

Thanks for watching - Please "LIKE" this page to support me and my work, and to see more videos and content like this on your feed

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High quality .wav's of the Fonik 'Mechanimal' EP available at Beatport

Fonik (Rob Mackie) is an electro producer/DJ from Scotland, mixing an energetic blend of melodic, glitchy and heavy bass music. Fonik is inspired by the likes of Zomboy, Pegboard Nerds, Kill The Noise and Skism (to name a few), and has been developing ...

I am stoked to finally have the Mechanimal Ep available on all digital outlets and streaming devices. Stay tuned for new music coming soon!

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Mechanimal - Single

MGMT: Mechanimal is now available via Crime Kitchen for streaming on Spotify. CRANK IT UP!

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Fonik updated their cover photo.
July 8, 2016
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Fonik updated their cover photo.
July 6, 2016
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True that.


Sorry guys, I realized I haven't posted on here in a bit. The smart thing to do would be to dig out a stupid meme and get some reach up so that the Facebook alg...orithm allows me to actually reach my fans. What a ridiculous state of affairs we are in with this site. I guess I'll try to find something silly to post later/tomorrow

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This definitely applies to music producers too.

Here's one I wrote almost 2 years ago.

I felt like I had really found my sound by this point, after finally purchasing a computer that allowed me to run more than one synth plugin at a time for more than 7 seconds... literally. That's why my older songs were always really choppy - I had to print short sections onto audio tracks, performing them in MASSIVE, FM8 etc. and then edit them all together into some sort of musical structure. MIDI tracks barely exist in any of my earlier sessions, and I had to manually set the LFO rates to the track tempo every time I used one, due to cpu errors.

It was a hassle but I must admit, it felt a lot more rewarding at the end than it does nowadays.

Download the free 'Mechanimal' EP here: ● Fonik ● Follow Vital Faceb...

I'd just like to clarify, for those wondering why I'm not putting out much music at the moment - I'm currently undergoing my final year at university which is prioritising over EVERYTHING right now... It's painful but it'll be worth it in the end.

I urge all you young musicians out there to make sure you do give yourself time to concentrate on your studies around making music. Knowing that you have something to fall back on is a great feeling and puts your mind to rest. Also ur parents will still luv u cos u make dem proud!

Have a good day x

Thanks, to those 10% of my followers who actually saw this go up yesterday, for the lovely feedback. Much appreciated!

As for the 10% of you who are seeing this now, here's my new track... I hope you dig. It's free.

The section at 3.53 is the sound of me repeatedly punching Mark Suckerberg's face with a giant robotic transformable arm, for thinking that reducing Artist's reach to their fans and making them pay for it was a good idea. We can't afford that shit.



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Fonik & Savrn - Changes (Original mix). Release date: 09/10/2014. FREE DOWNLOAD: 'Like' Fonik on Facebook: 'Like' Savrn on Facebook: www.faceb

FONIK X SAVRИ ‘Changes’ is now available, listen here!!

Download FREE here:

Also available on my page, simply click the ‘Changes free dl' tab.


Enjoy folks!!!

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Fonik & Savrn - Changes (Original mix). Release date: 09/10/2014. FREE DOWNLOAD: 'Like' Fonik on Facebook: 'Like' Savrn on Facebook: www.faceb

Who's keen for a new tune? It's been a while!

My new song 'Changes' w/ SAVRИ will be out this week, for free!

Stay tuuuuuned.

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Just received the master back for Fonik x SAVRИ 'Changes', the song in the video I last posted...

Good god. Soon my friends. #heavy