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Viviane Sabol
· July 13, 2016
A spiritual center for like-minded folks, always a great vibration! Thank you for all you do for goodness sake!
Erica RN
· April 4, 2015
A fabulous resource for mind body healing. I recommend them to anyone who want guidance on their journey to healing.
Ed Toole
October 13, 2011
FGS ROCKS! What else can I say, my favorite place in Truckee by far :)
One Billion Rising Truckee Tahoe
4th of July Potluck Parade Party
Serious hailstorm in Downtown Truckee, California!

Learn about some big changes coming to For Goodness Sake and a special party on Friday afternoon:…

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Check out Source and Synchronicities
January 20-21
Four locations in CA: Mill Valley, San Diego, Irvine, and Beverly Hills
"Source and Synchronicities is a powerful course that will open you to a magical life of synchronicities."

Life can, at times, feel like a boxing match with endless rounds of throwing and receiving punches. There are times we think the universe is conspiring against us or perhaps intending to teach us a lesson.

Check out this practical and peaceful offering from one of our facilitators!

Jan 31 - Apr 4Zoom Online Video Meeting

This is a great daily practice!

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Tao & Zen

When we see the Beloved in each person,
it's like walking through a garden,
watching flowers bloom all around us.

~ Ram Dass ~

Begun in India centuries ago, Kirtan is simply singing and meditation. With harmonium accompaniment we will chant together in English several spiritualized songs brought to this country nearly 100 years ago by Paramahansa Yogananda. After a period of chanting with deeper and deeper attention and devotion, we will then sit in meditation, absorbing and internalizing the affirmation inherent in the chant.

Fri 6:00 PM PSTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA

Come spend a cozy evening with some great people and great food. The gratitude sharing is always heartwarming too! We hope to see you!

Fri 5:00 PM PSTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA
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Check out this awesome opportunity to make our community better and win free stuff! There will be a new raffle each month through September 2018, so start spreading some kindness and let Teen Peace Project know about it!

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Teen Peace Project added 2 new photos.

With the start of November means another #Tahoecalltokindness raffle. This month the prize will be 2 day tickets to Sugar Bowl Resort and an gift car...d! Remember all you have to do to be entered into the raffle is like Teen Peace Project and when you do or see a random act of kindness post about it with #tahoecalltokindness

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In celebration of Thanksgiving, For Goodness Sake will be holding their Annual Gratitude Potluck Party. Bring a dish to share and join in the festivities! Potluck and socializing followed by a time for sharing gratitude. All are welcome!

Fri 5:00 PM PSTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA
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Come and join us for three hours of the Teachings of Abraham from various recent conferences. Learn how you "create your own reality" according to the Law of Attraction, and how to create it more deliberately in the way you would like it to be. Learn how to deal with everyday life situations with more composure by tuning into your Inner Being. Learn how to create and experience more peace, joy and harmony.

Come early and bring a dish to share if you like!

Fri 5:00 PM PSTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA

Here is some useful information about our local Emergency Warming Center!

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Truckee North Tahoe Emergency Warming Center

Share this information far and wide so folks are aware of the Warming Center, the triggers for it to open, the phone number to check if it is open & some important guest rules!

Mark your calendars for this wonderful event on November 4th and 5th! Get some holiday shopping done and support a great cause!

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Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church

​African Bazaar and Fair Trade Gift Faire
The Community Room Truckee Tahoe Airport
Saturday, November ​4th, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday, November ​5th, ... from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Give the Gift That Keeps On Giving!
Featuring Asante Handcrafts and Jewelry!

Looking for a creative way to celebrate the holidays this year? With a fair trade gift, you honor your loved ones and make a difference in the lives of people living Africa, all without a trip to the mall.

Also featuring fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate.

Sponsored by Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church
For more information contact Edie Lott at 530 582-5362 or

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Come join Gyöngyi and experience the powerful healing tools of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs. Revitalize and renew your body through a sound bath designed to promote rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit as you experience complete relaxation and harmony from within.

Tibetan singing bowls gently soothe the soul like a massage for the spirit. These magical sounds create a sense of relaxation by dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety. Tibetan Singing bowls and Gongs effortlessly will take you to a divine inner place of acceptance , balance and peace.

Please bring a pillow, eye pillow and blanket for a better relaxing experience. During this sound bath meditation people will be encouraged to lay down, but this class can be practiced in a sitting option too.

Fri 6:30 PM PDTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA
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Geshe-la will speak about his life in Tibet, escape to India, his advanced education and his art, and how Buddhism has informed and grounded his life. Application of Buddhist principles for living meaningfully will be illustrated through the sharing of his story. We are invited to explore these principles and apply them to our own lives.

Sun 2:00 PM PDTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA
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Teen Peace Project

This piece was created by you, the Truckee-Tahoe community, to recognize inner peace and promote outer peace. The hope is when you look at this canvas you thin...k about your own inner peace and ask yourself, “What brings me peace?” Imagine living in a community that doesn’t tolerate violence and where peace, harmony and healthy relationships thrive. What would this look like? How do we get there? What can we do in our daily lives that can bring peace to ourselves and to the greater community? The Teen Peace Project believes that the first step is talking about it; which is why we bring you this art piece. Have these conversations with your friends, families, neighbors, community and see the beauty that will unfold!
Thank you Sara L Smith for facilitating this interactive art piece and creating the beautiful final touches!
Look for this piece hanging up in different businesses throughout Truckee

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Do you wonder what you’re really here to do?

The answer is right under your nose. Hidden inside your birth name is a blueprint for living a more blissful life. Unlock the truth of your Soul Contract and release your full potential with this ancient system of numerology. Using 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet to match the sounds of your birth name, your Soul Contract is decoded and offers a profound spiritual map of your life.

Fri 6:00 PM PDTFor Goodness SakeTruckee, CA
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We have all heard that we only use about 10% of our brain, right? Well, what if I could show you how to access the rest of your brain in so simple a way that it would be like having a personal key to unlock your hidden potential? Imagine if you could then use that key to create a life of meaning, happiness, adventure and success from the inside out? That is the aim of this book. I will be showing you how to live your best life now by understanding how your brain works and how to program it to create the results you want.