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Jessica Eaton
· February 9, 2018
I am extremely disappointed with the staff working the door at the ford center last evening for the thunderbolts game. I am a mother with a small infant. I was denied access because of my diaper bag. ...I told the guy what it was and welcomed him too go through it as all it contained was my wallet, diapers and wipes, formula that was unopened and a bottle with water and an extra change of clothes. Because of this I then had to walk in cold weather back to our car which was in the big lot behind the courthouse, make a bottle ( that went to waste) and bring in diapers and wipes therefore missing more then the 1st quarter of the game that I was very excited about seeing as we had great tickets. We ended up leaving early because my child needed a change of clothes( which were in the diaper bag) so only ended up seeing barely over half of a quarter of the game. The kicker was on the way out I saw not only 1 but 3 backpacks in the ford center as I am carrying a screaming and wet infant to the car in the cold because I didn't have a change of clothes for her on me. We will not be coming back and will make the drive somewhere else to watch a hockey game instead of coming to the ford center multiple times a season to see games.the security officer was extremely rude to me and treated me like a bother. See More
Montana Michael Halterman
· March 23, 2018
Security and entry staff are very rude. The lack of a re entry policy for smokers or at least a designated area and time frame for smokers is pretty lame in my opinion. The food is good however it’s n...ot so good I’m willing to spend what I spent tonight for it. Spent a total of 80$ between 2 tickets for a scrub hockey team, and over priced kids menu food, just to be denied re entry after the first period of the game. If I remember right most of Evansville didn’t want the polished turd that is the ford Center. Get your shit together. See More
Shaun Hollander
· December 8, 2017
Very rarely do I visit the concession stand but gave it a shot at the Thunderbolts game. I arrived at the concession stand just as the National Anthem began playing. I am completely amazed at the resp...ect and honor to our nation from the Ford center and its Vendors ( including the police officers on duty)
During the playing of our national anthem, I seen many hands cover hearts, many heads bow, the cashiers paused, the cooks stood straight, and even the Vendors followed suit. For just a few single minutes everyone was on the same "playing field."
It's great to see this kind of equality and respect without anyone casting judgement!
Way to go Ford Center Team!
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Darrin Lemberg
· April 22, 2018
I'm shocked and highly disappointed with the Ford Center and Monster Jam for raising the prices. $112 for tickets to a crappy show where there is no room for the trucks to maneuver, $7.00 for parking,... $20 for a $2 bag of cotton candy, $20 for a sno cone - really? For a Friggin cup of flavored ice???? OH and $37.50 for soft drinks and popcorn- City of Evansville you should be ashamed of yourself..... See More
Stephanie Bates
· February 18, 2018
They try to rush everyone in within one hour before the performance.... there is not a place for smokers to go out, at all!!! They kept saying even with my tickets, if i go out I would not be allowed ...back in!!! Will not attend any more concerts here!!! If you have any fear of heights do not even try the upper level, the seats are on a very sharp grade, then straight drop off...... there is no room to walk to even get to your seats, everyone had to stand up and we still had to side step, it was awful!!! See More
Wendy Hargrove
· November 13, 2017
We have been to several various events (Disney on Ice, Mercy Me, Elton John.. ) and have enjoyed the Acts but hate the stadium. Don't even waste your time with floor seating unless you love being pack...ed in like sardines. There really is no place to move and you sit snug up against the person beside you and constantly bumped from person behind you and there is no place to sit a drink. You have to park a few blocks away and walk because there is not currently parking with the Center. Staff are not the friendliest. They try and funnel everyone into the events within an hour. I don't know what Evansville had before but this facility is extremely lacking. See More
Elizabeth 'Dillon' Christjansen
· November 12, 2017
I want to commend Debby on the way she went above and beyond to help my mother and I have the absolute best experience we could Saturday night. My mom had an accident about a month ago, leaving her a broken leg and in a wheel chair for the night. It became clear after Debby showed us to our seats that my mom wouldn't be able to sit comfortably for the duration of the Elton John concert. Debby came up with several ideas to help accommodate us, including asking people in the row if they would be willing to switch seats with us, when those fell through, she quickly escorted me to the ticket window and was able to get us closer seats that were handicap accessible. Once we had the tickets, she helped move us quickly through the crowd to our seats to make sure we missed as little of the concert as possible. She really impressed went out of her way to make sure that we were happy and able to enjoy the concert. Debby is definitely an asset to your event staff, I can't say enough good things about her. See More
Jessika Slater
· March 10, 2018
Went to see Disney on Ice today and the staff are so awesome. I made a mistake when ordering tickets thinking I ordered 2 tickets in the handicap section and 3 in a row directly in front of them of the way the map on ticket master was set up but when we got there they were basically a whole section apart. I explained our situation to the folks there and they helped us switch our tickets to seats that were near each other. So, thank you Ford Center staff!! See More
Brandy Byers
· December 8, 2017
I had the worst experience tonight with Ford center security. I have brought the same purse in since they started the bag checks. Tonight when I came in they told me I would not be allowed to bring m...y purse in. I told them that I had been bringing the same purse since this whole deal started. I was informed I would be allowed in for tonight with it but it would not be allowed in the future for everyone's safety because it is backpack style. They only thing that makes it look like a backpack is the straps. It does not have multiple pockets nor is it bigger than the 13 inches because I measured it. So thank you for making sure I had a great night!!!!! See More
Cherish Piche
· November 23, 2017
I got turned away at the circus because my purse was too big. It is a normal size purse that I bought at Target. I watched several other women walk in after me with bags bigger than mine. And no the...y were not diaper bags. I’m all for rules and keeping people safe but consistently enforcing the rule is important too. It seems there is a very arbitrary and subjective definition of what purses are too large and what purses are fine. Even the FordCenter rule page only says “large bags” are prohibited. No measurements given. I live in Nashville and we were only here to visit family for the holiday. I’ve taken this same purse to Titans games, Predators games, and concerts with no trouble. See More
Lori Young Gordon
· November 12, 2017
Not a good experience last night. First I got stopped going in the door because my purse was too large. I took at least 2 dozen pictures of larger purses on the way to my seat. They let me put it the building behind a trash can. Absolutely no point. They said rule was for safety but then proceeded to let me put the bag inside the building. Head scratching about what that did for safety.

Sound quality for concert wasn’t good. Sounded like loud music on cheap speakers. Maybe poor insulation or too much metal, but way to much vibration. I was first level right of stage.
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Whitney Jade Greenwell
· March 13, 2018
I didn't like the fact that I couldn't bring my son's diaper bag in. The staff was very rude. I enjoyed the event itself, which was the Disney On Ice on Sunday evening. Also, the lack of parking reall...y makes me not want to go back. I miss Roberts Stadium where you actually had somewhere to park easily. See More
Delana Harp Bryant
· March 22, 2018
Went to a concert there in cold weather, they made everyone stand outside in the cold and on the street in the way of traffic until 45 minutes before show time. Street should have been blocked off if ...they weren’t going to let people inside out of the street. It would have been much more profitable for them to let everyone in so they could sell them food and drinks as long as they were there,instead of making them stand in the cold on the street and limiting their time to stand in line for food and drinks inside before the show. See More
Aaron M Abram
· October 23, 2017
My wife and our kids, 9 and 5, attended the Thunderbolts opening night on Saturday and had a great time. We were able to park a block away - got into the stadium quickly and to our seats in a matter o...f minutes. The staff were very helpful in leading us directly to our seats - had I followed my own instincts I would have been on the wrong end of the row and had to climb over people. The only low mark was the cost of food but this is to be expected at venues of this size. Though the price was a bit of a shock the food itself was very good.

We are already looking forward to our next Thunderbolts game and other events at the Ford Center.
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Athena Weakley
· February 5, 2018
We traveled from St. Louis and have never been to the Ford Center. We were in the pit at Avenged Sevenfold and several different times fights broke out and security stepped in which I was thankful for... since I was separated from my friends and knew they were ok. I know it's the pit but sometimes people are jerks and that spoils it for everyone. All of the bands sounded great!!! See More
Becky Boyle Horning
· February 5, 2018
I was harrased by the waitresses in Old National Bank Skybox. I was told to get out of my seat and move after waitress checked my ticket 3 times. I was never told by first waitress to move when my tic...ket was checked either of the times. Another waitress told me to move and " we don't let random people up here to drink beer". I went thru checkpoint to get to Skybox and seat I showed my ticket 3 times. I am not random nor is my ticket. She didn't offer to help me in any way except out the door. Neither of the waitresses provided service nor nor were in my section that I found on my own. The bartender and Avenged Sevenfold was great. Those two waitresses were rude and bitchy See More
Joe Lake
· February 24, 2018
This is why I don't like the ford center the security team didn't not run metal detector over me after setting off the walk through but did Wand the person in front of me. The difference the person front of me was African American and I am a white male. This is awlfull horibal and flat wrong. Shame on the security and the ford center.��� See More
Brandi Kay Coulter
· October 15, 2017
The policy for purses should’ve been alerted to fans ahead of time, waited in line for ever, finally got tickets scanned in, only to find out purses can’t be more than 13 in. Had to go all the way bac...k to car, if I knew that beforehand I wouldn’t have brought it. What if I didn’t drive to the event, then what...other than that, concert was great!!! See More
Mike Hart
· April 13, 2018
by the time they get all the screw you fees added of facility fee 6.00 per ticket service fee of 27.40 each and processing fee of 4.50 is the reason why i don't go to any of this crap anymore.
Jordan Burke
· February 4, 2018
Absolute trash venue. Never getting my money again. Me, my friend, and my wife got kicked out for being in a mosh pit at the avenged sevenfold concert. Everyone was having a good time and nobody got h...urt until THE SECURITY came in and started hitting, grabbing, and shoving people. The bald security guard busted my lip. Wish I would have gotten his name, his ass needs sued. Spent over $500 on tickets to get kicked out for having a good time. Others that were moshing with us got kicked out too. Thrown out into the cold with no coats for moshing at a METAL concert. Bored small town security with nothing better to do but bully people around. See More

Today is the last Monster Jam show! Pit Party is underway until 12:45 and the show starts at 2PM!

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