We'd Like To Say Thanks To All Our Friends Over at The Station For All They Do, Then, Now and Into The Future!!! Thanks For Keeping The Great State Of Oklahoma Safe and Informed... The Foreman Scotty Foundation and Its Members Are Humbled and Honored!!! Okc Is The Place To Be!!!



OKLAHOMA CITY - As we have been celebrating our 65th anniversary, many viewers have been writing in about a show that was unparalleled in popularity. The "Circle 4 Ranch" show ran for 14 years. There was a waiting list to get on the show and many parents often had to book a reservation at the Circle...

You Did Good Dad!!!

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Oklahoma City Broadcast Legends:

Ho Ho The Clown - ABC
Ms Fran - CBS
Foreman Scotty - NBC


John Ferguson Provided This Copy Of A Very Uniqe Photo Opp! Three Extremly Competative On Air Talents Together On The Same Set! Not Sure How Management At The Time Vuiwed This, But As You Can See, It Happend!!! Early Day Television In The Great State Of Oklahoma! Best, FSCF

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BIG Foreman Scotty Fan!!! Also Won The Golden Horseshoe!!! Anyone Recognize This Guy?!?! Give Ya A Hint... He's Mayor and Running For Governor Of The Great State Of Oklahoma!!!

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It was a magical time for Baby Boomers in the great State of Oklahoma in the 50's,60's, 70's! There was a new toy in town called Television! There was also a new hero that road into town and right on to the screen!

The Foreman Scotty Show started in Tulsa in 1953 at KOTV, then Dad moved it to the Oklahoma City DMA out of pure market demand in 1956. The show ran till August of 1971. We believe it's the longest running show still to date in Oklahoma Broadcast History!

WKY TV ...and Dad couldn't have done it with out You! Viewers and Fans that simply fell in love with his character, the man and the show...

Today we say in humbled voice, Thank You for being a Foreman Scotty Fan and Follower on Facebook, Then, Today and Now...


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If you grew up in The Great State of Oklahoma in the 50's, 60's and into the 70's... You remember these guys!!! Can you name them??? They were all Red Hot in a Cool White Medium called TELEVISION! Television at the time was a new toy in town... no one really knew what it was and if it would even work! These guys showed up and helped propel Television and all the people working within the medium to new heights and standards... paving the way for the future of Television and the the people that worked in the new budding industry...

From our family to yours, Thanks for watching Foreman Scotty Facebook!!!

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Here's A Shot Of Dad Promoting McDonalds, Before McDonalds!!! Circa 1960's !!! Foreman Scotty and Ranch Hands!!! Circle 4 Ranch!!!

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(3D Danny-Foreman Scotty) Nice Shot Guys!!! Here We Have Two Heavies Of Their Time, Danny Williams and Steve Powell (Circa 1960's)
Going Over Script and Adjusting Set and Props For An Up Coming Promotion, Spot Or Setting. With Script In Hand, Props In place and Lighting, Everything Looks Good! When The Camera Opened Up And The Signal Went Out Live... There Was No Turning Back, So It All Had To Be Right. As Early Day Radio and Television Pioneers, These Guys Really Knew Their... Craft! Outside Of Being Forman Scotty and Xavier T Willard From The Foreman Scotty Show, There Were Also Serious Parts That Came Along and Some Times It Called For More Accurate Timing and Placement In Order To Get It Right In Order To Please The Client and Station! Again, These Guys Had A Real Passion For What They Did and Keen Sense Of Being The First and To Get It Right! It Also Came With A Lot Of Experience To Ultimately Be Called The Prestiges Names Of Early Day Radio and Television Pioneers From The Great State Of Oklahoma! From Our Family To Yours, Happy Holidays and A Very Merry Christmas! Enjoy and Thanks For Watching...

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FOREMAN SCOTTY updated their profile picture.
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If You Were From The Great State Of Oklahoma, Or Living Here In The 50's, 60, Or 70's, You Knew This Guy!!! Foreman Scotty Was Most Likely Your Child Hood Hero!!! He Magically Came Into Your Homes, First In Black In White, Then Later In Color On A New Device Called A Television... You watched Him Every Day In Amazement... You Went Out To Be On The Show and Were Fascinated... You Hopped To Win The All Mighty Lucky Golden Horseshoe!!! He Entertained, He Taught Good, He Was Everyone's Local Hero, and, Still Is... From Our Family To Your's... Thanks For Watching!!!

Cliff Davis
Son Of Foreman Scotty

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Steve Powell-Foreman Scotty, Local Hero and Kids TV Host For 17 Years In The Great State Of Oklahoma! - National Hero and Recipient Of The Bronze Star, Korea! Dad, Thank You For Your Service and Success, Both Locally and Nationally!!! We Salute You Always and Forever... 🌟

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After 45 Plus Years, This Guy Still Has Fans!!! Foreman Scotty Fans Are The Best In The World and All Over The World!!! We Can't Thank You Enough For Remembering and Loving This Guy That Changed The Face Of Early Day Broadcast Television and The Faces Of Children To Smiles, Everyday For Almost 20 Years Live On WKY-TV, Channel 4, Right Here In Oklahoma City!!!

Taken At The Oklahoma History Center, Foreman Scotty Exhibit With Sam From OKC!!!

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Thanks Linda!!! Dad Would Be Humbled and Proud!!!

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If You Were Lucky Enough To Get On The Show, You Might Have Got One Of These! This Confirmed You Were A Part Of What Became The Biggest Thing In Oklahoma City At The Time! The Foreman Scotty Show!!! Happy Memories and Thanks For Watching!!! Dad Would Be Proud...

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Local Radio and Television Pioneers and Children's TV Legends- from Right, Ho Ho The Clown- ABC Affiliate. M's Fran, CBS Affiliate and Foreman Scotty, NBC Affiliate!!! Great times in the early days of The Great State of Oklahoma Broadcasting!!! Times were simple, times were good!!! Thanks for watching everyone... Dad would be proud!

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Big part of the shows success was this guy, Danny Williams! This is him as 3D Danny, which was a precursor show to the Foreman Scotty Show, Circa 1950's. He play Xavier T Willard on Foreman Scotty, the curious old man... Danny later went on to host Danny's Day on channel 4 Oklahoma City, then back into Radio, KOMA for years...

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3D Danny and Foreman Scotty Take Action Against The Bad Guys In Downtown Okc's First Movie!!!

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Foreman Scotty was and still remains, one of the most loved, endeared and remembered TV personalities and citizens from The Great State Of Oklahoma.