Born on May 15, 1956
Personal Interests
Our long term goal is to have 501 C3 Status and function as a Non Profit Organization. For right now, we consider most of our work on this project to be for state preservation of broadcast and state
Foreman Scotty was and still remains, one of the most loved, endeared and remembered TV personalities and citizens from The Great State Of Oklahoma.
Personal Information
Steve Powell, better known as Foreman Scotty, was the creator of the number one hit children's television show,The Foreman Scotty Show, for 17 years.

He wrote..., produced and starred in the hit children's show, every weekday at 4:30 pm. A live television audience made up of children and their parents all wondered what Scotty and his cohorts were going to do next!

Danny Williams played the part of the mischievous old man, Xavier T. Willard. Cannon Ball McCoy was played by Wilson Hurst. Other guest personalities included Johnny Ferguson, better known as Count Gregor. These guys had a real passion for what they did.

They were ground breaking, broadcast pioneers at a time when television was just emerging. They had scripts and a plan, but made it up as they went along.... adlib plot drama at its best!

Take our hand as we take you back in time to a more simple life when all that mattered was a local cowboy hero, good family morals and values. It all happened in black and white. Oh, the fond memories caught on TV.
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