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It's in places we may not want to be that we find the most hope and our true potential. That's what Donna Carr learned after a broken leg led her to Forrest General's Rehabilitation Center on the third floor of Forrest General.

With the goal of being at home and on her own in mind, she received support from the FGRC team to work through the physical and emotional steps to get there.

FGRC prepares patients for living their life to the fullest. Learn more about our inpatient rehabilitation facility here:…/r…/inpatient-rehabilitation/

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Jacob Gee
· March 18, 2018
I was really impressed with this hospital. My friend was in a pretty bad car accident and was shipped here. They had him back on his feet pretty quick considering his level of injury. I work at a hosp...ital and when i saw what was going on with him....i was prepared for the worst quite honestly. All healthcare staff have to have some kind of a poker face with patients/family members but their skill needed no poker face.....they all had a "we got this" attitude which was really reassuring. Special kudos to madison his ccu nurse! Thank you to everyone for being amazing people and true professionals! Yall rock! See More
Kayla Bullock Bourgoyne
· December 4, 2017
I am so thankful to everyone that had a part in my stay this past weekend. There is no doubt that everyone I met was called to do their jobs. From Doctors, nurses, to the people delivering food, etc. ...I have stayed at this hospital several times over the last 9 years, and I have to say the care I received this week was wonderful!!! They assured me and made me feel like I wasn't just a patient... they were so compassionate about my well being. Especially thankful for Dr. Kot, Dr. Benton, and my nurse Mary on the 4th floor. See More
Sharon Walters Bounds
· December 24, 2017
I have pneumonia quite often because I have IgA and immune deficiency disorder. Went to er and the head Nurse in the er knew I had fever, fast heart rate and complaining of my chest hurting. Her respo...nse was oh your back . She made me feel like a creepy hypochondriac I still am very sick today and I just got up and left she made sure I wasn't to be seen . I won't be back. See More
Patricia Lynn Lee
· December 27, 2017
My husband has been here at Forrest general since Christmas Eve we have always used this hospital I must say I am very impressed with the care he has received the staff is so caring and concerned they... thoroughly checked him out For that I am thankful to everyone involved That would be the ninth floor staff The ICU nurses and doctor that took great care of him And now the fourth floor staff.. May God bless you all & Thank you so much! See More
Bobbie Anne Fortenberry
· November 6, 2017
I must say that Forrest General took excellent care of me over the last week of being in the hospital. I was never judged because of my Gastroparesis like I was when I was at Wesley. My pain was manag...ed and the doctors understood what I was going through. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who took excellent care of me on the 8th floor for 3 days and the 9th floor for 5 days. See More
Belinda Mize Dyar
· September 23, 2017
This is an exceptional place...early morning, July 29th, the 4 th floor nurses saved my dad's life...the ER personnel and nurses(Mona, Patricia) followed up to check on his condition. The CCU/ICI Cori, Josh, Kaleb and Sarah, along with others, were professional and compassionate during a difficult time and granted me access to everything I needed. On August 2nd, they allowed me to transition him back to the 4th floor which allowed my mother, children and friends time to visit and find peace with his failing condition and gave me the ability to be by his side every minute. Anesha, Cody, Swayze, and Zach, and others, cared for us and treated him with kindness and respect.
We laughed, cried and reflected with my daddy...we all made peace. My precious dad went to be with his Lord, Friday, August 4th.
I want to thank everyone, but I only remember some of the names of those who cared for him...there were many others. And, last, but not least, my precious friends, Dr. Stogner and Dr.Blair and Dr. Rogness and Teresa from palative care.
See More
Sheila Tisdale Atwood
· December 19, 2017
Please share cos I AM mad as h---!!!!!! I brought my son to FGH at 1230. His sugar has run very very high for 2 days and he threw up all night. They put him in critical care and we waited 3 freaking ...hours to see a dr. All the time his sugar was ONLY 403 as the nurse said and at least he wasnt in DKA. It took 3 hrs to even see the dr, get any drip or medicine. When they took him to get scan on his stomach I went to hallway to get a coke. When I came back they had moved him to the hallway. Don't even have a room anymore! Needed it they said for a patient who hadn't seen dr. I asked could we get a room in another area and was told they have NO rooms! So here we sit in the hallway but I bet he is still being charged for a room. His sugar hasn't been checked in 4 hours and he's had NO insulin at all. I AM beyond mad right now �� I feel he is just out here in the hall for all to see. What happened to the privacy policy? For what it's worth please share how what kind of treatment he has gotten. They haven't heard the last of me !!!!!!!! Well another nurse came and checked his sugar. It's down to 296. I told her how i felt sitting here and believe it or not she said it's their policy now! So there's not as long a waiting period they are put in hallway before they are xferred to a room or discharged. I told her it's like infringement on ur privacy and she said yea I i see now if u don't want to be publicized when ur sick u may need to rethink coming here! See More
Heather Jeanfreau Lee
· December 28, 2017
Please don't bring family members here. There was an elderly lady waiting to be seen who could barely breathe and she had been there for over 7 hours. I was so afraid she was going to die right in front of me.
Collin Hodge
· January 12, 2018
We just had our baby at FGH and she is currently in the NICU. We are receiving excellent care, and I can rest well knowing she is in such great hands. My experience from labor and delivery to has been exceptional. See More
Yolanda Funchess
· December 20, 2017
For a few years I've been having CT scans for heart issues at hospitals in Jackson.. I had shortness of breath and palpitations and sharp pain in my chest.. Nothing was found.. I was baffled.. I liste...ned to my body and I tried Forrest General it took one try and they found the issue my heart skips several beats and elevated heart rate so i needed medication.. They also found a nodule on my right lung that was big enough for concern.. Also asthma was so bad I have a rescue pump and steroid type pump every 12 hours and a pill.. This speak alot about this Hospital. It took only one CT with dye.. However, several tries else where NOTHING they said See More
Charla Williams
· December 3, 2017
My mother had knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago the doctors an nurses are great with my mother but on December 2, 2017 when she went to therapy housekeeping came in her room to clean an get,well when my mother came back her phone was missing so laundry was notified etc.. so I decided to text my mom's phone through messenger because if someone reads it, it will show seen....well someone has it we've sent numerous textes an everyone that was sent was read... It's really sad that a nice hospital like Forrest general has sick people that would still from a elderly woman so if they will steal a phone what else have they stole from other people especially the elderly!! Sad See More
Tonja Porter Wiles
· March 18, 2018
Gift shop sucks! They accept and sign for deliveries that should go to patients. Instead they deliver on Mississippi time.... it takes days for patients to get their gift that a loved one has sent. Th...ey lock them in rooms to be list or die and deliver when they get around to it. Disgusting!!! Some caring, healing environment. Disappointed beyond measure!!!! See More
Heather Ulmer
· November 27, 2017
I love FGH! They are very good at what they do! They have very good bedside manners and listen to what’s going on. They don’t try to run off while your talking to them! #I�FGH
Natalie Collins
· March 27, 2018
Better hope you are not dying if you walk into the ER with CHEST PAINS. My child who has an existing heart condition( and I made her aware of his condition) was having chest pains and they told us t...o take a seat in the waiting area. The sign on the desk even says to let them know IMMEDIATELY!!! After I told her that is not acceptable she said there rooms were full. I asked could her could he please sit in a wheel chair and could someone at least take his vitals... she said sure and kept her seat behind the desk. The wheel chairs were sitting behind us folded up. I had to cause a seen for her to at least get a wheel chair for him to sit in. We waited 10 min before they got us to the back!!!! My mother walked in the same ER just as we did last year and if they would have made her sit in the waiting area for any amount of time she would have DIED!! This is VERY VERY disturbing and hope necessary measures are taken. SO DISTURBING and SCARY!! Hopefully. They will take note and this could save a life... �SMH � See More
James Tuminello-Photography
· September 30, 2017
It’s not that I hate the services at Forest General actually been a patient of theirs off and on for 30 years. My mother and nephew passed at Forest General. My problem is is the horrific way the department treats people. Me and my wife are using the app which told us our bill was zero we thought The other one had paid it off. then my credit dropped almost 100 points because they turn multiple collections over. One being $22 and another $60 then one being $1000 instead of filling $1082 so having multiple collections like that on your credit ruins your credit. We are the ones that made the error and missed payments but come on we hadn’t missed payments in 30 years and we’re going to get turned over without a courtesy phone call to check and see if it’s just not an error !!!! We have been shopping at Wesley for equivalently qualified physicians. See More
Terrie Carlson Decker
· March 24, 2018
I was in the Er at the tune of over $2,200 for x-ray. Only good thing was Tanner that brought me water, Bri my wonderful nurse and the awesome x-ray lady.
Pam Campbell
· January 17, 2018
They have the sweetest staff in out patient surgery as well on the floor my husband got the best care I could of ask for
Tina Laird
· January 12, 2018
Forest general suss,, they was loud at night and some of the aids was just rude,, I will never come back to this hospital or will I recommend it
Martha W Temples
· November 21, 2017
Thank you all for thoughtful care, physical therapy - love � y’all (Hal & Precious)
Dr Whitehead- you are an awesome orthopedic surgeon �� wonderful supportive staff !! Many more kudos to those we don’t see!
Anna Hathorn
· March 5, 2018
The medical staff & techs were attentive with the needs of my husband. They got him on way to recovery. We still a work in progress.
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