Our art & fx guy, Sal doing that thing he does. Go show Snowgum Films some love, you guys!

Only appearing in 28 shots (for a collective 3,211 frames of animation), her appearance in our film ends up crunching in at a little less than two minutes of screen time. Don’t be fooled by this time, it betrays the many years’ worth of development and design and many paths explored. With heavy consultation with the fan community at the Discworld Conventions throughout the years, and again online right here, we slowly and studiously pieced Beryl (and Tourmaline) together with... your help.

And she is wonderful.

Performed by Troy Larkin

Designed by Sal Vador 'thedarkcloak' N

Modelled by Marko Petrič

Textured by David Burbury and David Terblanche, with additional work by Christian Bloch and Sal Vador ‘thedarkcloak’ N

Rigging and Animation Software Development by Lukasz Pazera

Rigged by Nicholas Stevenson and Christian Bloch

Character Lead by Anna Huber

Animated by Erik Castillo, Dor Cohen, Dakota Dann, Daniel Fox, Daniel Goodwin, Tom Heyerman, Anna Huber, Yuanchen Li, Jimmy Mole, Mark Nicholas, Dariusz Szczuraszek and Vladislav Vankman

Fabric Simulation by Marc Albrecht

Lighting and Rendering by Christian Bloch

Special thanks to Jay Garrison

Anna gets special mention as character lead, shaping and directing our matriarch’s performance with the animation team in what was absolutely our most difficult character to find the balance for. And by the time we'd discovered the character, she was done in what now feels like a whirlwind of animation. A character fighting to get out!

Please join me in congratulating Anna and the team!

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SuperMonster市City added 5 new photos.


SuperMonster市City! is inviting artists to submit work to b...e considered for publication in a newly designed layout of the original 1818 text of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
All submitted artwork will be featured in the submissions gallery and will include the artist’s name and a link to their website. Artwork will be selected by a jury of artists and designers for inclusion in newly published books and other items. Check out these profiles of our stellar panel of judges!
#Frankenstein #SuperMonsterCity! #artbook

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As a collective of creatives and creators, we can't stress enough how important it is for artists' copyrights be respected and protected...

Sorry this is happening to one of our own. Please spread the word about this, artists have a hard enough time promoting their work and making a living - this type of theft directly affects their livelihood.

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Sal aka Thedarkcloak

Summary with screenshots here:…/tshirt_design_theft_and_bre…


Please blast the Twitter summary here:

Got it taken down from the Facebook page for Family T-shirt, however the product remains on Lonely Tee's website.

Lonely Tee has a dmca page, which leads you to Gearlaunch, and their contact there. The email given does not work. However the contact name provided can be easily tracked and found.

And then there's this:…/commen…/5eerqk/suspicious_activity/

Have emailed, and messaged Gearlaunch here, their website, and Twitter. I hope they resolve this issue quickly as to not further damage my brand or theirs.

Special thanks to Deb Wise for the amazing leg work she's doing.

Details in the comments below.

STOLEN ARTWORK alert - Family T-shirt / LonelyTee has knowingly stolen my artwork and is selling it on merchandise.

They've been emailed and notified, however, they are actively trying to cover their tracks. Be sure to spread the word, I'm sure I'm not the only artist that has been ripped off by these people.


These people are also involved and are actively and knowingly doing everything they can to cover their tracks. Let them know.…/p.18544222482…/1854422248218779/…

You can always buy from my official shops here:

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Sal V Cloak's going at it!

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Sal aka Thedarkcloak

JOIN ME ON @Twitch @TwitchCreative tomorrow, Saturday April 22nd 2017 at 1:00PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (CST) 🕐 for an ART STREAM MARATHON! ‼️ 🎥 URL /

I'll be taking 'Live on the air' sketch commissions (timed to 20-30 minutes a pop) for $20 each sketch 💲. The stream will keep going as long as I can, and will be having some guest artists co-hosting and bantering with me as well. 🚀
#artist #livestream #artstream #artjam #art #digitalart #conceptart #sketches #sketch #sketchbook #illustration #commission #freelance #twitch #twitchtv #live #thedarkcloak

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So this happened.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
FckGoblins - The Card Game

FuckGoblins Kickstarter:…/fuckgoblins-fast-paced-cheeky-…

And the first gameplay demo for FuckGoblins is here!


Watch our test subjects Ian, Darin, Dan and myself (or at least all our hands... but hey, our hands have LOTS of personality) throw down a game of FuckGoblins after a brief overview of the rule set we're playing with.

There are many variants and modifiers in the FuckGoblins game, even some of which can greatly change the length of a match, and others which can unpredictably level the playing field - all of which give the game a high replay and entertainment value.

WTF is Fuckgoblins? Glad you asked!

It's a card game with super simple rules for quick throw-down mayhem. Say the word "FUCK" a whole lot, screw over your friends, have a great time doing it too! It’s so easy even grandma can play! Watch the video!



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Our friends have been hard at work on this card game and it's now live! Just in time for April Fools

EARLY BIRD gets the discount!

It's the moment we have all be waiting for... THE FUCKGOBLINS KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! Please go check it out and share it with all your friends We can't do this without your support!…/fuckgoblins-fast-paced-cheeky…

A cheeky, quick throw down card game, so easy even grandma can play! Fast paced silly fun which can be played in many different ways.

Well this was fun!

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FckGoblins - The Card Game

Reviewing play-test videos for the Kickstarter launch... so much hilarity, thank you so much to our test players and hand models!

Sal is doing that sound design thing.

And here it is Conundrum fans: in honor of the holiday season, the Conundrum Radio Players present a little poem written by Tim Burton...

Featuring the vocal ta...lents of Tim Como, Jason Kornelis, and Aaron Ruder.

Derek Dirlam, Sal V Cloak, and Steve Larson provide the SFX, foley effects, sound editing and sound mixing.

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Before it became the amazing movie, this is the poem written by Tim Burton, that started it all, brought to life through the Conundrum Radio Players. Featuring the voices of Tim Como, Jason Kornelis,

Here's one of Forty-Eight Anchor Productions' submissions for Canon's Imagin8ion film contest from 2015.

You wake up to find a message on your phone... Submission for Canon's Imagin8ion film contest.

Good read whether you're a David Lynch fan or not.…/

After 25 years, the wait is over for Twin Peaks fans. David Lynch and Mark Frost have announced a return to the mythical town coming in 2016 to Showtime. The

So it's Friday the 13th! On what we call FX Friday! Ki ki ki... ma ma ma...

Some of us are very excited about the new Friday the 13th Game on Kickstarter (seriously, go have a look at who is involved! -…/6133…/friday-the-13th-the-game - it ends TODAY!)

As film-makers, it's hard to ignore the special effects that have gone into so many iconic moments of this classic slasher film franchise.


Watch practical FX maestro Tom Savini and director Sean Cunningham go into some pretty detailed walk throughs on how many of Jason Voorhees' most memorable kills were achieved.

#ft13th #fridaythe13th #jasonvoorhees #practicaleffects #practicalfx #vfx #fx

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Director: Sean S. Cunningham Writer: Victor Miller (written by) Release Date: 9 May 1980 (USA) One summer at Camp Crystal Lake, a group of young counselors b...


“It’s incumbent on us as artists that we start to be heard again,” added Gary Bourgeois at the Sound on Film conference.

As we start ramping up for creating a couple of films, it's hard to forget one of the classics that comes up in discussion pretty frequently.

Love the atmosphere, the effects, the performances, and how wonderfully everything ties together along with the music.

Talking about John Carpenter's The Thing:


Here is a making of documentary that gets into great detail on how this fantastic film was created, the stories behind the scenes, and so much more.

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Watch The Thing 1982 Online Hd - Buy The Thing [ Blu-ray + Dvd ] - In remote Antarctica, a group of American re...


And just in time for this spooky haunted evening, and as a way to launch Forty-Eight Anchor Productions, here is our short horror film... The House of Caligo.

"Ethan and Katie are Urban Paranormal explorers in search of the next thrilling adventure... but this time, when they go to investigate a supposedly abandoned haunted house, they get more than they could have ever anticipated when they enter... THE HOUSE OF CALIGO.


Be careful where you trespass, kids..."

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Ethan and Katie are Urban Paranormal explorers in search of the next thrilling adventure... but this time, when they go to investigate a supposedly abandoned...
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