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Emily Dillard
· February 15, 2018
I have ordered delivery from Fox's Pizza Den via GrubHub several time now. I love the food and I have even recommended it. I ordered my food from them today and then I got a call saying much order cancelled because I lived outside their delivery radius. Which is ridiculous! I've ordered before and should be able to order again! Very disappointed with this restaurant I once liked. See More
Lauren Swab
· February 17, 2018
Order a pizza to our hotel room down the road. They couldn’t understand English & the pizza never showed up. Horrible service.
Kevin Richmond
· August 27, 2017
We got wings, cheese bread, and 2 large pizzas. The cheese bread was good, but the sauce delivered with it wasn't warmed up. We fixed that with the microwave.

The wings were ok but crispier than ex...pected. They weren't burnt tho.

The pizza.... Toppings (bacon double cheeseburger on one, pepperoni on the other) were fine and plentiful but the sauce had a strong taste in a bad way. I thought it was too peppery. My wife couldn't put her finger on what it was. My son didn't even finish his slice. That's bad cuz he's not a picky eater.

This was our first time and will be our last. There's plenty other options here in Lakeside.
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Susie King
· May 22, 2016
They where the best for a very long time. Called my order in this evening, ordered extra large Hawaiian pizza, well done. It arrived barely warm with a very whimpy crust and looked like a medium pizza.... For 27.00 I wish I would have just popped a frozen pizza in the oven. It's not even worth calling to complain. I think my pizza business will go to Zorbas on McArthure from now on. I'm almost thinking Foxes has new owners or something! See More
Howard Bronson
· February 24, 2016
Wanted to try a diffrent pizza place in richmond and found this place, order came out on time like normal, i ordered the steak pizza not sure whats its called, but wow can i tell u its real steak on i...t!!!! The best pizza i have ever tasted,beats real new york pizza by a long shot, so being happy with this place i wanted to try something diffrent, chicken wings,expecting coming from a pizza place i didnt think they would be tjat good but i wanted to try them anyways, and wow they are the best in richmond, beats bufflo wild wings by far way better. I love this place and so does my family. When we order take out its from here everything is so good the list goes on and on... hands down the best pizza shop in richmond See More
Mikey Buchanan
· July 28, 2017
I am upset that the Gayton road restaurant closed down. But at least there is a location nearby. Still just as good as I remember. Some of the best pizza I have ever had.
Melanie Reemtsen
· April 23, 2017
After being told that my food would be to me in 30 minutes it's now been over an hour. I want my food or they can refund my card. The manager is being very not caring. I will never go here again and i...f my card isn't refunded i will go over their heads and there will be issues. See More
Hunter Harrell
· January 12, 2018
Best Taco Pizza in Richmond! I will definitely be a returning customer.
Dennis White
· April 28, 2017
I ordered two large pizzas today just to be disrespected. I came in to get my pizza which not only was I not greeted or acknowledge, i had to wait for what it seem like only one guy who was actually w...orking. Inbetween the personal phone call and leaving the store of another employee to handle personal business. I had to leave to check on my 1 and 2 year old since no one seem to give two cares. Never will I ever waste my time and money with this company, if zero stars was an option I would give it. See More
Meek Beverly-Burns
· September 9, 2014
Fox's pizza was the best until they changed their ingredients or scimped it.I use to love the Stromboli,Not now it seems to be less cheese and cold everytime I order for delivery. I know I cannot expe...ct my pizza or food piping hot when being delivered ,but it never fails it's always cold when delivered. The big daddy especially was my favorite.Not now It seems to have gotten flatter and way less cheese and the pepperonies are flat. And when it's delivered to me it's always cold. The pepperonies use to be crisp and the pizza had way more cheese. And the sauce was so delicious. I use to pick Fox's Pizza over any pizza. But not anymore it just sucks. See More
Ernie Watts
· November 8, 2017
Not enough meat. Rapids has better subs. You taste more them just bread.
Debbe Henshaw Lewis
· June 11, 2015
I ordered dinner via the Eat Street app at 7:41pm. At 9:05, not having gotten my delivery, I called the Brook Road store. At first they said they hadn't received my order, and asked our address, pu...tting us on hold. The next person who picked up the phone asked AGAIN for my information, which I again reiterated slowly and clearly. I was told I "didn't need to yell" and that they were "swamped" with 15 orders. I told them to cancel my order and refund my PayPal payment. This is not the first time they have messed up my order; last time they sent a completely incorrect pizza, and we had to wait another hour to get the right one delivered. I will NEVER order from Fox's again. It's obvious they don't care about their customers, don't check to see if orders have been submitted, and if they're swamped it's because they are busy on their cellphones or flirting with their coworkers and can't be bothered with actual work. See More
Anthony A-ride Robinson
· October 8, 2017
Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crushed the pizza and the pasta A1
Stephanie Mallory Wynn
· March 21, 2016
Very disappointed in the service. My family and I were loyal customers for quite a while. Almost every weekend we ordered and would spend $40 to $50 dollars. A few weekends ago, I ordered a 2 liter, i...t didn't come. Called back they said they would bring it, never did. Gave them another chance. Last weekend ordered a salad, got no salad dressing. Had none at home. Called TWICE and was told they were sending it back out. Nothing! Now I'm done! See More
James Sweeney
· February 26, 2017
Not sure what happened tonight? I called and spoke with someone who apologized and assured me our order (which was placed at 7:40pm) was on the way ......10:14pm and still no � for 6 hungry 10yr olds ...having a sleepover See More
Karla Mann
· October 25, 2017
Paid for extra dressing. Did not get in delivery. Called and was placed on hold...
Joe Venti
· June 5, 2017
Staying at days inn ordered dinner that never came. Thanks you guys suck but from the other comments here I guess you don't care anyway...���
Jadie Yna Shue
· November 11, 2013
the service is excellent, the owner is great and customer service-driven. the food is fresh and if its not right they never give you a bad attitude or make you feel uncomfortable about it. the food is... truly delicious and they are a great small local business to support! The Shue's LOVE Fox's Pizza!! Highly Recommended! ♥ See More
Melanie Anne Miller
· October 2, 2015
Everything I order I'm disappointed. The pasta is awful and was cold,maybe cause the lid was barely on it. It's usually late and that's after waiting a hour. I've ordered different items and still not...hing good. I guess I finally learned my lesson #salty See More
Stephanie Suzanne King
· April 20, 2017
A great family restaurant!! Ronnie is a great guy and he does a lot for our community! Can't wait for my next slice!!
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