178 barrels of oil spill in Ft. Collins, CO....

A 7,500-gallon storage tank of crude oil has completely drained into the scenic Cache La Poudre, Colorado's only designated National Wild and Scenic River, southeast of Fort Collins.

By unanimous decision, Beverly Hills, CA becomes first city in California to ban fracking:

Celebrity-stacked Beverly Hills has become the first municipality in California to ban the practice of hydraulic fracking, or fracking, along with acidization and other extreme well stimulation techniques.

Fracking on TX border believed to cause 'minor' earthquakes in Northern Mexico. The tremors in Nuevo Leon state this year have 'ONLY' reached a magnitude of 4.3:

Defenders of shale gas drilling point out that the tremors it causes are minor. Tell that to earthquake-prone Mexico.

A fracking firm is set to drill on a former explosives site despite warnings of unexploded bombs and incomplete safety tests.

The Green Beer Fest digital magazine is out - featuring a 20 point checklist for newbie home brewers; and 9 tips for indie bands prepping for their first recording session. Enjoy!

Spring and Summer 2014 Digital Magazine for the Green.Beer.Fest. festival to be held September 27, 2014 in Boulder, CO. The festival showcases and celebrates...

The Green Beer Fest formerly Frack Free Brew Festival returns Saturday, September 27, 2014 we're headed to the Edge of the Unexpected in Boulder, CO. Call for epic brewers, sponsors, and living exhibits now open.

Join us 9.27.14 at the Edge of the Unexpected, Boulder, CO Home to all natural goodness?Colorado has become a top U.S. tourist destination and generated many experimental spin-off companies as a result of its green eco friendly lifestyle and it?s

Concerned about his property value, Exxon CEO joins lawsuit to stop fracking near his home:

Rex Tillerson finally tells the truth about fracking. It lowers property values. Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson may be the world's biggest fracker (Exxon is the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S.) ...

Fracking blamed for thousands of quakes and Arkansas' largest earthquake in the past 35 years:

LITTLE ROCK (CN) - Fracking by Chesapeake oil and Billiton Petroleum caused "thousands of earthquakes" that damaged homes and caused the state's largest earthquake in the past 35 years, two Central Arkansas families claim in court. Daryl and Nicole Davis and Joel and Terri Van Pelt sued Che...

EPA is taking small steps to regulate potential water threats from fracking:

The agency is now telling industry to be more careful when it pumps diesel underground as part of its cocktail of fracking fluids.

Report shows fracking depleting America's water supply in driest areas via The Guardian:

From Texas to California, drilling for oil and gas is using billions of gallons of water in the country's most drought-prone areas

UK solar entrepreneur at Davos...."Gas? Unless the price goes up, the whole US shale gas industry is in danger of becoming a bubble, even a Ponzi scheme.":

UK solar entrepreneur tells world leaders at Davos: fracking for shale oil and gas cannot help to avert a global energy crisis - and a global oil crisis could strike in 2015. Alex Kirby reports.

Small town in Northern, Texas blames fracking for 30 earthquakes in their community:

Fracking has been blamed for causing at least 30 earthquakes since November in the rural area around Azle, Texas population 11,000. The residents living in the area protested at the state capital...

Sixth fracking explosion for WV firm prompts government cease and desist order:

After a sixth fracking explosion injured a worker and sent a tank flying 100 feet, government has shut down a repeat offender drill company based in West Virgin

Martin Sheen's Breakthroughs episode on fracking could reach as many as 60 million Americans:

PBS program hosted by "West Wing" star Martin Sheen takes on fracking.

Fracking investigation finds signs of water contamination in PA, TX, WV and OH:

An investigation into four states in the U.S. calls into question energy industry assurances that fracking does not endanger drinking water quality.