Francesco Lato di 10 Volte Meglio in TV nel dibattito elettorale a Telenord
La Teoria dei Giochi spiegata agli italiani in TV all’ora di pranzo di domenica su La7, usando un film di 35 anni fa, WarGames - Giochi di guerra (1983)! Un messaggio subliminale ai contendenti per il governo?
Come sarà l'Italia fra 10 anni? Cambiamo l'Italia! 10 Volte Meglio

“This huge technological revolution [#AI] is in fact a #political revolution.
#Europe has not exactly the same collective preferences as US or China. If we want to defend our way to deal with #privacy, our collective preference for individual #freedom versus technological progress, integrity of human beings and human DNA, if you want to manage your own choice of society, your choice of #civilization, you have to be able to be an acting part of this AI revolution . That’s the ...condition of having a say in designing and defining the rules of AI. That is one of the main reasons why I want to be part of this revolution and even to be one of its #leaders. I want to frame the discussion at a global scale.
I want to create an advantage for my #country in artificial intelligence, directly. And that’s why we have these announcements made by Facebook, Google, Samsung, IBM, DeepMind, Fujitsu who choose [my country] Paris to create AI #labs and #research centers: this is very important to me.
Second, I want my country to be part of the #revolution that AI will trigger in mobility, energy, defense, finance, healthcare and so on. Because it will create #value as well.
Third, I want AI to be totally #federalized. Why? Because AI is about disruption and dealing with impacts of #disruption. For instance, this kind of disruption can destroy a lot of #jobs in some sectors and create a need to #retrain people. But AI could also be one of the solutions to better train these people and help them to find new jobs, which is good for my country, and very important.
I want my country to be the place where this new perspective on AI is built, on the basis of #interdisciplinarity: this means crossing #maths, #social #sciences, technology, and #philosophy.”

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In an interview with WIRED, French President Emmanuel Macron describes his plans to enhance the country's AI efforts—and differentiate them from those in the US.

Volo inaugurale di EasyJet da #Londra #Luton per #Genova all’alba, non potevamo mancare...
Quello che altrove è la normalità da anni, in #Liguria è un evento eccezionale!

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