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Deborah Brown Hawkins
· January 27, 2018
Since my car is 20 years old and I am disabled I need a newer car and this site can help you earn one by voting and helping others. People all over the US are online with the same desire to be able to... have a car.
You can help others if you like to be online and have time you can set up an account and transfer votes to others. Find out how.
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Aline Sant
· December 31, 2017
My family desperate need a car. Begining of the year we were forced to sell our car and the one a friend let us use broke a few months ago. We have 2 children with Chronic Illness and specially on win...ter time is very scare not having transportation since they can get sick at any second and their specialist care is done 1h30min away from the place we live. Besides my son, 9 years old, has survived 3 strokes and currently needs to go every 4 weeks for his blood transfusion in order to avoid another stroke, which could be fatal.
My husband has been applying for jobs and we are trying our best to stay safe.
Please help us.
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Candy White
· April 19, 2018
Cause I don't remember none of my email or password so I updated my information n am 38yrs old just had a baby 3 months ago n on disability n no one ever called me or respond back to me bout nothing p...lus the ones who really need help like me can't get it n I think y'all lying we're I live you have to have a car n I can't afford to get one .n am in Greenville MS . N am tired of walking ever we're with my baby See More
Mae Z Craig
· November 4, 2017
Incredible awesome I didn't believe it myself but now I'm on the thing to get one and I'm going to be blessed and so will you all you have to do is trust in God and he will see you through he do not g...ive us no more on our plate then we won't I'm going to say a prayer for everyone that gets on this program and that is never give up never give in be strong and have faith in God cuz I do thank you for reading it and God bless you and take care of yourself See More
Levar Deshawn Williams
· February 1, 2018
This is an amazing site to help others like me with a disability obtain a vehicle to have some kind of independence is this world we live in. Please follow this link and find out how you can help by d...onating a car to someone in need. See More
Colanda Taylor
· February 18, 2018
Not yet a recipient, but since I've been on the site, I have experienced nothing but the kindness and fairness of others. You learn that you are not alone. And you get a chance to see that there reall...y are people who care and who will help you when in need. Wonderful! See More
Shelly Orr
· March 9, 2018
I just found this site& I'm hoping that my family can get help with a car but not really sure how to do any of this stuff on line. I'm very dumb when it comes to computers. So if anyone could maybe me threw this so that I can possibly have a chance at a car. I would be greatful See More
Keara Thomas
· November 15, 2017
I think it's awesome that people are actually trying to help those of us that are unable to purchase a vehicle. We all go through different trails and tribulations for many different reasons and car i...s a key necessity to not only those that hope to better there situation but to move around and actually get things done!!! I truly wish more people cared to help others in this way. I wish the best for everyone who's heart this cause touches and those of us that are currently without transportation. See More
Rhonda Wynn Colling Glaser
· December 18, 2017
I am a female disabled veteran of the USAF recently diagnosed with a rare vascular compression disorder. I was having extreme difficulty getting to Dr appts. Even getting food snd necessities was not... easy. 1-800 charity cars has made all the difference in my life by giving me a vehicle. I am so grateful! See More
Robert Knuckles
· December 18, 2017
free charity cars really help family that need of car because there sick and don't have enough money to buy a car. Some people are down on there luck really need a car to get to a job. Some family got... a car today free 12/18/17 it's for real, try us and see later!! See More
Yvonne Rae Davis
· March 19, 2018
what an awesome organization.I hope to hear from you but patience is a virtue. I am thankful for those you have helped.Bless those that have donated may good things come to those who give.Votes would sooo appreciated my user name is Rae44 See More
Lloyd D Plourd
· August 30, 2017
Free Charity Cars, gives a new meaning to someone who cares. They help people who for one reason or another can not afford to purchase a car. In todays world, not having a car can seriously be a probl...em. Many of the members on Free Charity Cars need a car to get to the hospital, doctor appointments, looking for work, the grocery store, and many other needs they don't have. It gives them hope, mobility, a purpose in life. In general when a person receives a car from Free Charity Cars they are truly blessed by the gift they receive. See More
Elisa Davis
· January 7, 2018
I just wanted to thank you and all involved for keeping hope alive. May you all be blessed for all you do!❤️❤️🙂 You have given me a support system as well as faith that can never be repaid but I will... work hard to pay it forward. Thank you! See More
Mia J Vitale Saputo
· April 4, 2018
Amazing charity for the most part , great concept my only issue is the paypal donation , my son never received his 400 votes for having 35 dollars donated to him Forjohnny20
Nancy Mandia
· November 13, 2017
A special thank you goes out to Denise from FCC. Helping me every step of the way to get my car. She is very compassionate and patient with all my questions.
Tamara Dunagan
· October 10, 2017
What all that i have read about and all the people they have helped its a God sent im very excited to become a part of something positive in my live i am on the edge of just giving up but reading thes...e peoplesstatement made me step back a step from thatedge i am so greatful to finally have postive people in my live i thankyou an my boys thank you thanks again tamaradunagan See More
Kelly Sue Hartshorn
· September 29, 2017
I think that this site and the people who run it really are compassionate in helping families in need. I have not received a car....yet, but I have hope in this the Lord and that He has called these f...olks to help bless us. I enjoy reading profiles and blogs, and also sharing my own. I think that we can learn from one another, and know that we are not in these situations alone. God bless us all. :) See More
Angelica Cooke
· January 20, 2018
I've applied and in hopes of getting help, I've heard good things and am lucky to have an chance. Thank you to those who donate to help those in need like myself.
Guenevere Garrity
· December 5, 2017
This seems like an enormous opportunity for those of us who just need that one helping hand to get somewhere in this world! If you can help someone and yourself in the process, even better.
Nana Beach
· October 3, 2017
wow people get second cars all im asking is for help for one I am dissabled n i desperatley need one i live in a small ga toen where the closes thing is 30 min away i cant even go to dr, i need to go store now and cant go till i find some one to take me People dont care these days SMH See More

Thank you Evan Metropoulos for you generous donation of Vintage Autos worth $350,000 dollars.

LONGWOOD, Fla., March 16, 2017 -- The Original 1-800-Charity Cars, Inc., America's largest non-profit organization focused on providing free donated vehicles to assist families in need, announced that Evan Metropoulos, a principal at family investment firm Metropoulos & Co. and an ardent "preservati...