Humble Beginnings

2015 General Election
Philadelphia Council

The results from the 2015 Philadelphia General Election are officially in and tabulated by the City Commissioners Office as of Tuesday evening, November 3rd...

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General Election 2015
Campaign Platform

With the excitement of Philadelphia's General Election coming up this November 3rd, I thought to encapsulate our Campaign's positions regarding multiple issues facing District 8 and beyond. Although various candidates and members associated with the Free Dominion Party are similarly free to focus on those concerns that they believe to be most relevant, the following are points which I intend to achieve accordingly



i. I am calling for the creation of a Virtual Compact, where adult individuals can officially choose to become a Citizen and formally join civil society. Among the associated benefits are the establishment of municipal Trusts, where citizens can choose to endow and/or freely receive from whichever public chapter they believe has subsequent value…/towards-…

ii. I am calling for graduated Term-limits, where Councilmanic office should be held for a maximum of 4 electoral cycles. I am additionally calling for reserving a 3rd Party appointment within Councilmanic delegation when a qualified candidate seeks political office


I am calling for the restoration of open currency Standards, where citizens can freely exchange durable articles (ie. gold and silver) as a means of dissolving price sufflation. Correspondingly, this would entail local-city leadership challenging federal and state policies concerning autonomous prerogative!platform/c1flq


I am calling for the codification of ethical principles by which a citizenry and government may conscientiously operate, as a refined Bill of Rights. Practically this would necessitate registering Amendments to the City Charter which explicitly state that an individual's principled agency shall not be violated, and that each individual has the right to withdraw from abuse!platform/c1flq

Although no one knows the future with absolute certainty, I do believe that Dignitarian ideals provide the most sound resolution to common problems faced within our governmental apparatus and acculturated republic. With the good fortune of ample talent and dedicated individuals further addressing important issues within our local communities, may the best candidates win.

Michael Galganski, Chairperson


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