Rostam o Sohrab <3
اگه نبيني سوسك ميشي!!!
Protests 11th Feb 2010, Iran
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Bjarne Strömskov
· January 5, 2018
Hi free Iran. Now it becomes intersant. The United States wants the demonstrations at UN meeting, and Russia will not have this. Yes, that's normal, but. Russia now has a problem. Anyone who wants to ...see is that Russia is only caring for its interests and is always indifferent to people in other countries, and not least for democracy and human rights. Everyone who will defend this disgusting Putin will be out, no good people can defend this Putin. Russia must and must pay for all they spend in the world, and the UN must be shut down, the UN can not stand up against this dictator Putin. Bjarne See More
Dear followers, friends and allies,
Free Iran is a page that was created when the Green Wave erupted back in 2009. At the time IRIB kicked out all foreign journalists, and did what they could to block any possibilities for the international community to get informed of the events inside of Iran. So Iranians themselves started documenting and sending reports abroad. We took on the job to gather and spread their reports, showing the world the autrocities the regime was performing on its own people. Six months later the uprising died out, people were exhausted, beaten up and every family had losse...

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Atena Daemi and Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee imprisoned for their human rights work. Last week we heard very distressing news. On 12 March 2018, Atena made a tearful phone call to her mother saying that the prison riot guards had raided the section of Shahr-e Rey prison where Atena and Golrokh were held w...