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Pete Godfrey

I’m feeling generous today. So I’m going to give you something special to help you with your copy… so you’ll never stare at a blank screen again.

All you’ve got...ta do is say “Yes” in the comments below.

But first a story…

In 2006, after 6 years of writing copy, I put together my first copywriting course called, “The Emotional Ad Writing System.”

Since then, thousands of people have benefited from its teachings. Many of today’s top Aussie copywriters including Bret Thomson launched their careers because of this product.

My question to you is…


Do you want me to send you a copy of this
prestigious course FREE?


** No opt in.

** No postage and handling charge.

** Completely free (I’ll email you the PDF).

If you want it, comment ‘Yes” below.

If there’s enough interest, enough comments, I’ll give this course away.

So share this post or tag a friend and make sure to comment below.

Then simply email me at and ask for the Emotional Ad Writing System.

Here’s a brief look what’s inside this valuable training…


It contains 4 BIG Sections:

Section 1: Emotional Advertising
I take you by the hand and show you what emotional
ad writing is so you know exactly what it’s all about and
how to use it to boost your profits.

Section 2: “Done-For-You” Emotional Sales Letters & Ads
Here you get copyright free examples of all kinds of letters.
Reactivation sales letters, Damaged Stock sales letters,
Referral letters and so on.

Section 3: 27 Killer Copy Clicks
Here you get 27 clicks to plug into your copy. Makes
understanding and writing copy so much easier.

Section 4: More “Done-For-You” stuff.
You get an instant sales letter template to follow that
makes punching out sales letters easy.


So share this post or tag a friend and make sure to comment below.

Then simply email me at and ask for the Emotional Ad Writing System.

If enough people comment, I’ll give you this valuable resource free.


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