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2 Years Ago Today

Make a Wish for the New Year: Wedding Wigs, Hair Enhancements ... Your Wish is Our Command ... It's a New Year at Fridman Hair!
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This auction for fridman hair 36 color chart ring + you will get 15 minutes free on the phone with owner of fridman hair factory school to advice you how to start and promote your own hair business and will answer your questions.

MAXIUMUM SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Fridman Hair Factory. Profits help to sponsor FREE Medical Wigs to indigent women and children with cancer.

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If you look GOOD ... we look GOOD! END OF THE YEAR CLOSEOUTS! Rock bottom reduced prices and discounts on ALL our Stock Wigs, Hair Extensions, Wefts and Bulk Hair! MAXIMUM SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - 2 AND 3 YEAR WARRANTIES for shedding and split ends (for Dark Colors # 1 - #8) and 1 YEAR WARRANTY for Lighter Colors (# 10 and Lighter including Blond) Write us please for MORE INFORMATION:

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