FFW UNION CELEBRATES HUMAN RIGHTS DAY AT THE STRIKE AREA The right to strike is one of our trade union rights under Article XIII of the Constitution. Trade union rights are human rights. Members of FFW chapter are on the 7th day of strike at Pearl Islands Corporation at the corner of Mauban and Igdalin Streets near Banawe Avenue in Quezon City. 17 regular workers were dismissed and replaced by almost 30 agency workers. Union president Marianito Llanita said, "the union calls for collective bargaining negotiation and regularization of contractual workers." He said when the union submitted a CBA proposal, the reply of the management was notices of dismissal. Llanita said, "this is a clear union busting and a negotiation in bad faith." The Pearl Islands Workers Union -FFW is now 50 years as bargaining agent of the workers at Pearl Islands but its officers and members are now out of their worplace - they are now fighting to recover their jobs at the picket line. The union members are celebrating the 69th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with pizza and softdrinks at a street in front of their workplace.
Study Visit of Vietnamese Delegation on Child Labour Elimination Programme in the Philippines.
ASEAN Trade Union Council Meeting in Manila, Philippines
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You can download the presentations during the "FFW National Conference on the Future of Work" and the "National Workshop on the Role of Workers in the Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS)" here.

Securing Decent Jobs in an Increasingly Precarious World of Work


The Changing World of Work

“Revised Rules on Labor Laws Compliance System”

ILO Convention on Labour Inspection , 1947 (No. 81) and ILO Convention on Labour Inspection (Agriculture), 1969 (No. 129)

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OVERVIEW / SALIENT AMENDMENTS Department Order No. 131-B “Revised Rules on Labor Laws Compliance System” In relation to the Role of Workers in the LLCS DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT Bureau of Working Conditions Intramuros, Manila

FFW-KMU joint statement on contractualization.…/labor-groups-blast-duterte-f…

Labor groups have slammed President Duterte’s refusal to honor his election campaign promise to end contractualization, warning that workers are beginning to lose their trust in him.