I got a message from austrian radio station fm4 that one of my songs is in the rotation and will get some airplay.

Funfact: I uploaded this song 2 or 3 years ago to the soundpark and did not even remember!


F.D.I. - Just Tonight

now with some visuals!

All video footage taken from Hubble Space Telescope and ISS. Music by "From Deep Inside - Just Tonight"
Remix from some acapella from "Keisha - Animal Inside"
I found this acapella-part of "Celtic Woman - The Voice" on the web - very nice, imo! :) Still working on this one... just wanted to s...

Finallly! The first song is finished so far... mission "metalstep or something" accomplished, I guess!

I know the sound could be much better, but the idea and spirit of the music should find their way into your heart or at least your ears.

Artist: From Deep Inside Song: Black Horizon Mission: "Metalstep or something"
From Deep Inside updated their cover photo.
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