Beavyz - Die Spitze des Eisbergs ! - Official Fuckparade 2014 ...

Tekknotopia 2018 - Open Air
Date: 15.06.2018 - 17.06.2018...
Danke an alle DJs, die so zahlreich zugesagt haben und für euch ein Fest der Superlative bereiten wollen.
Hakke, Psychopath !

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Fuckparade - since 1997 - Berlin

Ja danke für das Statement. Gerne nächstes Jahr zum Treffen erscheinen und den harten Wagen in die Tat umsetzen.

Thank you for the statement. Would like to come to the meeting next year and put the hard car into action.
Niels Gerdsen

Aaalsooo...Fazit der Fupa... Musikalisch war alles bis speedcore vertreten... Also nix mit soft... Nächstes Jahr also arschbacken zusammen und 'nen harten Wagen anmelden!! Und nicht nur meckern!


Noch mal für alle.
Fuckparade 2017
Lkw´s ab 11:30 dort zum Aufbau.
13:12 beginn der Reden
Ca 14Uhr Abfahrt...
Start ist Potsdamer Straße 180
Ende ist Jordanstraße

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Again for everyone. Fuckparade 2017 Truck's from 11:30 there. 13:12 start of speeches Approx 14 o'clock departure Start is potsdamer straße 180 End is Jordan street
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Samstag geht's rund


Saturday is about ,
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Freies Feiern braucht freie Menschen die sich Respektieren statt zu diskriminieren und sich organisieren wenn versucht wird uns das Leben zu verbieten!.

Seit 20 Jahren nun kämpfen wir für den Erhalt von unkommerzieller Subkultur, Freiräumen und für ein solidarisches Miteinander. Was hat sich seitdem getan? Wo früher das Tacheles war klafft noch immer eine offene Wunde der Berliner Stadtgeschichte. Mieten steigen und eine wilde, kreative und attraktive Stadt verschwindet unte...r Shopping Malls und Luxusbauten.
In Neukölln wird die Friedel 54 (ein Kiezladen) brutal geräumt, für eine zwielichtige Briefkastenfirma. In Schöneberg ist ebenfalls im Interesse einer skurrilen GmbH die Miete der berlinweit ältesten selbstverwalteten Jugendzentren Potse und Drugstore um 70% gestiegen und die dortige Jugendarbeit ist akut bedroht. Die ganze Stadt wird verkauft und alles was nicht in eine profitorientierte Logik passt soll verdrängt werden.
Aber solange es Leben gibt wird sich Widerstand regen. Trotz der Räumung begrüßen wir mit großer Freude die Besetzung der Platte (alte Teppichfabrik) in Stralau auf das wir uns neue Freiräume erkämpfen und zu verteidigen!
Wir lassen uns nicht unterkriegen.
Zum 21. mal werden wir nun nach 20 Jahren aus den Schlupflöchern des Underground kriechen, unsere Soundsysteme errichten und den Beton zum Beben bringen.

No Nation No Border - Still loving free party, fuck the System ! -Potse, Platte, Drugstore bleiben!

Wagen Crews:

1 TerrArista Tribe

2 Freaky 23 / SP23 / Spiral Tribe

3 Hashtek23 Sound System

4 SecretSounds Veranstaltungstechnik

5 sikk crew + #Teknosquat_Network

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Sat 1:12 PM UTC+02Potsdamer Straße 180, 10783 Berlin, Deutschland
1,342 people went

After the streetrave we will gather here for a nice afterparty with several dj's and live acts. Confirmed (in alphabetical order):

➤ A-tek (DDM) (BE)
➤ Brian KX (KX / LZN) (NL)...
➤ Decay (#23/Rumoer) (NL)
➤ Frixion Fanatic (SOS/Obs.Cur/Tekno Sucks) (NL)
➤ HEISA (ObsCur/VOID) (NL)
➤ Kaoslog (Ausgang/DDM/ObsCur) (DE/IT)
➤ OdS (#23) (NL)
➤ Stefan (#23/Kierewiet) (NL)

Note that the amount of people that can be let in is limited, so come early and rave late!

➤ Damage to get in: 8 euro
➤ Minimum age: 18+
➤ Donationbox for Fuckparade organisation present:
➤ ➤ ➤ be generous and donate, support the underground, support the Fuckparade!

Party is expected to last untill 11.00 h
Entrance after 7.00 h = 5 eu (only if the venue allows new people!!)

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Aug 19, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017Wiesenweg 5, 10365 Berlin, Deutschland
438 people interested
Fuckparade - since 1997 - Berlin updated their cover photo.
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Fuckparade - since 1997 - Berlin updated their cover photo.
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Fuckparade 2017 - Wagenanmeldung !

Fuckparade 2017-car registration!
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Fupa Stellungnahme 2016:

Es ist echt unglaublich, was hier für ein Shitstorm geschrieben wird.
Es werden Sachen behauptet die nicht wahr sind und dann regen sich alle darüber so sehr auf, dass alle denken das es stimmt was behauptet wird.

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Fupa opinion 2016: It's really amazing what's written here for a shitstorm. It's going to say things aren't true, and then everyone's so upset that everyone thinks it's true. Many seem to be better and are the heroes of the nation. On 23.07.2016, we offered an open fupa-Orga meeting which took place on 28.07.2016 It would have been possible for everyone who wanted to make their own car or have ideas and suggestions to implement the parade. Except for 1 crew who wanted to make another car, no one appeared. So much for your commitment. The fuckparade orga tried to perform the demo as usual in August. But our applications have been rejected several times because on the scheduled days too many demo's had been declared that there was not enough force on the part of That's how everything shifted backwards. Besides, there's a little more on this planning. Like every year Should be an official afterparty after the demo. By Canceling, we also had to make reservations in the clubs. You should be aware that it is difficult to rent a new location in the short term, since most of them are booked for And the underground is not welcome in any club in Berlin either. (this is also a reason for the demo! ) And there were also weekends where much of the orga couldn't. Sorry, but we all have a private life, family And have to work. For example, the fupa 2016 was officially announced on 12.10.2016 December 12.10.2016, because we have only received the short-term approval of this operation on this We are sorry for those who do not participate this year Could. We would have liked you all on the demo. It's still a demo and not a sunshine party! There are also some who claim that the motto "peaceful reiern" an allusion to a series of events To be. This is total bullshit! Just because your mouse house can rhyme, the house is still no mouse. There are symbols such as the Dollar Signs and paragraphs. These symbols are for things we are in the official demotext Criticism. We are a peaceful demo that is protesting with your music. 1 year is not going to get all the best, and they're all In your opinion. Sad to read by years of followers. This year didn't go well in your eyes, but Like every year we try next year, That everything is better. Fuckparade-Orga Addendum to comment on false allegations: We would like to take a position and do not leave this to be what some people claim here because it is not true. There were 2 Gabba / Hardcore / speedcore trucks registered for the fupa. Unfortunately, they canceled. The one in the run-up and the other in the short term because it was no longer A Berlin crew had given criticism in advance. In this way you and all others have been able to Given to the open fupa orga meeting on 28.07.2016 Except for a new crew, no one came to date. The communication of a member of the Berlin crew in the application to registration was the opposite of polite. The lyrics written in chat are black on white. The Berlin crew and his followers should first communicate with each other before lying to the world Will be set. We hope that the accusations and fabrication will stop. It is bad that these specific people lie to their own scene and divide their own ranks. We think you should carry your problems internally and under 4 eyes instead of running such a lying terror in public. Fuckparade-Orga

!!! Streng limitierte Fuckparade 2016 Shirts wie immer nur heute erhältlich !!! Ort: Druckkammer Truck. Der Truck hat das gleiche Banner wie hier oben das Fuckparade Banner. Bis nachher und kommt nicht zu spät

!!! STRICTLY LIMITED FUCKPARADE 2016 shirts as always available today!!! Place: Decompression truck. The truck has the same banner as up here the fuckparade banner. See you later and not too late ;)

Fuckparade 2016 Route

Fuckparade 2016 route
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Fuckparade - since 1997 - Berlin added 2 new photos to the album: Fuckparade 2016 - 15.10.2016.
October 15, 2016

Fuckparade 2016 - 15.10.2016

Fuckparade 2016

Sat 3:00 PM UTC+02BERLIN - Rigaer Strasse
1,529 people interested