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Facebook keeps asking us to make a post again.. So this time I'll include some photos!, This is to show we're actively working on the new platform, have a sneak peak at some of the code work that's being done.

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Greetings everyfur

We have some staff slots open, 1 for the babyfur community and 2 for the others

if you are interested please check my forum post about staff and contact me...…/to…/26/seeking-staff-ambassadors

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Greetings Furgather users!As it stands there is currently me and dark on the staff team and (lusha) acting as a Secretary as the site is starting to grow/bloom we're going to need to expand our team membersI will be breaking this into two parts, No exceptions made, and Exceptions can be made, (the n...

We at furgather want to wish everyone a amazing holidays!

if you don't celebrate it then we wish you amazing months ahead

Facebook keeps telling me I need to post something on this page, so uh We're still alive

Want a socail media site that is built for furries, by furries? Join today!

FG is proud to announce the reopening of a website dedicated to the littles of our community.

FW will also act as a Sister site in direct partnership with FG

We're aware FG is currently down, a hicup happen and we're working on it.

Big stuff is in the works for Furgather and Media Haven!

Let's do this, come check us out we have the dark side and cookies! and lots of grow sticks not sure how we got so many but blame the glow stick fur.

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FurGather updated their profile picture.
May 18, 2016
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Furgather is back up and under new ownership, you can check us out at

You will have to create a new account as these are different platforms.

We keep getting asked by many people to send them invites to the new FurGather site, please just hold on!
We are trying our best to get everything setup again on a new server. The only reason the site is set to invites only at the moment is for staff, and when we open the site, it will not require any invites

Hey fuzzies! Sorry for the long silence, but things are chugging away on our end! More information soon

Wondering where FurGather went? Currently we are getting ready to launch the latest version 1.0 . To visit the beta version please click this link.

If anyone wants to join a skype group with some FurGather users (My self included) Feel free to do so!