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Facebook keeps asking us to make a post again.. So this time I'll include some photos!, This is to show we're actively working on the new platform, have a sneak peak at some of the code work that's being done.

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Facebook keeps telling me I need to post something on this page, so uh We're still alive


Want a socail media site that is built for furries, by furries? Join today!

FG is proud to announce the reopening of Fluffywaddles.net a website dedicated to the littles of our community.

FW will also act as a Sister site in direct partnership with FG

We're aware FG is currently down, a hicup happen and we're working on it.

Big stuff is in the works for Furgather and Media Haven!

Let's do this, come check us out we have the dark side and cookies! and lots of grow sticks not sure how we got so many but blame the glow stick fur.

FurGather updated their cover photo.
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FurGather updated their profile picture.
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FurGather updated their profile picture.
May 18, 2016
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Furgather is back up and under new ownership, you can check us out at Furgather.net

You will have to create a new account as these are different platforms.

We keep getting asked by many people to send them invites to the new FurGather site, please just hold on!
We are trying our best to get everything setup again on a new server. The only reason the site is set to invites only at the moment is for staff, and when we open the site, it will not require any invites

Hey fuzzies! Sorry for the long silence, but things are chugging away on our end! More information soon

Wondering where FurGather went? Currently we are getting ready to launch the latest version 1.0 . To visit the beta version please click this link. classic.furgather.com

If anyone wants to join a skype group with some FurGather users (My self included) Feel free to do so!

The deadline for submissions to The World Animation Celebration international short film animation festival hosted by Sony Pictures Animation is September 18, 2015.

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to let everyone know that in the next coming months (1 at minimum, but not for sure date yet) I will probably be switching the backend of FurGather to a new system.
If I do decide to do this, there are pros and cons to this.
The site will work a lot better than it does now. ...
A lot of other features will be in place and will work better than they do now.
It would be easier to manage the site from an Administrators stand point.
And it will give me a lot more to work with even with the little time I have to continue developing this site.
The look of the site will change a little bit, but it will still be basically the same, familiar to facebook so that it's easy to use
And the biggest con of all is the fact that I will have to clear out the database and start from scratch.
Meaning, everyone will have to setup their profiles and signup once again.

This can be a big con, however, I can very likely backup the site as it is now and host it off of one of my personal servers, this way users that still want to use this version can... however it will stay like this and be unsupported.
A plus to me hosting on one of my other servers is that if there is anything you want to keep that you've uploaded or shared, you can login to this version and get it (Such as pictures)

Either way, I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this before I decide to go this route or not.
In my opinion I think it would be a much better idea to do this.
(Don't worry to anyone that has any ads currently running with FurGather, I will back them all up and convert them to the new system if we do decide to go that way)

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