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  • Graphic DesignerOctober 25, 2017 to presentSt. Louis
  • teashop boiAugust 2011 to presentUniversity City, Missouri
  • DJ/ProducerSt. Louis
  • DJ/ProducerUniversity City, Missouri
    Freelance DJ, Artist, Designer, Bad Ass MC, Weeaboo, Certified dork.
  • Game AdvisorOctober 23, 2012 to 2016University City, Missouri
    Holiday position
  • Graphic designerMay 2006 to January 2010St.Louis, Missouri
    One of the supporting graphic designers for ZONE-SAMA, Coolio,and MeatTeam.
  • Composer & Musical Sound DesignerJanuary 2005 to October 2009St.Louis, Missouri
    A remixer that mainly was appointed to work on ChronoCross, Super Mario RPG and Mario Kart remixes along with 8 bit conversions of recently popular songs among the media
  • Level 69 Night Elf MoHawk1994 to 2016
    I do my bitches like I do my paperwork
  • Graphic designer
  • Graphic designerSt. Louis
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Favorite Quotes

    " I'll Be Think About That While I'm Pissing On Your Grave"

    "Death To All Who Oppose Me"

    "Chicken isn't vegan?"

    "Bacon and eggs, bitch"


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