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Karen Elligers
· January 1, 2018
Experience at lunch at Tyson's yesterday was truly awful. My family (group of six) were seated around 1:05pm. Then... No waitress. The family seated at the same time as us, one table over, had drinks ...AND appetizers before we even placed our order (different waiter). Total time to get two drinks: 15 minutes. All drinks: About 30 minutes (5 soft drinks and one lager). Then, we waited. Waited more. No waitress. Got up to find her, asked for manager. No manager. Still waiting. No appetizers, no drinks. We asked again to speak to a manager, and the manager came and said he didn't know what was wrong and argued that we really hadn't placed our order on time, that maybe we hadn't been seated when we said.

Eventually, our meals showed up (around 1:45pm) but no apps... I'd planned to eat apps for my meal, so I placed order with a different waitress at that point. Then, the apps finally showed up - kind of cold - around 1:50pm. Manager bloviated and finally said if we didn't want the apps he'd take them away. Or take them off the bill. No apology.
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David Jackson
· March 13, 2018
The cooks came with it. My love didn't like the cooks only cause that's wasn't filet minion and it wasn't coconut shrimp. The beers was great. My love sample a few. Before we sat down we peep how t...he waiter service was gonna be like terrible. Only cause they was under staffed. I'll go one more time. My love said she would so they better step their game up. See More
Robert Walters
· April 9, 2018
From the fresh made food to order and then not to mention it is a brewery!! Great selection and knowledge of beers. Staff was friendly and enjoyed every minute!!
Bill Bateman
· October 6, 2017
Best happy hour in the history of best happy hours. $4 beer, $5 cocktails. Bar food is $3-$6. Two small plates are all you need. Brat sliders and California Chicken Flat bread are the best. Seared t...una not worth the price though. See More
Stephen Schultz
· February 24, 2018
Great place great value only disappointed in rewards policy. Survey rewards should NOT be reduced when using GB rewards. As a long time customer my service is almost always excellent.
Jebus Herbert Christoffer
· November 4, 2017
This is such a great place. To only serve the beers that you brew is a great idea. The food is great and they give you suggestions on which type of beer to pair with which flavors. Great place to ge...t away while the significant other is shopping. See More
Tricia Dell
· August 19, 2017
My family and I eat here every time we make our way out to Tysons and they never disappoint. The Southwest Eggrolls are a MUST and we have never tasted a bad beer. The garlic fries are absolutely addi...ctive and pair perfectly with burgers and chicken. The service is always spot-on and accommodating. Highly recommend! See More
Elizabeth Evans
· April 15, 2018
We had a phenomenal time! We were a large party of 12 and the service, food, drinks were just excellent!
Lesley Holmes Rahman
· December 29, 2016
Our drink order was taken promptly after we were seating but after waiting about 10 min for our drinks, we were told by our server that "somehow" they didn't get put in the "system" and could we remin...d her what they were again. We should have left at this point. After waiting 45 more min for our food (the server did stop by a couple times and said she was checking on our food and it should be "right out") we were told once again that somehow our food also didn't get put in the system and could we remind her what we ordered again. We asked for the check and left at this point. I'm pretty sure she was high, and not on life. See More
Michel Bridgeman
· September 5, 2017
Went during happy hour. Environment nice the food was great. I enjoyed my bartender she answered all my question and was very pleasant. Will definitely go back.
Tia Hawkins RN
· February 5, 2017
Food was good, served cold and the service (waitress) was beyond terrible. Didn't give us her name, couldn't recommend a dish, got drink orders wrong and disappeared for 30 minutes without a word. Als...o overcharged on bill. We're there for over 2 hours and there was no wait. First experience was less than adequate, especially as a party of 7 celebrating a birthday. See More
Cindy Wasser
· June 15, 2016
I find it very offensive when a server places the bill in front of a man near the head of the table, rather than in the center of the table. It demonstrates that the server does not respect females, them as equal with men, or not feel like they are capable contributors financially. I said something when the server places the bill in front of my fiance last night, and I was disappointed to learn that Gordon Biersch trains ALL servers on that protocol. I will not be dining at your restaurants again. See More
Joseph R. Suits
· September 9, 2017
Best place to eat/drink at Tysons Corner Mall. Great Bar Staff, Awsome Beermeister and they currently have Barrel Aged Beer on tap!!!!!
Sara Weekes
· January 10, 2016
While I enjoyed our dinner, I'm saddened to say that I probably won't be going to this location again. I accidentally left a Christmas present from my husband on our table, and when I called to let th...em know I was on my way back to come get it they said that they didn't see anything and to call back in the morning. I was very upset and of course skeptical but waited until today and called to see when I could come get it. However someone must of took it for themselves, because it could not be located when I am 100% positive that I left it on our table. I know it is my fault for accidentally leaving something there, but I was hoping that the people who worked there were honest and would do the right thing. I hope whoever has it enjoys it, and puts it to good use. See More
Jhett Arzadon Epp
· December 20, 2015
We had been sitting for about 10 min when another party sat at another table. Waiter came out with menus and proceeded to wait on them and chit chat. Called his attention after 5 minutes and asked if ...he could bring us menus. Said he would and continued to talk to the other party as if he would get to us when he was good and ready. Finally went to the front and asked for menus. Several minutes later, another server came to take our drink orders. Took forever for appetizer to come but main dish came soon after. Ordered brownies with ice cream and that alone took another 20 minutes. Food was mediocre. We will not be returning. See More
Ginnie-Lenny Sebel
· November 8, 2017
Garlic fries!! Yes!
Great Beer choices.
Great service
Did i say garlic fries?!
Kara Bernuy
· September 8, 2017
Love this place food is amazing drinks are amazing! My bestie and I love Igor!!
Mark Singer
· February 7, 2015
Have eaten here several times but tonight was the pretty bad. Service was slow. Three runs over 15 minutes to get all of the drinks (sodas, milk, beer, wine, mixed). Kitchen/runners forgot someone's e...xtra side, salad. No follow up to see how everything was. Had to ask for drink refills. Brownie ice cream dessert was pretty small for $6.75. And to top it off, the computer system was down which caused a 20+ minute wait just to get the check. Credit cards run manually because of the system be down. When we spoke with the manage, he did apologize for the mistakes and delays but never even offered to comp anything for all of the troubles. See More
Mario J. Giordani
· March 20, 2017
Second time in the last week, great food, great prices, great beer, all good. My new place to go, and for a quiet sunday.... happy hour from 3 -6 pm �
Ron Wallach
· February 1, 2015
Used to go there a lot - have a passport so I know there will never be a wait. But since you guys downgraded your loyalty program you really are just like every place else. So not calling ahead we wai...ted 20 min gave up went to bennigans. There was no wait. Actually the food was just as good but less expensive. Also if you are going to stop the skip the line on your program don't advertise it on your pagers - it's kind of like rubbiing salt in a wound. Change the pagers BEFORE you downgrade the program. And with all the passport junk mail you send - clearly explain the downgrade. I know nobody wants to tell customers they eliminate services but not doing so makes it smell of bait and switch. See More

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