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Greg Angan
· November 2, 2017
I had 20 cards graded and I am generally pleased with the grades. Like others have said, the pricing and turnaround are the best. I've had about 150-200 cards graded by GMA and they appear on point. ... Keep up the quality grading and GMA will continue to rise. I'm preparing more cards to be shipped to GMA. Thanks for making grading cards affordable and fun again! See More
Jack Bman
· December 13, 2017
I`ve had a total of 36 cards graded over two shipments, and have no complaints. I have called with questions and the folks there are as pleasant to talk with and all. One thing that I will brag on than their general service is with the last cards I sent in, I asked them about encasing a few cards (pokemon) inside of a KMC Perfect Fit inner sleeve first and they did. The thing about that is any other company would immediately say "No". But the fella I posed the question to said it was in interesting idea and they would try it. Sure enough the cards came back sleeved and encapsulated. Now the cards won`t bounce around. I will be a lifelong customer of GMA. See More
Steve Thornhill
· June 21, 2017
The Customer service is top notch . I really enjoy that you can talk to Alan personally , and he treats you like he has known you forever . I also Love there Holders . I have been a Authorized Dealer two different Grading services , members of there Clubs , and I sure wasted lots of Money . I also want to say I don't pick my own Grades , the Professionals at GMA do it. I sure did see there other service and read that they sell cases and Labels that customers choose to do there own Cards . I will close with this im a Customer for life . Thanks GMA Steve See More
G Scott Sykes
· September 30, 2017
Just got 8 cards back from GMA and they cam back EXACTLY what I expected the grades to be! Not sure why others are slamming this company, I love the cases and my card grades, YOU GUYS ROCK!
Adaly Rosado Jr
· September 18, 2017
BGS lost my Aaron Judge Auto. GMA got all my cards to me quickly and it was more affordable. I stickig with GMA.
Tyrone Weems
· April 12, 2017
I've sent in many cards after finding them online and doing some research. I think they are on point and on the level. I've been getting cards and comics graded for over 9 years and I have a very good..., not perfect, eye for grading and understanding the hobby. This company is doing some good work. I was looking for something other than PSA and Beckette and I've found it. I also sell some cards and I'm pretty happy with my profit but I'm just a hobby fan / collector not a business. 5 Stars all around. See More
Stephen Christian
· May 19, 2017
I've gone with GMA Grading a few times now... maybe a couple hundred cards total and overall I've been happy with the service. Great turn around times and the holders are nice.
Jeff Crawford
· October 1, 2016
Sent my cards off on a Friday Night, got them back Tuesday Evening! 30 Cards!!! I am sold! These guys hands down are the go to company for getting cards encapsulated and graded! Will be sending lots m...ore of my cards to these guys! Thanks! See More
David Nestorios
· September 12, 2017
Top AAAAAAAAA+++++++++ thank you Top AAAAAAAAA+++++++++ thank you Top AAAAAAAAA+++++++++ thank you
Richard Chiriboga
· August 31, 2016
I have bought graded cards, but never gotten my own graded. I decided to use GMA to do so and I cant thank them enough. Super fast service, excellent pricing and great customer service. Thank you for... servicing regular collectors with the ability to get cards graded without spending a fortune. I'm already getting my second batch ready to send! See More
Bill Anthony
· July 23, 2015
I belong to Beckett and PSA, but I found your grades to be a little bit tougher and you can't beat your service, I have sent in 400 cards and another 300 will be going soon. No special frills keeps th...e price down. Why spend $2,100.00 plus when you can spend $700.00 for grading? See More
Samuel Beaudet
· March 6, 2015
Just buy a graded 10 subban futur watch auto i paid a lot for and you can see clearly a kink in the card and one of the corner are far from 10.... What a joke...
Gordon Westmoreland
· July 4, 2017
I've had 48 cards graded
No complaints.
Very Fair grading.
Excellent, fast service.
Donald Ringen
· December 3, 2016
Had 35 cards graded and they were all processed in one week. Plan to send 250 more this weekend. Everything was very professional.
Ed Bouwsma
· June 17, 2015
Conservative grading Fair Price Excellent Turnaround and Superior Customer Service
Ron Rayner
· May 17, 2015
No problems here
Edward Hunt
· October 6, 2017
Mark Lee
· August 20, 2015

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May 30, 2016
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