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Carley Corona
· November 7, 2017
To the officer who shot a baby deer whose leg was broken after it ran into a trailer yesterday, you should be ashamed. Would it have been too much too ask to have shown a little sympathy for the deer ...and perhaps tried to see if there was something else that could be done besides sliding him over to the side of the road with your foot and shooting him while people were standing there? You had an opportunity to set an example for your community by showing compassion and you failed. See More
Delmas Kirby Jr.
· January 19, 2018
What I think about Galax Police Department Lets see they have a good team of officers except for Mitchell Lineberry. I've never had a problem with none of them they have been helpful and respectful!
...They do a great job of keeping drugs crime and etc under control. I was pulled over a while back by Mitchell Lineberry for loud exhaust after him and another officer had sit below circle k store on east stuart drive and waited on me to leave the store. I just had left the hospital prior to my wife being sent home to rest she was 39 weeks pregnant and was having contractions.
We get pulled into Cvs on truckers route where he had wrote me up for loud exhaust. Then wanted to search the car due to some drug program i had of course said yes to searching the vehicle. thinking i didn't really have a choice. So they made us get out into cold temps so they could search the car after her being told to go home and rest she gets to sit out on a parking curb 39 weeks pregnant and contracting where was his respect?
I'm not Happy at all and going to do further things about this matter in future time for one they could have treated her better with her getting ready to give birth to a child. For two letting all these vehicles getting by with their loud exhaust but they pull one car over and expect them to fix it while all the others get to get by!
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Debbie Russo Bishop
· February 19, 2018
They either don’t know or refuse to enforce their own city codes, especially for certain people. I stopped even bothering to call them. They have not brought charges on certain people despite horrible... harassment, destruction of property, a kid driving with no license, and even admitting that he was in fact looking in my bedroom window. � no justice for this citizens See More
Cameron Francis
· January 18, 2018
Officers cant even execute a proper search warrant with out breaking the law and they will bend the law to put you in cuffs and then one there privatized prisons where you are treated worse then cattl...e. I got off on my charges because of there very common illegal search and seizures and so fruit from the poison tree all charges were dropped i have no respect for this racist gang of thugs that calls its self a police department. Shame on you guys See More
Brit Hall
· December 8, 2017
Thank you to Officer Newman who came and unlocked my car tonight at Matthews Five and Dime after a long day at work it’s nice to have a police department willing to lend a helping hand!! Thanks for se...rving our community!! See More
Brandon Phipps
· October 13, 2017
I want to use this review as a two part message. First part is that I want to apologize to the Galax Police department publicly. At first my impression of all police forces across the states were croo...ked, corrupt, and just out right dirty agencies. But after being in a first responder field I have seen what the police goes through. So I am sorry for everything I have said about the good cops in galax and in other states across this nation. Now onto part two. With my apology I also want to ask that the GCPD forgives me for my ignorance towards them. I know quite a few of them personally and they are good friends. I went around thinking the police were all bad and were out to get me. After seeing what they go through during their shifts it has cleared my eyes and showed me the error of my ways. Thank you to officer Drew B, officer John R, and all the other officers out there. Thank you for making sure we are safe in everyday life and in emergency situations when we need the backup of officers. I hope this changes your opinions of me. And I hope I get to experience more in the fields with y’all. Have a great day an stay safe See More
Elaine Blake Williams
· March 29, 2018
Thank you for the quick response this morning as my son had a seizure. A special thank you to Chief Clark who personally helped carry my son down the stairs.
Richard Terry Edwards
· January 3, 2016
Love this page. As I have posted on the Crime page there are maybe 30 or so offficer's with the city . And over 7000 in Galax. So to have community input and information to make a safer community it t...akes team work from the Citizens and LEO"s . The Galax PD site gives lots of post and information in order for the people in and around Galax to help get the bad guys , find the lost and missing so they can be out there faster protecting and serving everyone. Having a safer ,less drugs community means a lot to this daddy of 3 and 2 grand kids See More
Josh Smith
· January 16, 2018
Thanks for your patience and getting my truck unlocked!
MarieandJoey Chappell
· March 10, 2016
I wont all of the poilce officers for all you do to keep us safe would also like to know my prayers go out to you all that had to go threw the painful terrible case you had to go threw today ... you go threw so much to keep us all safe you all are in my prayers and thoughts ... GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE See More
Tynesha Amador-Aranda
May 21, 2013
I find it sad to think that in 2013 African Americans and those not living up to Galax Va's standards are bundled up into a category and treated so terrible we have Barney and Andy Griffith type cops ...focused on stirring up trouble on the wrong individuals. Today marks the day I vow for change just as spike lee put the life of African Americans living in cities dealing with the issues related to color and stereotypes I plan to do the same. Racism and stereotyping is due to ignorance and someone's past has nothing to do with their present or their future. Everyone has to make the same vow. Vow to make change. Vow to push back. I have gotten pulled over almost every time I have drove through the town. The cops are not focused on keeping people safe. They are only interested in looking for trouble not preventing it. Second chances are only given to those with specific last names. It's sad. I made it out and was not a statistic in that city. However not everyone is given that chance. Over populated jails are not the answer. I plan on when given the chance to have my voice heard. Join me in this vow. See More
Bethany Ratcliffe
· December 7, 2016
we are needing all donations for the ally and ana toy drice by the 15th. we have 15 family's and i believe almost 30 kids to help for Christmas. please contact me for donations. please share this. ...please help get the word out. thank you. See More
Tonia Marshall
· November 17, 2016
Glad to have helped Det. Greer tonight . Hope the rest of your shift is restless. Wanted to thank them for keeping our neighborhood safe. We support the Blue! Keep up the good work. Don't worry abo...ut the towel it's the least we could do for you. See More
Izaac Part
November 16, 2012
Not sure whether or not you can help me, didnt want to call and bother your operators for this.......I am a truck driver supposed to be picking up a trailer from Albany Industries 626 creekview drive Galax VA. I cant seem to get any decent directions into this location from I-77. Google earth doesnt show anything industrial on this road. Am i missing something here? Any help is greatly appreciated before i get lost driving a big truck all over your town. Thank you so much. See More
Terrell Stevens
· October 8, 2015
David and Terrell Stevens thank God for taking care of our daughter. And we thank the Galax Police Department, for their help. Our daughter had locked her keys up in her 18-wheeler (truck). And some ...police officers came out too help her get in her truck. This is something that they did not have to do. But they did.

Thanks, David and Terrell (Keosha parent)
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Anthony Phillips
July 2, 2012
If you live in the Galax/Grayson/Carroll area, get out the next couple of day and get to the Galax Fire Department Carnival in Felts Park. Those guys took a huge hit this weekend with the storms that ...came through the area. The money you pay for the carnival helps out Volunteers on the GFD to buy equipment and training materials to be able to help our community and keep us safe.

Lets get out and support them!!! They do a tremendous job for us and deserve all the help we can give them!!!
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Laken Hash
March 10, 2013
I got pulled over this morning because of my tassle hanging off of my rear other reason...its been in every vehicle ive owned for 7 years and never has anything been said to me about it. Whe...n Shoney Jones came up to my window he also said he could give me a ticket because i have a 2 inch crack in my windshild where a rock hit it. ITS ON THE PASSENGER SIDE not in my view. Seriously Shoney...dont ya think ya need to be more concerned with the drug dealers and illegal people in Galax? If u would take care of that u wouldnt have time to pull people for stupid stuff! See More
Steve Hooks
April 10, 2013
What's happened to the reverse 911 texts I signed up for? Never got one regarding the Easter Sunday crash on I-77 and also about the exploding water tank this morning at one of the plants. Those commu...nications are helpful See More
Dakota Redmond
· April 21, 2016
Thank you all for doing your best to keep the community safe. Y'all will always be heroes in my book!
Stephanie Arellano
September 24, 2013
I know a bomb went off in plant 2 of vaughan bassett, i even seen the bomb truck but no coverage or status about it??
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