Mob Wars Players: Update to MW Calculator at
I have moved the Casino before the Marina in New York to match their order in the game. Please check your holdings of these 2 properties and correct your entries as needed. They were unavoidably switched in the process. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I believe this will make entry easier.

To avoid getting recommendations to buy properties you don't yet have access to, unmark the "investable" box for all of properties you can't buy yet. (If there is no "investable" column on your chart, you can add that column by going into settings and checking "investable", then applying settings.)
(IMAGES: The "columns to display" image shows the "Investable" box in settings. Checking this adds the column. The chart shows the "investable" column included on the chart. You can then uncheck the investable box next to any property you don't want recommendations for.) Any questions, or if you have any suggestions on how I can make this clearer on the calculator, please let me know.

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Pirate Clan Players: Update to PC Calculator at
I have moved the Brothel before the Restaurant in West Tortuga to match their order in the game. Please check your holdings of these 2 properties and correct your entries as needed. They were probably switched in the process. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I believe this will make entry easier.

Maxamize your ROI! Visit, pick your game, enter your property holdings, and it recommends your best purchases for Mob Wars, La Cosa Nostra, Viking Clan, and Pirate Clan.

I'm now on the Kano Forum at Please feel free to stop by and give me a follow there. I don't post much, but I'll be posting about updates to the calculator when they happen. My Facebook page is still the best place to reach me with questions about the calculator.

Sal the Foot is a New Member at Kano Community Forums

Hey LCN Players, I've updated the calculator with Port Haven and Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!
Game, City, Property Name, Cost, Income
LCN, Port Haven, "Massive Warehouse", 17.5T, 1.65B
LCN: Port Haven, "Island Compound", 18.0T, 1.70B
LCN: Kuala Lumpur "Tower Office", 18.5T, 1.75B...
LCN: Kuala Lumpur "Amusement Park", 19.0T, 1.80B

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ADVANCED INVESTING - HOW TO USE PROPERTY AS A BANK: Here's an old a tip I used to offer on my site, Sal the Foot Guide to Mob Wars. However, MW no longer allows selling properties (since 2015). Kano Games still allow you to sell properties (LCN, PC, VC), so this info might come in handy for those players. (The property names mentioned will be different, but I think you'll get the idea. Any questions, feel free to ask.)
When you buy the FIRST 10 of any property, the price doub...les. You can then turn around and sell those 10 and you will get your entire original investment back. However, once you buy the NEXT 10, you start losing money when selling (since the price doesn't keep doubling.)
ADVANCED INVESTING - Here's a cool way you can use this information. Say for example that you currently own 10 each of 4 properties in Tokyo: Small Restaurants, Exclusive Nightclubs, Industrial Megafacilities, and Office Megacenters. You have zero Office Highrises and zero Condo Superplexes. To buy the Office Highrises, it will cost $90B. Rather than waiting until you get $90B, you really only need $81B to get them. With $81B cash, simply sell the Small Restaurants and Exclusive Nightclubs (in lots of 10. It won't work if you sell them individually!). You'll then have $90B cash to buy the Office Highrises. Then, when you have $3B cash, you can rebuy the restaurants. Then, when you have $3.3B, you sell the restaurants and buy back the Nightclubs. And so on. You'll get to owning everything except the condos. Price for 10 condos (always buy in lots of 10!), is just under $397B. For this, you'll need $153.6B cash and to sell all 4 lower properties. Then you'll have 10 each of the top 2 properties. Then repeat the process accumulating the lower properties again and working your way up. Once you have 10 of everything in Tokyo, it will be a while until it's time to buy there again. If you ever need a 'loan' from yourself, you can always sell one of the lots of 10 in Tokyo and you won't lose any money. This also works when you're just starting out in other cities.

Feel free to share this post, but please share it rather than copying and pasting it. Thanks. Sal the Foot.

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Update notes for ALL versions of the calculator at - UPDATED SAT JAN 13 (see below)
1) Better formatting, especially for mobile devices.
2) The "Auto Update" checkbox is hidden and now always on.
3) The manual "update" button was removed.
4) The "Update with recomended purchase" button is now "Add Recommended Purchase". ...
5) There's no confusing Properties/Bases button when you're looking at your properties/bases. It is now "close settings" and is only shown after settings are opened.
6) The "UPDATE SETTINGS" button at the very bottom of settings was moved up and is now "apply settings".
7) Fixed ROI column.
8.] Explained "Time Left" format in header (days_hours:minutes)
9) Hid some "columns to include" for columns that haven't worked since I took this calculator over in 2012.
10) General formatting improvements (mostly in settings)

Any questions or issues with the changes, let me know. Enjoy!

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Question to YOU about the Update / Auto Update feature...
Do you ever uncheck Auto Update and use the manual update button? I'm thinking of removing this option and making it always auto update. This would help simplify the app and avoid misunderstandings about this feature. I simply don't see reason for the option. What do YOU think?

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This property calculator helps you make the best buying decisions for Mob Wars, La Cosa Nostra, Pirate Clan and Viking Clan. Check it out.

STF Multi-Game Property Calculator for Mob Wars, La Cosa Nostra, Viking Clan, and Pirate Clan. Pick your game, enter your current property holdings, and the calculator recommends your next purchases.

Find the calculator at

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STF Multi-Game Property Calculator at updated their profile picture.
January 5

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Update 1/5/2018 9:15pm PST: NEW SERVER FOR 2018!!!
I've migrated the app over to a new domain ( on a new host with a new SSL certificate. Hopefully, this should resolve any and all privacy errors we've been dealing with over the past 6 weeks.
NOTE: Any saves made between 3:45pm PST on Jan 4 and 9:15pm PST on Jan 5 are not reflected on this new server. You'll need to reenter any changes made during that time. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this should be much better.
And just a reminder... With all these recent expenses and time spent to make it run better, if you've thought about donating, now's the time. Anything you could do to help out is always appreciated. Thanks.

New domain for STF Calculator

WARNING! Due to problems in the past few months, I'm migrating this app to a new server. I backed up this app at 3:45pm (PST) Thursday, 1/4/18. Any saves made after that time will not be reflected when the new server goes live. In the meantime, you can still access your data. I'm told it can take 24-48 hours. I'll keep you posted. Feel free to post any questions here. Sorry for the hassle, but this should resolve the privacy errors.

Heads up! Changes made after 3:45pm (PST) today will be lost! I'm switching to a new host, server, database, etc. It should be live soon. I'll keep you posted!

One user found some info that could help other calc users until I'm able to get the intermittent ssl issue sorted.…/your-connection-is-not-private/

HomeFeaturedFix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome by Tony Tran /  May 24, 2016 / Featured, Mac OS X, Windows/ 159 Comments/ A useful guide to fix Your Connection Is Not Private error in Google Chrome. If you are getting t...

My web host reset my ssl cert, but there are clearly still intermittent issues. I'll get back on it after new years. Thanks for your patience. And a huge thanks to those who support this app with donations. (Site updated. Now )
Note: This is the support page for this app. If you have questions for me about this, please post them here or at least on this page. (If you post for me in a Kano forum, you may not get a reply.) I'm off for Christmas. Have a great one, everyone.

Multi-Game Property Calculator. Pick your game, enter your current property holdings, and the calculator recommends your next purchases.