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Sad, sad day. RIP Galactic Greg.

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Galactic Greg's

We at Galactic Greg’s are sad to announce the passing of our leader, mentor, friend, favorite uncle, and hero: Galactic Greg Karras. Greg lost his long battle w...ith cancer last night. He would have been 52 next week.

Greg was all those things to us because of his kind heart. He gave many of us a place to hang out, a place to meet others with similar interests long before the internet, and sometimes just an ear to listen to our problems. He introduced us to heroes, which I believe is the same as introducing someone to hope.

We ask that instead of sorrow for his passing you instead celebrate all that he meant to you. To many of us he sold us our first comic, first wargaming figures, first Magic card, first LP. He was always there with a smile and wether you were 14 or 40 you could call him a friend.

Galactic Greg’s will continue. We hope to make him proud as we continue to serve you the way he did.

- Matt

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2018 March Mania Giveaway Draw:

Good luck to those who got a team!



1. Virginia - Rudy Shei
2. Cincinnati - Ankur Kasyup
3. Tennessee - Audrey Moore
4. Arizona - Samantha Branett
5. Kentucky - Ken Delehanty
6. Miami - Justin Sims
7. Nevada - Dennis White
8. Creighton - Charles Torrence
9. Kansas State - Mike Peters
10. Texas - Patrick Clifford
11. Loyola Chigaco - James Williams
12.Davidson - Lamar Havis
13. Buffalo - Luke Porter
14. Wright State - Chris Anderson
15. Georgia State - Wayne Carlson
16. UMBC - Philip Moffitt


1. Xavier - Marshawn Wright
2. North Carolina - Asa Littlejohn
3. Michigan - Bradley Todd
4. Gonzaga - Tyler Fawley
5. Ohio St - Dylan Lawson
6. Houston - Cyndel Scwartz
7. Texas A&M - Don Cole
8. Missouri - Stan Delehanty
9. Florida St - Michael Demchak
10. Providence - Nicole Czizek
11. San Diego St - Joseph Kreuger
12. South Dakota St - Alex Lynn
13. UNCG - Carl Chavez
14. Montana - Patrick Andrews
15. Lipscomb - Michael Crum
16. NC Central/TX SO - Darrell Edwards


1. Villanova - Rachel Hammock
2. Purdue - Nate Heschke
3. Texas Tech - Ashely Glorioso
4. Wichita St - Jon Ton
5. West Virginia - Scotty Ferguson
6. Florida - Ashley Meeks
7. Arkansas - Gary Silkwood
8. Virginia Tech - Brandon Holt
9. Alabama - Taylor Mielke
10. Butler - Quinten Thomas
11. Saint Bonaventure - Allison Granat
12. Murray St - Margaret Kellum
13. Marshall - Monica Hesston
14. Steven F Austin - Ashley Cox
15. Cal State Fullerton - Allen Malott
16. Radford - Nicole Garrett


1. Kansas - Jessica Spurr
2. Duke - Jaqui Missik
3. Michigan St - Brandon Kuta
4. Auburn - Ray Perry
5. Clemson - Cody Ehrick
6. TCU - Marcus Lockett
7. Rhode Island - Zachary Calhoon
8. Seton Hall - Kylie Vrsida
9. NC State - Jamie Urban
10. Oklahoma - Kristy Boller
11. AZ ST/Syracuse - Mike Ash
12. New Mexico St - Susan Nevils
13. College of Charleston - Randy Pearl
14. Bucknell - Dan Zelasco
15. Iona - Ken Jones
16. Penn - Dustin Bieker

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168 Reviews
Tell people what you think
Jessica Vanderploeg
· February 2, 2018
Absolutely love this store! My husband discovered this place about a week ago and we took our boys there last night to buy a couple of DS games. Brian was great and helped us. This store is filled wit...h so many things from my childhood from Vinyl records to NES and SNES consoles and games! If you haven’t checked this place out, you need to! See More
Brett Demorrow
· January 30, 2018
Great all round place. Friendly customer service. Great prices. This place is highly recommended. Very knowledgeable employees. I love game changers and will never shop at another game store!!!
Dave Rains
· February 15, 2018
Friendly staff, great selection, 100x better than Game Stop!
Tobie Shreve
· March 15, 2018
Absolutely love the place amazing to stop by and see what's new.
Holly Welsh
· December 12, 2016
If you need ANYTHING Gaming check here first. Super competitive prices, ridiculously knowledgeable staff, and some awesome things you won't find anywhere else locally. We love stopping in here wheneve...r we're in town and were glad to give them our Christmas business over the big boxes across the way. Definitely a trip worth making for all your gaming needs, wants, and even memories. See More
Sherrie Mitchell
· March 6, 2016
Awesome, and very helpful staff!!! Answered my questions about games and systems in a polite,knowledgeable manner. I greatly appreciate all their help with my family's many gaming needs. Their product...s more than fit my mom of 6 budget, and my kids get great stuff new and used. Their layaway program rocks. So I say keep on doing what you guys do best cause this crazy mom of 6 gamers loves you guys!!! See More
Joe Mefford
· June 12, 2016
We happened to be in town from St. Louis this weekend and I will be coming back to this wonderful place any chance I get! Great games! Great Staff! Great Prices! If you are a retro collector you need go out of your way to visit the great folks at Game Changers!! See More
Daniel James Lee Morlan
· June 19, 2017
These guys are great. And a great place to go, if you're a retro gamer like myself. I'm totally done with game stop.
Cody Gann
· April 19, 2017
Very helpful I went in and bought a Xbox one remote and it was busted so I took it back in and they tested it and replaced it these guys are awesome will probably not go to any other game store.
Nate Lowery
· June 19, 2015
The staff here are always very helpful and great people. I recommend this shop to anybody in the area looking for good prices and great customer service. Can't go wrong with them as your choice in my opinion.
John Bair
· June 24, 2015
I wish I knew about this Excellent place when they first opened!!!! Luckily I was referred to go here from LaPorte's Game Stop. Best referral by mouth ever. This place has everything for "Retro" gamin...g. They also have big supply of movies, DVDs, BluRays, anime, etc. Highly recommend to anyone dusting off their old piece of gaming history. Will definitely be frequenting this business. Nerdgasm!! See More
Michael Garren
· June 5, 2017
The owner is very nice and his staff are great to talk to love this place. I am a firm believer of buying from your local game shop period!
Austin Mote
· March 16, 2015
This is one of the best stores to go when you want to get a good game for an old system or new one but don't want to go to pricy endless of course it's earthbound then your gAnna have to pull out the ...real ben franklins but other than that this store is amaZing and I recommend it to all the fellow gamers out their like me!!! See More
Mike Hayman
· August 16, 2016
Probably the friendliest staff of any business in the area. Great prices and selection of new and used games and used movies. If you haven't stopped in, do it. Even if you have to drive a little way...s to do it. See More
Jeff Ramirez
· February 12, 2016
They are over priced and try to get over on you went there to get a Xbox one and they tried chargering me 300 for a scratched up Xbox one and went to game stop and end up paying 215$ For brand new Xbo...x one never opened game changers sucks I wouldn't go here Angin See More
John Winter
· March 11, 2016
So problem fixed. They were very understanding and got ahold of me in no time. Very professional about it. Shouldn't have happened but understandable. Things happen.

My mom went to take an online pur...chased Twilight Princess HD back to Gamestop but got the store it was purchased from messed up. She still had the return slip, box and all and instead of letting her know she was at the wrong store they pop the soundtrack open and tell her they will give her 45$ for it. See More
Erika Burger
· December 22, 2016
Great people to work with! My husband and I came in looking for a Wii for our daughter's and the guys there were very helpful. We don't know much about game systems but they explained everything very ...well and helped us pick what was right for us. We will definitely be going back! See More
Hayden Huscher
· March 21, 2015
Awesome place I live right in between two great used game stores. I however will travel 45 extra mins just to go to game changers! Super friendly and helpful staff and a great selection!
Anthony Metz
· August 9, 2016
Awesome people, great selection, and good prices. Nostalgia set in hard.
This place would be perfect if they sold burgers also xD
Darren Young
· December 17, 2015
For ALL your nerd/geek needs, whether it's gaming stuff (new AND vintage!), movies, music, or collectable toys (STAR WARS and sci-fi/fantasy stuff and super hero fare (Batman anyone?), for my $$, Game... Changers is the ONLY game in town. Plus, as mentioned beforehand, the staff is SUPER-friendly and very helpful. :) ♥ See More


Sorry Everybody...time got away from me this year so only a week to enter, but we're still doing the college basketball giveaway this year!

-Totally not a copy and paste of last year's post with dates and prizes changed 😀 -


Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start taking entries in our annual March Mania drawing! We're going back to Sony for this year's big prize: The big winner will receive a PS4 Pro system with the new God of War game (prize will not be delivered until April 20th when the game releases!) plus a 50 inch 4K TV! We'll be going back to the basketball bracket style contest this year. We'll take entries March 8th until March 14th and at that time we'll draw 64 names at random and assign each person drawn a team in the big men's college basketball tournament. If your team reaches the final four you will win a $200 Game Changers Gift Certificate, but if your team wins the championship, you win the grand prize!!

"How do I enter this amazing drawing?" you may ask. Well, it's quite simple, if you're 16 years of age or older, just come on in and fill out an entry form. It's completely free to enter, and you can enter once per day. To reward, you know, our paying customers, if you spend $10 in the store you will get a bonus entry! Please be aware that only 1 team will be given per person no matter how many entries you make, so please don't blow your tax refund trying to get the most entries! Well, that's it. If you have any questions please let us know. Let the tournament begin!

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Sharing 11 Eleven's tournament this Saturday at City Lanes (Mug Shots Lounge) Support a local tournament organizer and get out there people!

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11 Eleven, LLC updated their cover photo.

Due to the expected snow starting tonight, we will be closed tomorrow February 9th. Everyone stay warm and drive safe.

Our earthbound story ended up on the CUPodcast.

A strange story of an Earthbound SNES cart with a Super Scope 6 board inside - what's going on? ✅Support the podcast @ ✅More #CU...

Some regulars of ours bought this copy of Eathbound for SNES at the Michigan City Goodwill store for a few bucks, brought it to us to check it out and make sure it was a legit copy. When we opened it up, we found this little note inside. A cruel cruel joke, but kinda awesome at the same time.

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Be sure to come in and pick up 2018's first big releases!

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Don't forget to support your local fighting game tournament this Saturday!

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Brandon Thompson is at Mug Shots Lounge.

This Saturday at Mug Shots Lounge! Pot bonus has been increased to $200!!!

Don't know what happened at Gamestop but they're looking for this person. Video game stores united for the protection of the community...or something like that.

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Michigan City Police Department added 3 new photos.

We are seeking the public's assistance with the identity of this person of interest. Any assistance would be appreciated. Please contact Detective Pliske at 219-874-3211 ext 1077 or

Our buddy Brandon's getting his tournament on again...check it out!

Happy new year everybody!

What are your gaming resolutions for 2018?

Ours are as follows:



- Finish at least 10 current gen games this year (last year it was only 4 for me ☹️)
- Play Overwatch at least once
- Beat Bayonetta 1 & 2 when it comes out on Switch
- Play Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & 2 in order.

Alex, Carter, Mark, about you guys?

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We are now officially closed for Christmas. We'll see everyone on Tuesday after the holiday!

Just want to let everyone know, we are open our regular Sunday hours today, 11-5. Be sure to stop in and do any of your last minute shopping!
Drive safe and happy holidays!