GameSomniac Channel Trailer #2
The Evolution of Duke Nukem (1991- 2011)
The Gamers Initiative | Episode 1 - Silent Hill (Ft. SlayerXTR...

Interesting little cartoon, a bit silly but definitely worth a watch

#DOOM #videogames #gaming

Hilarious DOOM Cartoon - 10:00 Min Long. What if Doom 2016 was realistic? Would it not be a little more extreme? This is total nonsense! WANT MORE? Support o...

Oh you thought we were done with the troll memes? HAHAHA THINK AGAIN! And there's more where this came from too dudes and dudettes! Behold the latest and greatest in our series of gaming edition memes! Any Kingdom Hearts fans out there?

#videogames #gaming #kingdomhearts #hardpillstoswallow

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