Great data on dev tools, trends. Interesting to see Node.js so high on the list. Hope they are using with TypeScript and are writing good tests... 🤓 Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018

This is a big deal. ProBuilder et al adds in powerful modeling tools directly into Unity itself. Big studios may stick with external tools, but this is huge for making Unity a one-click-and-install complete solution. Great stuff.

We are excited to announce a powerful new addition to our creative tools suite: ProBuilder (with other great tools) and its creators, have joined Unity. Pl...

Why Ubisoft Is Obsessed With 'Games As A Service'…

Wondering why big video game publishers are so enamored of games as a service? The answer may not shock you: It makes them way more money. Wayyyyyyyyyy more money.

Game Studio One update -

So, the tl;dr version: Spent most of the year learning and building prototypes. Released a small title on iOS. Clearly, the marketing and awareness are the big challenges. Game Studio One will continue, but on a hobbist-level investment of time & energy.

Spectre/Meltdown are causing huge crazy downstream effects (e.g. ). Apple delaying their next feature releases (iOS) and (macOS) as well as crazy Windows stuff ( - what a mess.

Dealing with the fall-out of Spectre breaking WebAssembly on iOS.

This is a great start to a longer conversation about the if/why to games...

Your first game should be simple they say. What does simple even mean?

Abuse as a cost of business.

Content warning : I’ve embedded some tweets to various developers that show the sorts of comments that they receive every day.

Dev PSA: Don't use .dev for development. Use .test .example, .localhost, instead.

A while back I wrote about setting up DNSMasq for your local development using the .localhost TLD. Unfortunately during my research I came across...
Game Studio One added a new photo to the album: Timeline Photos.

Alpha Explorer for iOS now available! Learn letters & spelling with dyslexia-friendly fonts! for overview, buy now:

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Game Studio One
Computer Company

Interested in AR? Next version of Windows has support built-in. Headsets available from MS Store. Hmm.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Initial product page for my first title, Alpha Explorer - iOS educational game (learn letters & spelling FTW).

Game Studio One creates multi-platform strategy & simulation video games.

Woot! I have a small educational app ready for testing. If you have a young child & iOS device, shoot me your Apple ID email.

*_* Wanted since I was a kid: Google Pixel Buds, wireless earbuds that translate conversations in real time…/google-pixel-buds-are-wireless-e…/

Google Translate in your ears for $159.

How games invisibly cheat to make you the "hero" - makes you think about human psych, philosophy, reality...

Behind the scenes with the neuroscience of game design

This would have been a science fiction short story only a few years ago.

For months, he recorded his dying father's life story. Then he used it to re-create his dad as an AI.

Old-School Voltron Set Officially Coming to Lego…

A little over a year after len_d69's custom Lego Voltron set was submitted to the Lego Ideas platform, the toymaker has officially decided to...