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Trisha Renee
· September 24, 2017
All of you at gamerosity made my daughter so special! For one day she was a "normal" kid, playing, laughing and having so much fun! Thank you for all the hard work each & every one of you do for all these kids. We can't thank you enough!
Linda Mendez
· May 28, 2017
You are gonna love this organization as much as we do! Gamerosity not only gives great care packages to children with cancer, they create a caring compassionate... community amongst families and children currently in the trenches of childhood cancer. Once you are involved with Gamerosity you are forever touched by the simplicity of giving back to someone else who is experiencing something you have experienced, with compassion, love and understanding which goes a long way!! See More
Skip Strobel
· May 23, 2017
Gamerosity is such a unique charity. I am glad I found out about it. Manny Munoz, the founder, is such a down to earth kind of guy and having cancer as a young ...teen gives him a real perspective into what these "kiddos" go through. And the crew at GMR are so dedicated to bringing a little joy and happiness to these children. It's one thing to just give to a charity, but quite another to see who your donation goes to. It makes the experience of giving so much more meaningful and personal. Keep up the good, no, great work. See More
Christi Mercier Vincevineus
· August 1, 2017
I love the whole concept Gamerosity has created. So very happy to have found a cool pink hoodie and help fund Team Sam in the process.
Sasha Horton
· September 12, 2017
Thank you Gamerosity for our special order Go Gold zip up hoodie. It's awesome!!!!
Jessica Vysocky Rodriguez
· November 30, 2016
This is by far my favorite charity ever. The quality of their products is excellent, and affordable, and such a big amount goes towards the goal of each patient.... This is not your typical "for profit" charity. They are honest, and provide amazing products for the kids, and seem to enjoy what they do. I wish there were more charities like this one for so many other causes. I will continue to share this specific one as much as I can. See More
Rene Wieloch
· 20 hours ago
Thank you so very much for the hero package for Matthew! He was so happy to be able to play his games! !!
Lisa Mendenhall
· September 4, 2017
This is an awesome group! They do such good things!
James Cannady
· September 24, 2017
Met Manny and his amazing team. They brought much needed smiles to my childrens faces. :-)
Mor Zolondez
· April 21, 2015
These people are awesome. I will name a few reasons: First, for making it available for shipping to Israel by my single request, which I very much appreciate. S...econd, your shirts were delivered rather quick. Third, the packaging was very neat and organized. Fourth, the shirts are in great quality and I absolutely love them. Fifth, you also chipped in a bracelet and sticker (I don't know if you always do that but I really appreciate that). Last but not least, you helped me out with a coupon to even out the costs of international shipping, which actually was cheaper than any other place I ordered from. Just ordered again today and planning to get some more shirts in the future. I love what you do, appreciate your work and admire your huge heart for kids fighting cancer. Thank you! See More
Nicholas Stacey
· February 4, 2017
This charity is amazing. It gives people in the community the chance to positively impact and help a child and family going through a terrible time. Thank you Gamerosity and the Gamerosity crew for all your wonderful work!
Abbey Armstrong
· August 31, 2017
There are just no words that can adequately describe the joy! Just lots of love!
Maricela Fernandez
· January 11, 2016
Thank you, for my daughter's Heroes package!!! The smile in her face when she saw the IPAD, backpack, towel, hat, glasses, shirt was amazing. The IPAD will be a... big help to catch up with school specially since she was diagnosed in the spring of her 1st grade and now in 4th grade she is catching up without the effects the chemo use to have on her. 2yrs of chemo, spinals, steroids had a big toll on her, that battle is over now she is working hard to catch up in school. Gamerosity you really came in for us thank you for another blessing, to keep our faith strong and keep going strong. See More
Tami Fuentez Gunn
· September 28, 2016
SO Loving & Giving! Incredibly Thoughtful!! We came to a recent event put on by Gamerosity in Medford with our 3 year old Grandson Klyde, who has AT/RT Brain ca...ncer. We were astonished at the fun & love all around by EVERYONE! Especially Manny! Thank you everyone! I was So moved! I too feel the drive to help & be part of contributing to help another child's heart be happy! Thank you!! See More
Rachel De Berry
· February 22, 2017
Great charity. All for the kids. Such great people doing great things for these angels. Awesome charity.
Staci Prather
· December 15, 2014
This is an amazing program! I am an avid volunteer for many different childhood cancer awareness programs here in Oregon and this is one of the best I have seen. So happy to see an organization like this doing so much for children with cancer.
Kim Monroe Howitt Ross
· November 25, 2016
Beyond Love.. from their hearts to the world..making smiles and simply reminding us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.. together is better
Amy Grohs
· June 4, 2014
You all are AWESOME! What you guys do for these warriors is amazing! I was able to check out Tayden's hero package! I was SO impressed with it contents! You go ...above and beyond! Thank you for what you do and if there is ever anything I can contribute to the hero packages please let me know! I would love to help out! See More
Diane Proctor
· September 30, 2014
You guys are amazing! Your super hero dudes are the bomb! Just knowing that you take time to stuff them, makes them so much more special. We love Gamerosity and what you do for kids fighting cancer!
Jettero Fletcher
· July 15, 2016
Have had a lot of dealings with Manny, and the management at Gamerosity. Simply put, he's one of the finest people I know (did not know him before discovering Gamerosity) and his conscientiousness toward the kids is incredible.

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