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Guest Blog: What to expect at Game QA and Localisation Europe 2017…/guest-blog-expect-game-qa-lo…/

Sumit Arora shares his thoughts with us ahead of this week's Game QA & Localisation Forum in Berlin

I don't know about you, but I find fate to be a horrible concept. To quote Neo in the Matrix, "I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life". Free-will is my preferred reality. The question I pose is, how do we apply these models in the video gaming world? As storylines get more complex, and lore becomes deeper, games reflect our reality more and more. [ 1,729 more word ]…/free-will-gaming-choices-mor…/

Choice is something we expect in video games nowadays, but how does free will work in gaming?

With each generation, and each game in a franchise, fans revel in how much closer gaming is getting to reality. We want games to be reality! The Oculus Rift and 3D entertainment point towards a future where reality and the virtual combine. Yet is this step towards realism in video games a burden for the games themselves? Of course, the first thing to address is, what is real? [ 2,314 more words ]…/video-game-realism-restrict-…/

Does realism help or hinder the video game industry? Will it reach a point of becoming too realistic? Or is realism what video games should achieve?

If you think of a major gaming franchise, the likelihood is that it has become an annualized product. Every year there is a new edition of most big titles, and yet we continue to buy them in huge droves. But why is this? Why has the industry become so predictable and stale? It used to be that only sport products such as Fifa or Madden were subject to yearly releases, due to roster updates that couldn't be downloaded as an update, which is possible now. [ 1,532 more word ]…/annualization-addicts-indust…/

Annual gaming franchises have become the norm - but is this acceptable?

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Love them or hate them, quick time events are pretty common in video games nowadays. You can't go through a AAA title without button mashing as the protagonist sprints away from a boulder/landslide/polar bear. But do QTEs make the gaming experience better? Or do they merely restrict creativity, and simplify the entertainment value? Quick time events have sparked controversy in recent years. [ 1,024 more word ]…/quick-time-events-gaming-enh…/

The QTE saved video games back in the day; but are they now restricting how we experience gameplay?

Video games, unlockable achievements and trophies go hand-in-hand in today's gaming world. It would be exceptionally bizarre if a game were to be released without having a handful of achievements or trophies available for gamers to unlock. Sometimes, achievements are simply earned by getting to various milestones throughout the game, sometimes by doing some boring in-game chores, but generally achievements are far more exciting when they require a level of creativity or particular skill level to achieve. [ 804 more words ]…/achievements-trophies-unsung…/

Video Game achievements have seen little change since their introduction. However, how integral are they to extending a game's shelf-life?

Over the past few years, as games have become highly polished adventures, gaming developers have become their own form of branding. A vast number of gamers will purchase a game, purely based upon the developer who is at the helm. And often, if the franchise shifts hands, those in the know will not purchase a lacklustre version. When freemium games are rife, on both mobile devices and consoles with free-to-play titles, paying full retail for a game needs to match the quality of the game produced. [ 826 more words. ]…/developers-brand-reputation-…/

Quality gaming developers have established their own loyal fanbases for selling future titles
Machine learning is becoming ever popular in the world of data analytics. An intelligent, automated system that can predict future events? What’s not to love? Well, if your output doesn’t need these
Next week, QA and Localisation experts from across the globe are gathering at the ground-breaking Game QA and Localisation Forum in Barcelona! Following on from his much-lauded Keynote talk last year,

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Few Things We’d Love to See…/red-dead-redemption-2-7-thin…/

E3 2016 is underway and rumors are still swirling around the possibility of an announcement from Rockstar on a Red Dead Redemption sequel/prequel. A few alleged details have reportedly leaked in recent months, from the obvious (an expanded map) to the more intriguing (three playable characters – inc...

There have always been rivalries in gaming, whether that’s Mario and Sonic, Call of Duty and Battlefield, or Rock Band and Guitar Hero. But now it seems, the industry has to band together to fight for our attention; as the wealth of entertainment available at the touch of a button is too much to resist. The way in which games are being developed is changing rapidly. [ 1033 more words. ]…/…/rival-games-team-time-media/

Games need our time to survive; but can they keep us away from music and movies?

Quality Assurance has always been seen as a "foot-in-the-door" into the industry. And hey, perhaps it does serve that purpose in many cases. But QA has become so much more, and with the industry developing so rapidly, quality assurance has never been so vital to a game's success. It's often seen as a low-level role, with disposable workers who slog over menial tasks for hours on end. [ 1186 more words. ]

The Games Industry is constantly evolving; yet QA is more important than ever.

The past few years have seen the mobile gaming market to morph and grow in ways no-one expected. Next-gen consoles are not only competing with each other, but also with mobile devices. But many games have been trying to bridge this gap. So is it really possible? And how? As the mobile platform has emerged as a huge gaming world in itself, it makes logical sense to bring the console experience we all know and love to our pockets. [ 1434 more words. ]…/mobile-console-can-bridge-cr…/

Can developers bridge the gap between mobile and console gaming?