If you are still having issues with your website, or with logging into your email, please contact 866-233-0602 to get individualized assistance. The queue has diminished significantly.

Customers with Shared SQL servers should all be back online now. SiteControl should also be online for all affected customers.


The email backlog is pouring through our mail servers. We estimate that all backlogged emails will have have passed to their destinations in between 1 and 2 hours.

We're working now on getting SiteControl back up and fully functional. We're now also investigating individual servers based on customer feedback here and through the phone lines to zero in on any lingering functionality issues.

Impacted mail servers are back online and quickly churning through the backlog. Affected customers should start to see inbound email activity over the next 60 minutes.

Regarding email: There should be no loss of actual email messages or data for any impacted customers. Inbound messages should be queued up, and you should receive a batch of messages including those sent during the service interruption as soon as service is restored.

Two steps forward, one step back: Just had a power cycle on two racks during UPS repair, causing some systems to start the reboot process again. Power is active to those racks; it's just a matter of the systems booting again.

Power has been restored to affected racks. Team is working to ensure that systems come back online as they go through the boot / startup process. DNS systems are currently under heavy load due to increased and queued traffic. Performance should stabilize as temporary spiked volume subsides.

All impacted customer DNS services are back online. Team is now focused on remaining impacted websites and mail systems, including POP, IMAP and Exchange. We are working to provide an ETA on their availability.

A portion of the affected customers are back online. The team continues to work on getting the rest of those customers that were impacted back online, as well as some of our customer-facing services.

We have isolated the issue to one of our three uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which suffered a critical fault and triggered safety breakers. Bypassing the affected systems could have resulted in electrical damage to the impacted servers. Our teams have been working on two options: Firstly, getting alternate power to the affected racks; secondly, we have electricians exploring a safe way to work around the damaged UPS.

We've experienced a localized power failure in our Chicago data center that is impacting DNS service for a subset of our customers. We have technicians on site and have restored a portion of the impacted services, and are actively working to restore all remaining impacted services as soon as possible. We will post updates every 15 minutes here until full service is restored. is currently addressing issues that have caused outages for a small portion of our customer base. We understand the issues and have specialized teams working on the problem right now. We'll update you when we have further information. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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