So I know we've gone kinda quiet lately, but GeekVision will be back to its usual thing soon! We've just been doing post-Blip repairs.

Well, hello to you, too, @TheHorrorGuru! #GVRepairBTS

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Codename: Nycea is a atonal hodgepodge of vlogs, game and movie reviews, art, and comedic summaries of bizarre shows I find amusing. And feminism. Sorry, not...
Welcome to Screen Shots, with your host, Calluna! We'll be taking a look at various pieces of media that have caught my attention for one reason or another. ...
This is Sursum Ursa's YouTube channel. Expect analysis, fangirling, Learning By Stealth, and random singing. Enjoy!

If you're in the Disneyland area and want to meet some of us, we'll be over by the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney!

Confirmed attendees include: @TheRLKing, @RBGProds, @Tricksterbelle, @tonygoldmark, @doggans, @ilneigeWWH2W, @JDDeMotte, and @JillBearup!

If you're in the Anaheim area, for #VidCon or otherwise, and want to meet some of us, we'll be at Downtown Disney tomorrow around 6PM!

Lastly, newcomer @MrYomarz has it his way (sort of) and reviews the Burger King trilogy of games...yes those exist.

Fast food? More like FAST FRAUD!!! Channel Awesome Video Game Giveaway! Just subscribe for a chance to win either Far Cry 4 or... the BK games. If you're already subscribed then don't sweat it 'cau...

Meanwhile, @JillBearup talks about, not Weird, but BAD SCIENCE!

BOOKS! Or to be precise, pop science on epidemiology and evidence-based medicine that's fun, accessible, hilarious...and occasionally really scary.

Also, the @FPursuitsblog recount their adventures from SUPERNOVA 2015!

This week is all about our adventures at Supanova 2015! We talk about Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Henstridge, Adam Baldwin, Jason Isaacs, Billy West and a whole lot more! Plus cosplay, shopping and o...

From @FPursuitsblog, the @BWBPodcast talks about the Scooby-Doo novelization!

This week we solve one of the world's greatest mysteries and we investigate the junior novelization of the first Scooby-Doo movie! And joining me are two meddling kids - my sisters, Laura and Hanna...

.@EmceeProphIt released 2 videos in a month??? Here's Part 2 of his Twilight Princess series!

In which a little boy with a girly haircut becomes the ultimate embodiment of courage. Feels ahoy! Support the show on Patreon and get nifty rewards. Social media stuff (updated almost every day): ...

.@IsleOfRangoon also learns WHAT MAKES A GOOD PARTY!

Coronet is gonna teach us how to party. CORONET. Is going to teach us. How to party. Oh yeah. THIS oughtta be good for a laugh.

Far off on the @IsleOfRangoon, the local residents find a new film to riff. WAR IN ROBOTLAND!!!

Planets full of robots are basically never not involved in a war. Go ahead, name one that isn't. You can't, can you? Colonel Bleep, rubber-faced guardian of all of space apparently, has to stop an ...

.@Krosecz gives us all a sneak peek of the next exciting installment of Abridge of Titan!

Introducing KaiserNeko as Captain Levi! Westeros Crash Course: Attack of the Classics: