Dr Who - Gene Pool - Fan Fiction Video Teaser
Matrix Productions of NZ - 1991/1994
'Moonwolves' (1991/92)

Two boys came to the door at the house where the TARDIS prop now stands and asked if they could use it in their own fan video

The kiwi whovian fan video tradition continues ... xmas special

Looking forward to the Xmas Special this year, big fan of Capaldi and always loved the First Doctor / Tenth Planet and the trailer looks great. These can be real slop tho, so fingers crossed.


Actually looking forward to the Xmas Special this year, big fan of Capaldi (in his final episode) and always loved the First Doctor and Tenth Planet so the trailer looks exciting for once, Xmas special can be real slop some years.

3rd Birthday for Ep1 of GenePool!

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GenePool released yesterday in 2014. Maybe time to do another one.
- Lady doctor, i'm not so fussed on the idea but my daughter is very impressed, so maybe that's the point.

not a perfect last episode to the current season but a lot better than many, maybe again too many elements for there writers to handle. the cybermen and the masters where attention stealers, but the story over all was a good emotional journey. the best moment, tho, was the arrival of the first doctor at the very end paving the way to both the last special for this doctor and the regeneration itself.

For those without blu-ray i will shortly post a simple dvd version of gene pool, still will a number of added features and minisodes.

On the pCloud service, here are remaining files.…

Blu-Ray Segments 5 to 8……


(you will need ALL parts of the segmented file before you can uncompress it.)

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Let's give it a go. There are 24 parts, you will need a Stuffit Expander to uncompress the segments at the end of the download.…

I have loaded the segmented compressed files for a folder version of the Blu-Ray to two servers for file sharing. The folder must be burnt to a UDF formatted Blu-Ray BD-RE 25GB disk. Testing process, the folder might require some additional set up but likely it should not.

Stay tuned.

The Blu-Ray files are 17GB. Any useful ideas for how to share these? Peer-to-peer? Segments? ISO? Disk Image?