Geaorge Smitherman Hosts Iftar Dinner

Salma. We are all there for you as you undertake timely treatment. I heard your strength in your voice just now so lets go defeat this enemy. We love you.


I would like to share with my constituents in Scarborough Centre that I have begun a medical leave to seek treatment for a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma."


Full statement in the link below.

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I would like to share with my constituents in Scarborough Centre that I have begun a medical leave to seek treatment for a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

#georgeandrolando And so it begins. Friends arriving and lovely setting. Love is in the air.

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Tomorrow is the big day and here we are with marriage license in hand #georgeandrolando

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#barrysherman #barryandhoney Shocked to hear of their passing. My kids were impressed by his Mustang Convertible and I was impressed by how far he parked from the door at the opening of the New Humber River Regional Grand Opening despite having given millions. #onpoli

"Three seats being added to Toronto council for the 2018 election" via @torontostar. #topoli #Ward23 confiming plans to replace Pam McConnell in #regentpark #cabbagetown #stjamestown. Great people great neighbourhoods.

Provincial tribunal backs council-approved plan to boost the number of wards to 47 from 44 to better balance representation.

Wedding Notice

It is with great pleasure that I announce my planned nuptials to Rolando Salomon Laurencio (Dr.) of Havana, Cuba.

2017 has been a year filled with travel to Havana with me visiting 7 times, 4 of those with Michael and Kayla. It wasn’t long after the four of us took up residence at a beach side villa during March break that we were sure of our desire to form a family....
Parting ways at the airport that first time was a sharply painful moment for us all.

Knowing that Rolando sweltered in our apartment without electricity for days after Hurricane Irma, which pushed the sea ashore in Havana, was a dreadful experience. Especially due to Kayla, sensitive girl that she is, having plead the entire time with
me to whisk Rolando away to “anywhere a Cuban can go without a visa”.

Less painful, surprisingly so, was when I had Rolando extract a tooth. As a practicing dentist he showed great skill in extracting a molar that was beyond root canal. As for Kayla and Michael, they have delighted in getting to know their cousins Hector and
Laura and Grandma Laurencio. Exploring Havana, playing in the water spray on the Malecon, walking Doby the personable Chihuahua, and creating a host of wonderful experiences together, are all memories that have sustained us on those days when spotty WhatsApp conversations were as close as we could be.

Our Marriage will be this December 23, 2017, which is just days before Rolando will return to Havana. From there we will commence filing the correct paper work to allow Rolando to return not as a guest in Canada, but rather as my beloved spouse.

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#RIP TERRENCE D'ARCY KELLEY my Scouting Leader, Hockey League President and long term companion to my mother passed minutes ago. To say step father is not quite enough to pay testimony to all that he did for me and my family. 89 solid years and even in decline always with delight.

Ward 28

Pam McConnell's decades of work can't be undone in the few months between now and the next election but given her commanding plurality one would have hoped.

Blind obedience to the Mayor's agenda, packed as it is with supposed fiscal restraint on annual tax increases for today's mini millionaires while showing no aversion at all to piling on the long term debt for the Mayor's personal twin transit glory projects namely Smartrack and Scarborough hardly seems fair to my

Since the provincial election is so much at play in the workings of many down at City Hall I think there should be a flirtation and distraction charge applied against the wages of Councillors.

Those who will not rule out running provincially can be docked 10 % for a flirtation charge but if they become actively engaged in a campaign that becomes 25 % for a distraction charge. Of course once the writ is dropped for the Provincial election any City Councillor running should have their pay suspended if that's not already the law.

When I wanted to run for Mayor I was forced to give up my entire Provincial career. Why should Toronto taxpayers be paying for a bunch of City Councillors to play out their Provincial dreams?

Pam's legacy will be kept intact if our Ward 28 Communities remain on track on the mission of knitting our people together no matter how improbable the challenge and making sure we have the planned and built environment that lends itself to success and good health.

For as long as there has been a Toronto the territory and people covered by today's Ward 28 have had the special responsibility of looking out for those who for so many reasons find themselves vulnerable or who ended up here in search of something.

Pam was like a conductor working a piece which just keeps getting better and we owe it to her and to ourselves to keep working on it.

That was never about her working alone and so it can't be done or undone by a few votes at City Council in an election year.

Always Forward. Persevere. That's the Pam way.

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Happy Halloween everyone. Looking forward to my only media today with Ledrew after 1230.

“Happy Halloween everyone. Looking forward to my only media today with Ledrew after 1230.”

I have to admit it sure was appealing to consider the prospect of a return to the Ontario Legislature representing Toronto Centre.

At two times in my life I have been lucky enough to work there and I love the place and the platform that it represents to bring change. In my forthcoming book Unconventional Candour I get to write about how the work that I did in my riding ended up counting for much more to me than the work that I did in Government (though that was amazing) and I wasn't even hankering to line up for plum assignments like Cabinet, but oh well.

These last couple of months I uncovered a terrible truth about today's Ontario Liberal Party. The grassroots have all but died off. In my old Toronto Centre stronghold the Liberals won big yet their local association is barely there and the leader's first and only instinct was to suffocate the only real opportunity to give birth again to the grass roots nomination process that is open to all and was once the standard for our democracy.

Just like in Sudbury rather than do the heavy lifting and nurture the grassroots the leader's preference is apparently the same, that is poach a politician from another party and hope that name recognition carries the day. I think that luck is going to end badly for the Liberals.

Nostalgic as I might have been for a return to the Legislature I continue to plan for a run to replace Councillor Pam McConnell at Toronto City Council for the people and the issues I wish to represent do not change with the level of government.

We will know what the actual boundaries are to be soon and I will confirm which ward I plan to contest at that time. In the meantime I have increased my attendance at community events and am spending more and more time meeting with the people of the east side of the downtown to refresh my understanding and learn anew of the difficulties and the opportunities.

Come the official campaign opening on May 1, 2018 I look forward to contesting what is sure to be a spirited election and for now I look forward to the release of my book next spring just in time for the Provincial election.

Should you wish to be in touch you can reach me at

Warmest Wishes

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 Respecting the will of party members is important. But so is forming a winning team.

I participated in this TVO The Agenda panel discussion and shared my views.

In mere months, recreational marijuana will be legal in Ontario. For many, that means a big opportunity for cashing in. The government may be controlling the...

Wonderful to participate again in Blair's Run and great to have the Run back as part of the Cabbagetown Town Festival. It's a Toronto Centre tradition and always chance to see many friends, neighbours and community members while raising funds for an important organization: the Cabbagetown Youth Centre.

Also, this was the first time I wasn't the only Smitheman running. Michael ran with me! Kayla wanted to be in the cheering section and take pictures. Look forward to many more races in Toronto Centre with Michael and Kayla with me.

#TorCen #ONpoli #TOPoli

Congrats to Glen Murray for his work so far and to come in favour of a healthier planet for my kids.

On this day in 2009.

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Toronto Railway Historical Association

On July 24, 2009, the governments of Ontario and Canada announced their contributions towards the funding for the redevelopment of Union Station. The press conf...erence was held on the elevated walkways at 60 Front Street West across the street from the Beaux-Arts station so as to provide a photogenic backdrop behind the politicians for news cameras and photographers. Of the estimated $640 million cost of the Union Station revitalization, the federal government committed $133 million while the province was contributing $172 million. The city hoped to raise the remaining $335 million through the lease of commercial space in the station, including a new retail level underneath that will extend from Bay Street to York Street. These figures were later revised for a total of $665 million, with contributions from the city ($304 million), the federal government ($164 million) and the province ($197 million). The revitalization costs are now pegged at $800 million, with the city apparently on the hook for the cost overruns. Photo shows from left: Toronto Mayor David Miller; federal Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty (1949-2014); federal Minister of Transport, John Baird; and Ontario Deputy Premier George Smitherman, who would lose the 2010 mayoral election to Rob Ford.
Posting & photo by Derek Boles, TRHA Historian, who was invited to the event since I was then chair of the Union Station Revitalization Public Advisory Group.

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I first met Pam McConnell in 1994 and over the years and I was lucky enough to be a co-conspirator on many community building initiatives. The void I feel is immense and my heart goes out to all those she touched in a giant extended community and especially to her family whom I am privileged to know. Four little ones are especially on my mind.

Thanks Pam, love George.

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Earlier I visited the hospital and conveyed to those who love Councillor Pam McConnell we know her for her perseverance and we are pulling for her.

Look forward to speaking with @CityNews at 5 today to chat about the marijuana legislation introduced today. #cdnpoli