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Even after a long walk, George still found the energy to make a boring picture fun at the very last second

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A good, but steady walk with your companion is a great way to get you moving yourself!

Aging doxies need action too!

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George's puppy looks like his daddy! This puppy was adopted last Christmas! #cute #puppy #dachshund #doxie

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George the Dachshund is feeling exhausted.

30 minute walk and his tiny legs are done for the day! Never let a doxie walk for too long though (as much as he may seem to love it)

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George is finally a daddy!

George and Veronica's puppy c:

Mr. Personality's back with a repost from Flickr!…/lightnin…/6849122436/in/photostream/

Got the title from an old comment of the original post of this very same photo. The original quality was absolute pants so I decided to re-upload a much better version. --- Please visit George on Facebook!
George the Dachshund updated their cover photo.
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Actually, sepia...but it looks a lot more B/W, innit? Anyhoo, this is another re-upload of a crap photo. I just happened to add a vignette and Sepia'd it for...dunno? Douchebaggy artistic BS effect? Please visit George on Facebook!

Wow, I never thought that I would ever get 90 likes! THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone!

George after Nom Noms time.

Lots of milk LOL. Note the small blob of milk on his whiskers. Oh, George <33

Still a baby.

My wittle dachshund. Ah, ssho cute~ Please like on Facebook!

"There is no such thing as part freedom" Nelson Mandela

"There is no such thing as part freedom." - Nelson Mandela . . . and George brings his light with him wherever he goes. --- This photo was taken in the same location as this photo I like to take George with me whereve...

Mom lets me lick the lens :9

My handsome boy checking out the camera. I haven't posted a George pic in a while. Please like on Facebook!