We support our partners! SunPower fights back on the Solar Tariff Issue:

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By Frank Andorka, Senior Correspondent What Happened: Earlier this morning, SunPower filed its formal request to be excluded from the Trump Administration’s 30% tariff on imported solar modules, specifically Exclude solar cells based on copper-plated, IBC technology. Exclude solar modules based on...
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Why Go Solar?
More fun with solar! Valerie Paik from TAG Online, Inc. did a phenomenal job singing about Geoscape Solar & Elvin Frost. Thanks Val! #bni #solar #gosolar #greenbiz
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Gabriela Kaplanova
· March 9, 2018
I have been looking into solar system solutions for my home for several years and met with a number of solar companies, but did not feel confident with either one of them. I needed to understand and b...e confident, that I was making a good investment not only in to the solar system, but also in to the company that would install it and service it, in the years to come.
One of my clients highly recommended that I speak to Kevin Hamm from Geoscape Solar who sold him his solar system. I first met with Kevin in June 2017. He was not only very professional, but extremely informative, to the point, knowledgeable and able to answer all of my many questions. My decision was made very quickly after our second meeting. The installation happened in late fall of 2017, was well coordinated, scheduled well ahead and painless. My solar system is now installed and producing energy. When I saw my first month electric bill (for December/January) @$4.60, it put a huge smile on my face. Thanks Kevin and team Geoscape! If you are in a market for solar system, I highly recommend Geoscape Solar.
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John Junior
· October 26, 2017
I met Elvin somewhere around 1999 (not in person but on the phone) through a business relationship that began in the computer field. He worked for a supplier that I purchased resale equipment from. that meeting we began about an 8-9 year relationship and although I never met him in person, over that time I formed total trust in him as a business person. Fast forward about 8-9 more years, and although no longer running my own business I still work in the computer field. One day recently, for some reason one of my current suppliers reminded me of Elvin so I decided to Google "Elvin Frost" and I found him on LinkedIn. I sent Elvin a short note to say hey and in typical Elvin fashion he quickly responded with a bright hello sparking a back and forth conversation as if it were still 1999. Anyway, after some small talk I mentioned that I noticed he had changed fields and was now working in the solar industry with GeoScape Solar. My wife and I had "dabbled" in the possibility of going solar a couple of times but it always seemed in the end, most folks selling solar seemed to be "hawking it" for a quick buck. I jokingly mentioned that to him. Always the straight shooter though, Elvin began to give me the facts on why solar was the smart choice. He educated us "without the fluff" on why we should, and how we could do it in the most sensible, cost effective way possible. He answered each and every question off the top of his head. No bull, just the facts. So in cutting to the chase, about a month ago, after years of doing business together in a completely different field, and then a nearly 10 year hiatus in the relationship, we finally met, in person as Elvin drove over 2 hours to meet us at our home to discuss the possibilities and the process of making solar a reality. Needless to say it was a pleasurable experience, something that generally can't be said about many in-home sales appointments. We are now happily beginning that journey thanks to his help. To all those reading this, this man comes very highly recommended! See More
Sam Falah
· February 24, 2017
Searching for the right solar company was a long process, especially that we had no prior experience and don’t exactly know what we need. After a long research, and many office visits by solar represe...ntatives from different companies, we finally found Geoscape Solar. Elvin Frost was such a pleasure to meet and work with, not only he’s very knowledgeable and extremely informative, he was such a gentleman to guide us throughout the whole process. It sure took a while for the whole system to be installed on our building, but it was well worth it. We got tax credits and now enjoy saving money on our current electric bill. Overall it was a very pleasant and great service provided by Geoscape Solar and we cannot recommend them enough. They delivered what was promised and more, and the system is for sure top quality. All their staff were very helpful, but I have to give a lot of extra credit to Elvin Forst, he’s such a great asset for the company and indeed wonderful to meet.
Thank you again for all your help and service.
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Robin Greengrove
· January 23, 2016
I met Elvin through a mutual friend of ours and we just started a conversation about what we do for a living. While Elvin stated he works for a company that installs solar panels, he was very easy to to & the conversation flowed effortlessly. He never pushed his product or made me feel pressured in any way. He only answered my questions and offered information when I requested it. He sells a product that makes total sense, almost sells itself and is a “no brainer”. When we got together to discuss the solar panels in more detail, we ended up chatting so much about other topics that the typical 90 minute visit lasts almost 3 hours! He has been great to work with, has always kept me informed and updated on the progress of the project and has sent out reminders when needed. I would highly recommend Elvin at Geoscape to anyone looking for solar panels. See More
David Nunez
· January 18, 2016
We set up an appointment with Elvin Frost to inform ourselves of solar energy for our home and to potentially discover what his company offered. Elvin arrived on time and was more than ready to discus...s the solar panels with us. We were impressed by his knowledge and perfect balance of professionalism and the warm environment he created, along with his UNFAILING truthfulness. He provided appropriate answers to all the questions we asked him as home owners. His actions and way of presenting himself truly made us believe he was a man of his word. Elvin took us patiently step by step through the price, process and so on. As home owners, and now clients of Elvin, we were undoubtedly inclined to write a positive review of him because his superb workmanship truly served as an important factor in proceeding with the negotiation moving forward. It is with our utmost honor and privilege that we, Wanda and David Nunez, recommend Mr. Elvin Frost for any homeowner interested and new to the solar energy business. See More
David Pinero
· September 24, 2015
Elvin Frost. Senior Solar Advisor, was an absolutely pleasure to work with. He took the time to explain the solar advantage in depth and was thorough in how the process of getting set up with solar. E...lvin was very attentive and has a "no pressure" approach unlike other people. He let me take the time after presentation to research and explore solar without pushing to go solar right away. He was also very easy to reach regarding any questions I had. This is how a representative of an A+ company with the BBB should be. His professionalism reflects highly and is keeping with the highest standard of the company! Thank you Elvin Frost and Geoscape Solar. See More
Barbara Blanco
· February 12, 2016
I first heard about Geoscape Solar at a healthcare convention in Atlantic City. I was interested in learning more since my husband and I have been talking about converting to solar. Elvin Frost came t...o our house, sat down with us, and explain in layman's terms the benefits and mechanics of Solar. We were sold on the idea that day. Installation is scheduled to start in a few months and I can wait to start saving money on energy!!$$$ See More
Paula Bradley-Lechner
· July 1, 2015
Awesome experience so far. Very professional staff. I shopped around and they were the best buy! I highly recommend Geoscape Solar. The entire process was too easy. The electrical crew finished today.... I don't know anything about the work they did but they were a group of friendly and professional guys. They were even friendly to my kids! Everything is cleaned up and tidy. The crew that installed the racks was very nice too. It was a pleasure having them here. Now we are looking forward to cranking our AC this summer now that we can afford to! See More
David Ponzio
· June 15, 2015
Elvin sold us American made solar panels for our roof, and to date we are very happy with them (although maybe I'm jumping the gun...haven't seen the first electric bill yet! It is supposed to cover ...90% of our electrical use over the course of the year). He's a very determined sales person and used very creative measures to get us an acceptable deal. See More
Damian Wieczorek
· August 10, 2015
We sat down with multiple solar installers and GeoScape had the best product for the right price. Being that we were looking to finance 100% of the project, they were the only company to offer it v...ia their partner bank. Elvin and his coworkers were a pleasure to work with and could not be happier! See More
Mark Cenit
· March 10, 2015
First year of solar is in the book. We made slightly more power than expected despite a rainy fall. I am still waiting for "the catch" but aftwr a year I guess there really isn't one.

Elvin and th...e entire Geoscape team were great to work with. My only regret is that we didn't take the plunge sooner See More
Lorraine Zoeller
· September 18, 2016
We had a variety of solar companies come to our home prior to meeting Elvin Frost ~ Geoscape.

Elvin Frost took the time to explain and re-explain the solar panels, the upfront cost and the SREC's......

Geoscape is a solar company that we highly recommend..
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Tim Ippolito
· June 6, 2016
Geoscape has been a pleasure to work with on our church's solar project. Professional to the core. Can't wait for the project to be completed! Thanks, Elvin and the rest of the team at Geoscape.
Carl Foy
· June 12, 2015
After sitting down with several other companies, we decided that GEOSCAPE offered the best product at the best price.
And Elvin was extremely helpful throughout the process, not to mention, very thorough.
Vitaliy Vishnevskiy
· September 12, 2015
Really good guys. Highly recommend this company as a solar partner in NJ. My install was somewhat involved, but Elvin was always there to explain, advise and just be helpful. Good job, everyone.
David Adamsbaum
· June 28, 2014
Using the Sun is the only way to go for power! Thanks Geoscape! $2.20 is my electric bill every month!
Jamie Moore
· June 28, 2014
Great company, smooth process and is operating as promised. Love my $2.49 electric bill!
Karen Ulrich Adamsbaum
· June 28, 2014
Love my electric bill!!!!!
Russian hackers attempted to access the grid and other industries primarily to spy and collect information, according to an alert.

Thanks again to our valued clients who have helped Geoscape Solar be named SunPower's Top Commercial Regional Producer of 2017! #SunPower #GeoscapeSolar #WeAreStillIn #CommercialSolar #AmicusSolar #NJSolar

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You don't need the Luck of The Irish to reduce or eliminate your monthly utility bills... just a Solar Energy System from Geoscape Solar! #StPatricksDay #SolarEnergy #GeoscapeSolar #Irish

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#AmicusSolar is a strong supporter of #PowerOnPuertoRico. The mission of Power On Puerto Rico is to bring portable, emergency power trailers to remote areas of Puerto Rico which was devastated by #HurricaneMaria.

The first three solar trailers bound for remote communities in Puerto Rico have been completed and are awaiting shipment. Power On Puerto Rico is ready to purchase components and construct the remaining seven trailers to reach their initial commitment to deploy 10 trailers.

Please consider sharing this post and supporting this very worthy cause!

In response to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico, a group of U.S. solar companies and a global disaster relief agency are bringing mobile solar power and water filtration to remote areas of the island. Roughly 40% of Puerto Rico is still without power and clean drinking water after...
Mar 23 - Mar 25Morristown ArmoryMorristown, NJ

Learn how you can reduce or eliminate your electric bills for $0 down The Morristown Home & Garden Show! Stop by BOOTH 205 to learn more about the benefits of going solar and the many financing options Geoscape Solar offers.

This show also features everything you could want for the inside and outside of your home.

For more information, contact us at 1-877-GEOSUN-1

Mar 23 - Mar 25Morristown ArmoryMorristown, NJ

The passing of Professor #StephenHawking marks the loss of one of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever known. In addition to the work he published as a physicist, Professor Hawking was extremely vocal about the real danger of #climatechange and America's need to take meaningful action.

#wearestillin #GeoscapeSolar #solarenergy #amicussolar #SunPower #parisclimategreement #EPA

The famed scientist is critical of the Trump administration.


Thanks to SunPower for the honor and an even bigger thanks to all the loyal Geoscape Solar clients who trusted us with their solar installations.

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Geoscape Solar's own version of March Madness! #GeoscapeSolar #SolarEnergy #RenewableEnergy #MarchMadness #SolarNJ

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Interested in learning more about solar? Attend our FREE SOLAR 101 SEMINAR. To RSVP or learn more about the seminar: Contact us at 1-877-GEOSUN-1

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• How does SOLAR work?
• What are the pros and cons of switching to SOLAR ENERGY?
• What government incentives are available to cover the cost of SOLAR?
• How do SOLAR panels differ?
• What options are available to finance SOLAR? Is there “FREE” SOLAR?