~ Even if there are other intelligent creatures in the universe, even strange #robots or luminous humanoids, they won't be exactly like us. Keep #exploring!

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The Ghoulie Pod Continues Exploring


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ...
All engines running.

The Ghoulie Bike Infrared Check.Transmission in Motion: Using infrared energy with a wavelength from about 800 nm to 1 mm!*******
The Ghoulie Bike Wave.All is being corrected on the the third dimension, muahaha! **

"Keep it up : dream, build, create and do your best, specially when nobody cares and nobody is watching."…/…/23/ghoulie-bike-phase-two/

The Ghoulie Bike Bending through space: The departmentalizing of material properties to find and organize a pattern again!Eureka!!
The Ghoulie Bike Teleports. Starting a new concept for a Ghoulie Bike: Traveling from point A to point B from a hovering space pod instantaneously. Not much energy needed if t...
~The first principle of bending space must be to make new friends. 銀河系には無数の星がある。 * * *
~The light guide whispers Pulsating space calls A fall farther away * *
"Spacetime Haiku" That Bright Star Ruptures Superior Skysail Soars The Heart Luring The Light * *

Galactic #GOL?
Scanning the game!


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HAIKU ~A space craft turns quick ~All weight lost in fast black pull ~From brisk storm on star * *
~Underneath the layers we will find Mechanical Mushrooms.

~ Before the launch, take time to enjoy the moment.
~ Don't forget: #Dream

#arts #design #fun #robots
#vehicles #fantasy...

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~ Make sure you catch some rays before the rain.
It’s a good time for solar energy! ☼

#arts #design #fun

Always looking forward to spending time outdoors. ~ Make sure you catch some rays when you can! It's a good time for solar energy
Observe and recharge, that is part of connecting.

May the new year bring you friends, solar cells, martian rum and happiness!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo Extraterrestres!


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