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Fifi Rio
· February 12, 2018
I've been to so many different Giant Tiger Stores that the one I found the best is the one in Acton, Ontario!
Several friends and their friends have said the same thing!
Why? Because... that store has an awsome Clothing Purchaser (Product Buyer) in which they have "superb" taste when it comes to choosing clothing!
They select an array of up-to-date styles, colors, patterns, materials & textures. They make sure that they have enough in sizes from Small to XXX3 hanging on the rack.
And... the best part of it all is... the great quantity of each of the above!
If viewer's that love Giant Tiger get a chance to be in the Acton area... be sure you check out!! You won't be disappointed! ! �
A BIG Thank-You to who ever it is that has the role of being the Product Byer... your-the-best!!!
If I had the opportunity to meet you.... I'd shake your hand and tell you that you went above-and-beyond your role!! A job well done!
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Shannon Paquin
· 19 hours ago
Impressive customer service....
Bells corners store
I went to the above store to purchase gotham steel pans (as advertised) I checked online to be sure they were in stock. I got to the store and coul...d not locate them, while trying to find them I picked up a few other things, finally someone found the lady working in that section, she informed me they had received the shipment but it was too much trouble to get them for me... they will take my number and call me tomorrow or whenever they get the stock out....

I put everything else I was going to purchase away and proceeded to leave the store, telling the staff that they ensured themselves of losing business with that attitude.

Since when is it okay to tell a customer it's too much trouble to get the items they wish to purchase?!?!

I needed the pans today, they are on sale today, I was there today...why do I have to come back because your staff is too lazy????
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Alysha MacKenzie
· January 8, 2018
I wish I could add a photo of my jacket.. FINALLY after a few years searching for a winter jacket I like, I found one at Giant Tiger for $90 + tax. I kept the receipt for a couple of weeks, but it got lost. Not even a month after buying the jacket the pocket has almost completely fallen off, and the coating on the jacket is peeling all over the arms. It looks like hell. � If I'm going to spend over $100 with tax for a jacket, I expect it to at least last me one winter. I don't have the receipt so I haven't bothered to take it back, but I'm so disappointed. See More
Kirsten Sundin-Kelley
· February 5, 2018
Yesterday we were driving through town (Sarnia,ON) and my 8 year old son saw the Giant Tiger transport truck and for some reason was mesmerized by it. We happened to be at the same stop light a few mi...nutes later and the driver waved at him. He was so happy about it and was being for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you to that awesome truck driver. See More
Amethyst Di Angelo
· December 22, 2017
I live in Australia but every two years I visit my daughter who lives in Aurora with her family, and one thing I insist we do is visit Giant Tiger a couple of times at least while I am there. I love t...he store and we usually go to Newmarket. Last time I got some fantastic tops for myself and for my husband as well as wonderful laser toys for my cats. I'll be there again in 2018 , See More
Kath Stewart
· February 2, 2018
I've been a regular shopper at Giant Tiger after finding leggings by Lily Morgan . I had purchased ones identical
From another sellor-TSC at 3x the price! (Rip off).. Everything at the GT Boutique as ...I call is extremely affordable, excellent
Quality, great selection, marvelous deals/sales. I'm a customer for life & tell everyone how much your on my top ten list
For good value. Very happy camper. ♡♡♡♡♡/☆☆☆☆☆
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Nettie Sheppard
· February 7, 2018
It took me 4 years to find a pair of winter boots that would fit my wide foot and I finally got them at Giant Tiger thank you for that. I also love the plus-size tops and dresses that arrive in each s...eason I always run down to see what's new. Love you Giant Tiger See More
Laura-Lee Hynick
· January 10, 2018
Went shopping today gaint tiger today went finished my purchase at giant tiger in the casheir was not every nice to a. Customer
Name call ing at a customer not so service from the cashier
What’s your name was Bernadette don’t go to her she was very rude not nice
Never going back their any more mean coustomer
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Darlene Dowhan
· February 13, 2018
I love Giant Tiger in Hamilton on Cannon Street my mom is ill and dosnt get out shopping so they know us well there and let me get my moms groceries to and mine at same time even with limits I’m so ha...ppy they allow me to do that saves so much time ty To all the Staff at my Giant tiger 🤗 See More
Barry Robinson
· February 10, 2018
We discovered today that GT is now charging for their plastic bags. Well, it has been coming, and by all means, it is their right. What they failed to do was announce this change to their customers a fashion to make this readily known. They posted the announcement on a small sheet of paper in a very small font in such locations that made them far from noticable, and apparent to be something to be read, especially easily read. If GT is so confident in their decision, then they should be bold in presenting it whereby it would be displayed large enough to draw and catch customer attention. GT, you screwed up here.....and as such it is a disrespect to your customers, in particular to your loyal customers. And you should be ashamed that you left your frontline employees to take the backlash from your bad presentation. Let's hope this is a one-shot bad performance by GT management. See More
Mike Baniuk
· February 13, 2018
We have found that at all of the Giant Tiger locations that my precious wife Alex and I have visited, well the employees working there are so friendly and informative and caring. We are truly thankful... for being customers at your stores.
We love your products.
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Michael Bozak
· December 19, 2017
What an awesome place to shop great variety of products the staff is very helpful and all round feel good place to shop!
Billy B Todd
· January 31, 2018
I recently signed up to receive offers through my email and was given a $5 off next purchase coupon for doing so. It also happened to be my birthday a couple days later and I received a gift offer thr...ough my email as well. I do not have a printer so I took my phone with the offers on it to Giant Tiger in hopes of redeeming these offers only to be told that my phone wasn't acceptable and I needed a "hard copy". So this pretty much rendered these offers useless to me. Will no longer shop at Giant Tiger. See More
Melissa Walker
· February 13, 2018
giant tiger in north bay, ON, is awesome! my family and i are regulars. the prices are reasonable, store is spotless and staff are friendly. :) will continue to shop there. Gary is a very nice staff m...ember! he made holiday shopping more merry when the crowds felt almost unbearable. i highly recommend GT north bay! See More
Wendy Kensley
· February 16, 2018
My name is Garrett Kensley, I am 10 years and I have Autisum. Did you name your tiger mascot? Cause if you did’nt here are some suggestions: El Bengaldore, Sumatran, Discount Tiger or Sweet Saver. one do you like? Reply to me with your favourite name! See More
Sara Krutko
· February 19, 2018
I was very disappointed to see them charge for bags and not make the switch to a biodegradable bag like shoppers drug mart. I have made a point to stop shopping here because of it.
Stacey Terry
· January 5, 2018
**UPDATE** Thanks to this review, I was put in *direct* contact with Giant Tiger (rather than the 3rd party customer service company). Once handled through them directly, the response has been swift a...nd I even received a personal phone call to both notify me of the correction and to seek feedback for what went wrong, which I very much appreciated. Obviously some work to be done in ensuring the 3rd party customer service is meeting the needs of Giant Tiger clients and the right protocols are in place, but I feel much better now that I've been in direct contact with their service department and have edited my review from a "1" to a "3".

**ORIGINAL POST (1-star review): I'm so disappointed in my experience. I ordered Christmas gifts online this year... first time buying with them online. On Nov. 24th, I ordered two sets of towels. One set came, the other did not. Initially I thought perhaps the order was being shipped in two different boxes, but as Christmas approached, I realized part of my order was just missing. When I contacted the company on Dec. 15th, they said they would need to contact their distribution and would follow up with me in 24 hours. They did not. So I waited a few days and called again, this time to make it clear I wanted a refund on the missing items... AGAIN, they said they would contact their distribution and the gal *promised* to follow up with me by phone or email. AGAIN... no follow up. Yesterday I received a notice issuing me a refund of $6.50, which was the amount of tax on my complete order (not the amount of the missing towels). So... you guessed it... phoned again. And the customer service had no information or updates, nor had they made it clear on my ticket that I wanted a refund. I asked if there was some other number or avenue for me to pursue the issue and was told no. It's not like the missing items were expensive, but the time and frustration from this experience... and the *as yet* incomplete refund... has ensured I will NEVER buy online from Giant Tiger.
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Kathleen Ford
· February 13, 2018
I take road trips with my mom my sister and sometimes even my grandma joins us. And we stop at almost every GT between Timmins Ontario to Niagara Falls and as far as Windsor Ontario. Love all the b...argains. And we need to upgrade our veichle to a bigger van or a bus for all our girly shopping. Thanks GT See More
Bonnie Cripps
· February 6, 2018
I shop at Giant Tiger all the time.. I have found so many deals in the clothing dept.. I love their styles.. I buy my shampoo and conditioner. The dvds I have so many.. their prices are great. The sta...ff are wonderful..always pleasant and helpful. So glad we have a GT in Brantford.. Thanks .. See More
Denis L Ouellette
· December 29, 2017
The best Canadian store that ever was. Excellent service and has the best staff in Sudbury......will always shop at Giant Tiger.