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Courtney Marie
· February 20, 2018
They wanted too put me in any other car but the car I wanted I asked about a 2011 sonata they had and my salesman lied and said it was at a Rosenberg location I go to leave after being there for three... hours with nothing happening and I drive right past the same damn car I asked these liars about! I do not recommend to anyone! Unless u wanna be lied too over and over! I asked for them to run my credit before I made an hour drive there so I wouldn’t be waisting my time he told me oh your good everything will be okay come on in! They’ll say anything just to get you there than screw you over and lie too you!!! See More
Tia Moser
· March 18, 2018
Amazing customer service, easy financing options.....great experience!! Thank you Jeremy, Grant, Taylor, Crysta, Rebecca from service and all of the other awesome employees at Gillman Acura. You de...serve your ☆☆☆☆☆ review! See More
Victor Villalobos
· May 14, 2017
I just signed the lease for my new 2017 Acura TLX w/Technology from here, and I love it! If you get the chance, work with April. She has been such a huge blessing; I've been waiting for the perfect op...portunity to trade in my vehicle, and she kept us in the loop with all the current incentives and offers. In addition, April worked diligently to get me the best value for my trade-in to help out with everything and make the whole process very seamless! Overall, I had a great experience and I'd recommend. See More
Nick Crafts
· October 9, 2016
We had a terrible experience with the new car sales manager. He lied to us repeatedly and appeared to lack integrity at every opportunity. Upon learning we would not be returning because he had lied t...o us (repeatedly), we foolishly allowed him to convince us to come back the next day and he would "make it right and honor" what he had originally committed to. Almost comically, he was even more dishonest the second time we showed up (with checkbook in hand). What were we thinking? I'm embarrassed I went back after being lied to the first time.

While we liked the MDX and the salesperson we worked with, Dee, we ultimately went to Northside Lexus across the highway, where we purchased an RX F-Sport the next day. Had a tremendously positive experience with David, who was very transparent from the beginning to end.

In NO way could I bring myself to recommend or support Gillman Acura after what we witnessed.

Bonus: Here is a tip if you choose to go there anyway: when you are at the point of negotiating and if they agree to make changes to the finance worksheet, on the new set of numbers they bring back, look at the other sections of the worksheet because they will magically inflate another section. If you call them on it, they will say they have no idea what happened. Just, "WOW" is all I can say.
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Kristy Adams
· August 6, 2016
Refused to sell us a car! My husband made plans to go and buy the car today, but when we got there and asked a question about an extra fee they added on to the car the salesman, Parker and his "manage...r"- who we never met- got a little irritated. Then after doing a final check over the car, we discovered that the paint on the bumper is different. So now the car has been in some sort of fender bender- possibly . When we asked about the Gillman Promise again we are met with a less than great attitude and explanation about why it doesn't qualify, and how they're losing money on this car (yeah right), and how they're sending it to auction if it doesn't sell this weekend. Again, attitude from Parker is like we're bothering him. So after we give him the keys to our car to get a trade in value he comes back and says his "manager" has decided not to sell us the car, basically because we have too many questions. What a joke! You know somethings up with that car and you were hoping to sell it to some fool who doesn't ask questions. There's a new fool born everyday but guess what, it ain't us! Keep your car! You offended my husband and I, and I will make sure everyone I know knows of your shady business practices. Utterly disappointed! See More
Shamik Bose
· October 29, 2016
Stay away...worst service I have received in any dealership. They will do anything to get you to their dealership and then treat you like dirt. Not worth the time. The sales rep was overbooked and did... not even delegate to another salesman, I waited 30 mins and when requested that I be shown the car I was interested in, a salesman simply pointed me to some people already viewing the vehicle and suggested I look at it along with them. I left without even looking at a car or speaking to my rep who had called me and made the appointment. Complete waste of time. See More
Grayson Berdofe
· September 2, 2017
Quality cars and service with a friendly smile! Jennifer Gipson helped us and provided outstanding customer service. She was extremely nice and willing to help in any way that she could!
Paige Wiemer
· November 21, 2017
Awesome experience at Gillman Acura! Helpful and efficient. I love my new Acura RDX!
Zach Triggs
· March 4, 2018
Garrett in service had my car done quickly and efficiently!
Anna James
· May 2, 2017
Terrible, awful service. Bought a used car from them and financed in house. I made it clear that my residential and mailing addresses are different, they said it didn't matter. Now I've been harassed my sales guy (Parker) saying they need proof of residency after I told them I can't provide it.

Also, the battery that they said was good when I purchased the car wasn't, and I had to go back two times to finally get it replaced.

The "detailing" they did to my car prepurchase was nonexistent, I had to vaccuum parts of the car and there was sticky residue from a sticker that they had removed still left on the vehicle. Absolutely unacceptable.

I definitely will not be returning here ever again, they do not care about you, just your money. And now I have to work to get a private loan elsewhere because they are threatening to cancel my financing because of mistakes they made.

What a joke of a dealership.
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Sam Bam
· September 22, 2016
They are friendly to the right ppl. We bought a 2013 Ford from here and the man acted like our sale was an inconvenience to his day. Also, each time we go to get serviced (we pay for the monthly maint...enance plan) they take literally 2 hours for an oil change and tire patch. Also our car has had the "tire sensor fault" light on since we drove off of the lot. We asked about it and the salesman said it should go away, well it never did. We went to get maintenance yesterday and mentioned it and got blown off yet again just like when we got maintenance in May and they pretended as if we said nothing at all. We are still waiting for a manager to even get back with us about potentially setting up an appointment at a Ford dealership but they are never on top of things. At least not with us but like I said you have to be the right people to get good customer service and that is the truth. Like it or not.
PS. They also checked off things were "good" on features our car doesn't even have like a rear view back up camera. Just shows you they are not thorough.
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Benjamin Lozano
· October 31, 2014
Just left the lot after not being attended to after 15 minutes or so. My fiancé, baby and I walked around looking at the Acura SUV's. It was obvious that they either don't look outside from their 'gl...ass offices' or have a lack of leadership that instills customer service. Case in point: Before leaving i wanted to share with a salesmen my experience at their lot. The first person that I saw told me "Well this is not my lot that I work at". He should have just said "That's not my job". In the end, I'll take my business elsewhere. See More
John Opalka
· June 4, 2017
Was on vacation and my check engine light came on. They got me right in, diagnosed my car (turned out to be a one time issue) washed it and didn't charge me! Great experience, thanks!
Chris Temples
· January 14, 2015
There are truly good people in the car industry, and they work at Gillman. Ron Mascardo has been my service advisor since 2004. Ten Years! In addition to the impeccable service he and his team hav...e provided over the years, the pricing has always been competitive and the extras have been priceless. When my children were little, he moved my car seats into the loaner SUV for me - not an easy task with first generation LATCH seats and three children under age three. Now that we have loved the car for ten years, the team detailed the inside for me while it was there for service. I am the only mommy in town with a 12 year old car and clean car mats. Can't wait to pass our MDX down to our kids. I know it will still be running. See More
Teresa Ferguson
· April 3, 2017
The service department is helpful and friendly. I don't take my Acura for service anywhere else.
If you keep your Acura maintenance up it definitely won't fail you. I have an 02 that runs great.
Armalite Quintos
· March 21, 2015
Very bad experience Carol Suggs, I spoke to her and email her about a car I wanted to buy and check to see if the vehicle still available. Set up an appointment and then went to the dealer. She referr...ed me to another sales person once got there. But the car has been sold already. Bad communication on the sales team. And she's suppose to be the client care specialist, really? Buyers be aware! See More
KendallandDelilah Meredith
· June 26, 2017
I filed an uninsured motors claim with my insurance in 2012 because I was hit by a lady who ran a red light and my car was taken here to be repaired. FIRST they fix...ed my car as cheap as possible and I noticed they replaced my door with a door to a Honda Accord that was not my year make and model. It was missing buttons that I had before my accident on my door panel so I told my dad and they fixed it, then they cheaply bondo'd the dent on my back driver side fender which is now very obvious to see and the dent is still partially showing and I tried to pay someone to bondo the dent and fix it but it still looks the same. Now last but not least, they RUINED my electrical wiring for my car. My radio will randomly blink repeatedly for about 30 seconds and then stop, my ac compressor coil went out and had to be replaced so I could have a/c for the summer (my dad is a very good mechanic at carmax north so he replaced the coil himself). My dad brought home tons of tools to figure out what the issue was and everything was getting power then the next day there was no power going to the relay for the a/c to work and I have a 4 month old so I can't be without a/c so my dad and husband wired the compressor and the condenser fan to a switch to force the a/c to work. Something in my car is wired wrong and it's been like this ever since I got my car back from this dealership. I called and left a voicemail to take to somebody but haven't heard back yet. Everybody is telling me that there should be a lifetime warranty on their work so hopefully I can get my car fixed the right way this time. I refuse to pay someone to fix gillman's mess up with my electrical part of my car. I would give this body shop 0 stars if it was possible. See More
Bailey Gomez
· December 14, 2016
If I could give this dealership zero stars I would. We had an absolutely terrible experience at Gillman. We arrived on the first day to look at a particular car we like. We test drove it, and when we ...talked price, it was not going to work, which was fine. We started to look at other options. We found a car that we liked, test drove it, and went in to talk numbers. The numbers with this car were not what we were looking for. We were a little annoyed as it was late, we drove all the way from Katy, they knew what price range we wanted, and still showed us a car that didn't fit it, but that was ok and we left. We got a call from the financing guy the next day saying that they were able to work out a deal and get the car in the price range we wanted. My husband told him we would be able to come the next day, however the financing guy said he would only be working a half day and we would need to come in that night in order to get the deal he was offering. So, my Husband and I drove again from Katy to Spring to get the car, we got there around 7:30 PM. We got to the dealership and waited because the person we needed to speak with was with another couple. When he finished with them, he came by spoke with us, and told us it would be a couple more minuets. While we waited, he helped 2 other couples that came in after us. We sat there until about 8:30. Frustrated I asked the lady at the desk for the information for the manager, I explained that we were ready to buy a car, and have, at this point, been waiting over an hour. One of the sales guys who was overhearing our conversation told me that he has other customers, I told him I understood that, but he told us an hour ago it would only be a couple more minuets. Once the financing guy was done with the 3rd couple, he came over to us, told us he was drawing up the paperwork, and then we would be able to sign the paperwork. Finally, at 9:30 at night, I had enough, I had work the next morning, I found a sales man and asked him if there was any way we would hold the car we wanted to purchase. I told him we had been waiting over 2 hours, and we needed to get back because we had work early in the morning. He told us that the car we wanted was being sold right now. Apparently, while we were waiting to sign the paperwork for the car, the financing guy already sold the car to another person. He still knowing this, told us that he would be with us, and he was working on the paperwork. At no point did he tell us someone else was looking at buying it, he was working with someone else, or anything. It was a complete waste of my time. I spoke to some manager, she said she would relay the information to someone else, it's now Wednesday and I have heard nothing from anyone. I am happy to say that we did go to Don McGill Toyota of Katy and got a car from there. The experience was completely different. I definitely recommend if anyone is looking to buy a car go to Don McGill Toyota, they went above and beyond to work with us!! See More
Dragos Dorobantu
· July 29, 2014
Terrible characters here...went in for a new MDX but the sales manager sent me away, saying he has discounts, but he reserves them for current customers!!!! WHAAAAT????
So you do not want to make a ne...w customer??? Tell me flat out you have rebates available but you won't give it to me! OMG keep your discount and your brand new car! I will look for business anywhere else! See More
Jennifer Dove
· July 11, 2014
Just want to say thank you for the AWESOME service! Your employees reflect management and I could not be more pleased.
I do not live very close to your dealership, and Garrett Schultz has graciously out of his way twice to make my scheduled services work! Only problem is I have to return the new TL loaner quicker! ;) but the time he has saved me is irreplaceable!
Thank you!!
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