Regardless of your Relationship Status, I offer this:

A Prayer for Valentines Day

May You Believe in the Completeness You already Possess.


May You be Significant to Yourself, before seeking to be such to another.

May You never look into another's eyes to Find Your Own Value.

And if Single, may you have wisdom to Separate Frogs from Princes/Princesses, and Posers from the Real Deal.

For You are Worth All of This.


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A Tuesday Tip for Your Relationship

You know that moment when...

They make an assumption about You,...
And you make an assumption about Them?

Next thing you know, two people are irritated
Because each assumption was far from true...

It seems that you really want to
Teach each other about your selves.
And that means you each must be willing to Learn.

What if Teach and Learn becomes your daily practice?

What if Irritation becomes a prompt
to Learn what is truly bothering you or your partner?

What if Disappointment becomes a prompt
to Teach each other what you really need?

Teach and Learn.
It's sure beats mind-reading.

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