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January 24
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Accelerated Flight School Podcast Episode 31 is in the works! Here's a sneak peak: Are you a new student looking to buy your first set of pilot gear or are you currently a pilot who wants to know what gear others are using? I'll discuss with you what gear I carry on my flights.

Moving on to training flights for Private Multi Commercial - all those maneuvers over again: Stalls, Steep turns, Engine outs, and so on. Still struggling with keeping my steep turns consistent. Slow flight went exceptionally well.

Recording a new episode now. Will have it posted in a few hours! Sorry for the delay but I had a great weekend of not doing anything with flying. Back to the grindstone now.

Passed the private multi engine add-on today. What a stressful day! Hope I can take a day off tomorrow and kind of detox from the stress. So happy it's over though! Commercial Multi next.

Multi-Engine Add-On (AMEL) tomorrow morning! I felt pretty good after the mock oral today. Going to get in a few short field landings tomorrow before the check ride. Going to pass this one on the first try!

Episode 18 has finally been released! A day late but at least it got done. Things have been super busy. Enjoy!

Okay, so I've had 8 hours of flight time in the Seminole and I have Monday and Tuesday left to fly if I need to before my check ride on Wednesday. I'm flying Monday for sure. Still need to spend this weekend going over the systems and anything else I can get tested on in the oral. Feeling about 75% confidant on the flight portion. This one is quick!

Finished Editing Episodes 14 and 15, both which cover the IFR check ride. Look forward to those on the 2nd and 3rd!