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Chad Caso
· January 13, 2018
I did some volunteer work there in the past. Everyone there is amazing and does their best to care for these animals. Without their help, a lot of our beloved animals would have no hope when their own...ers have life emergencies that prevent them from properly caring for pets. I think everyone should spend a little time chipping in to see what it really takes. Thanks all See More
Jennifer Waterman
· September 21, 2017
Had a very rude experience last night. Either open a west side location or a central location or be more flexible and understanding with people especially when they say they're going to be late and do...n't be rude and cut people off when they're talking. I appreciate what you do for the animals, but there's no reason to be rude to someone that isn't being rude to you. See More
Darren J Crispin
· 10 minutes ago
As a cat lover and also a volunteer with the DCHS as a Feline Friend the staff does wonderful things with these animals. I recently lost my 19 y/o cat i had since 2 months old as hard as it was i dec...ided to keep my eyes open for a new pal when i came in for my volunteer shift. Low and behold there was an 8 month old cat(Bubbles) i fell in love with during my volunteer shift and decided she would be the one. Low and Behold I came in with other family members to meet her on Sat(Feb 24) and she was still availible. My other family members loved her also and within an hr she was on her way home with us. I am proud to volunteer with such an organization that really has the best interest of the animals in mind and are given the best care and love while they are awaiting their new family. Now I am also proud to be an Adopter of Bubbles and look forward to giving her the best i can See More
Marie Jolly
· October 11, 2017
My fiancee and I adopted "Sabrina", now named Bayla, in February and do not have enough positive things to say about DCHS! Prior to going to the Humane Society we had applied and interviewed with nume...rous other rescues but were never chosen to adopt a dog. This process was quite discouraging as we realized we were not ideal pet owners on paper- we are young, we both work, we live downtown, and live in a rental property- yet we had spent a lot of time thinking and were sure we could provide a dog with a great quality of life.

When we finally decided to go to DCHS the reception we received was such a refreshing change of pace! They were incredibly helpful and spent hours with us going through every detail of the pets we were interested in. They were very thorough and made no attempt to cover up her medical issues that could cause future issues.

Our dog still had to be spayed and have a few other procedures completed prior to leaving the shelter. The staff's communication with us about those procedures and the logistics of picking her up were awesome! They spent lots of time going through her medicines with us and we even received a follow up call a week later to ensure things were still going well.

I was also very impressed with the condition of dogs DCHS chooses to care for. Our dog was one of ~12 retrievers that DCHS got from a group of over 40 dogs in Columbia County. She was honestly in horrible shape and so were her fellow rescuees. The willingness of DCHS to take on dogs with extensive medical and rehabilitation needs spoke volumes to me about the highly ethical operation they run!

Bayla is the absolute light of our life and we are SO thankful to have her in our family. Thanks DCHS for giving her a second shot at life and giving us a chance to add a constant companion to our family!
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Brittney Ferch Spillner
· July 22, 2017
The people who work here do incredible things for these animals. They not only have to deal with difficult, sick, or dying animals, but they also have to deal with ignorant, rude, egocentric people. ... Most work here out of the kindness of their own heart just to give these animals a life they deserve. This is by far one of the best shelters I have ever seen. The lengths they go through to save lost animals and rehabilitate them is outstanding! I can not express how much appreciation I have towards these people. With my personal experiences with several of the employees I have no complaints. They are organized, knowledgeable, understanding, appreciative, patient, and polite. See More
Carl F Vogel
· August 24, 2017
I think this Animal shelter does the best they can to find shelter for all there animals they possaably can. If I could find the pup or dog I wanted I would difenitly get it. They are on the mid day... news show a lot at least once a week. There always asked about last weeks pet if it got a home and they say if it has or not and if not they are still waiting for a home. See More
Ben Linzer
· January 30, 2018
The Dane County Humane Society has the most amazing group of people I have ever met. They're all there for the exact same reason. They love their animals, and want to find them all they're furever as soon as they can. I can't recommend going there enough. See More
Joseph Becker
· October 18, 2017
I adopted a dog to help me when I'm over the road to scare off people who mess with me in the truck stop my dog Mary a two year old black lab in March ever since I had her she never she never leaves... my side she gose to work with me everyday shes been in Florida new York teaxes there been times we are gone for several weeks when we get home shes lost she loves the truck See More
Nancy Moskal
· December 11, 2017
We adopted Jeremiah, now Tony, one week ago. It’s been a big week of milestones. We took the introduction slowly following your and Pat McConnells’s advice. Tony is now friends with everyone in the... family including our resident cat. Today they cuddled together and Tony sat on my lap without coaxing. We are happy we adopted through DCHS. See More
Lexi Feldmann
· December 9, 2017
To the people who adopted the Shelter named cats; Grey sisters Athena and Aphrodite, Black/white and Black brothers Javi and Bear, and Orange quads, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, We were their foster ...home and we want to thank you and DCHS for the journeys we had with all three litters. The Orange brothers were the hardest to give up, yet the shortest stay we had between the litters. I hope all of our "Foster" babies have been a wonderful addition to all your homes!! See More
Kristin Peterson Gowan
· December 26, 2017
Found Boo (beautiful 3-legged cat!) and are giving him his forever home! Staff was so helpful, friendly, and thorough in helping us and making sure this was a good fit for us and Boo!
Would love to u...pload a pic but can't figure out how! See More
Emily Larsen
· October 10, 2017
Wanted to say thankyou to everone there for being so AWESOME!! We drove an hour plus to get there...walked in at 6:02 p.m. to meet Sabrina. Even though they stop showing animals at six...they let us... meet Sabrina and we fell in love!! Thank you for treating us so nicely and cutting us a break even though we were late!! See More
Kate Collins Hardwick
· July 24, 2017
We recently adopted 2 dogs from the Dane County Humane Society and are so happy we did! The volunteers we worked with spent an entire afternoon helping us find the right dog(s) for our lifestyle. They... are customer and animal focused to ensure it's a perfect fit on both the dog and the adopters. Thank you for all you do! 🐾 See More
Jen Biesterfeld
· August 11, 2017
The staff are absolutely amazing! I called to check on the status of a kitten I dropped off and the staff member who answered was very sweet and informative. She made me feel really great about my dec...ision to drop the kitten off! See More
Cassie Nagro
· July 3, 2017
We adopted Jake one month ago and could not be happier with the experience we had at DCHS. They were so attentive to our wants and helped match us with the perfect pup. Jake is so kind, gentle and wel...l-behaved. We are beyond happy and could not recommend this facility enough. Thank you again! � See More
Ryan Peterson
· August 28, 2017
Recently adopted a 6 month old puppy from DCHS. Amazing experience! Some of the friendliest and most knowledgable staff we've ever worked with. Thanks to DCHS for all your help in matching us with the... perfect dog. Molly FKA "Joan" loves her new forever home : ) See More
Jody Baumann
· January 21, 2018
I have so much respect for these guys ! Everyone please adopt there the best dogs in the world!
Gin Kin
· November 4, 2017
We adopted our dog from the Dane County Humane Society and recently took a training class there as well. They do such great things for these animals!
Megan Rankin
· August 9, 2017
What a wonderful organization! The staff cares for all of their animals as if they are their own and they take that love to ensure they find the right forever home. Strongly recommend!
Alicia Oya
· February 13, 2018
A great experience! Everyone there has a beautiful love of animals I appreciate all the work that everyone does there!
Cat Adoption Special
Handsome, curious, with a great palate for food - Babe is an adorable bunny looking for a new place to call home, and one with potentially a new lady bunny friend would be the cherry on top of the sundae, so to speak! Since the beginning of this year, Babe has been with us for quite some time. He arrived from another animal shelter that ran out of space. When Babe arrived, he was the shy guy - he was very scared of people. We sent him to the home of a wonderful foster volunteer, who took him under her wing, and helped him to overcome his shyness. Babe has taken great strides, and now, he just loves getting attention. He is still working on his litterbox habits, which is going really well. He's a smart fellow, so it should be a snap! If you have a lady bunny, we'd be happy to set up a play date with Babe, to see if his dashing good looks can woo a new friend. Please call the Adoption Center, at (608) 838-0413 ext. 145 at the main shelter or (608) 827-8997 at Adoption Center West to set up a bunny meeting. Come meet Babe where he is hanging out, at Adoption Center West (680 Grand Canyon Drive)! He would be delighted to meet you! To learn more about Babe and to meet other wonderful animals looking for new homes, please visit our website here: For really great and inspiring tips on how to care for house rabbits, visit here:
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~DCHS Alumnus, Charlie, now known as Richard, makes international news with his charm and good looks!~

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