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Rome February 23, 2018 RAI Radio 2 Don't worry, Stewdaddy on drums for most of the set...

Adrian is on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine's May issue with an incredible pic!

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Adrian Belew

I am thrilled and honored to be on the cover of the May issue of Guitar Player magazine. can you believe it, for more than 50 years GP has served the guitar pla...yer community! much thanks to Mike Molenda and his crew for the job they do.

this photo was shot on short notice the day before flying to Italy to begin Gizmodrome rehearsals. Mike had the idea that I should look like I was emerging from a pile of effects boxes.

when photographer Jeff Fasano showed up at my house I had just worked up a way to realize mike’s idea by using a rug full of velcro-ed pedals draped over the back of a recliner. the difficult part was keeping the pedals on my head from falling off!

psst: by the way, if you look closely at the orange-faced pedal beneath my chin you will see it has caricatures of Tony and Pat and me. the guys at Earthquaker Effects made a special run of them for last year’s TOAPP camp.

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Luca DarkPaper Sanfilippo Rises
· October 15, 2017
Rational preconceptional people have to keep themselves faraway from this album... This work is full of masterpieces, exceptional ideas, and charming singing and choruses... But those kind of people t...hat I mentioned before would probably not appreciate it and say stuff like:" lacks cohesion and any real sincerity or substance and bla bla bla" or " Belew's guitar work might have helped to offset this but is far too buried in the mix presumably", whilst I have never heard Adrian play like that well, since Discipline... or maybe Bowie tour... They assemble simple, funny songs to deep, profound tracks like "I know too much", that, in my opinion, has one of the best Adrian Belew solo of career, and one of the best "crescendo" in music I have ever heard... Beethoven included. Mark, sings and plays so that well, pure sound and vocals. They gave new life to old Stewart songs, and make them, togheter, something never heard... But you have to stay really opened mind... Otherwise, keep yourself distance from here... See More
Matt Taylor
· September 16, 2017
If Gizmodrome are supposed to be a band then it is in name only. With such a stellar lineup, you might naturally be expecting great things; exciting band chemistry and interesting musical exchanges. ...However, none of this becomes apparent, the end product presents itself merely as a rich man's solo project bearing all the familiar quirks of the former Police drummer's less known contributions and a vocal that is simply too distracting and at odds with the arrangements. Putting aside the fact that the vocal lacks any real talent, it just gets in the way of anything musically interesting. This is a shame because it let's the whole project down rather like pissing over a beautiful painting before it's had chance to dry, it is sabotaged by the egotistical whims of a drummer that is clearly reaching beyond his capabilities. Belew's guitar work might have helped to offset this but is far too buried in the mix presumably so as not to outshine anything else. A great idea on paper but poorly executed. As a result, the album lacks cohesion and any real sincerity or substance. See More
Alek Lukas Sounds
· November 5, 2017
Hm, Im 51. Im fan of Police, Level 42, King Crimson...what can i say ? I listen to different types of music, I am a "festive" DJ of synthpop music, this heavy and lighter ... I love "Rush" ... but whe...n I heard the Gizmodrome ... it's like I moved to the 80's, and again I had Twenty years. I have the impression that the guys are playing, they have also traveled with mental vehicles of time ... can hear it in texts and arrangements ... Wildlife! Creative creamy and freshness. I promoted the album on my FB intensely. You have to know the creativity of the artists for decades to feel the breeze of cold, refreshing water ... though I hope that for the youngsters also has a creative musical "kick". Another thing is that the media give a negative "kick" to the taste of young listeners .It's as .. Stewart and colleagues say not only - let's do something ... but let's move our butts and change something ! This is the "kick" that was the theme of the 80's. Many 80s artists are returning with new material, OMD has released the album's dawn .. also giving much to think. The youngsters obviously do not want to change the world ... maybe we should do it ... we still have a lot to do :) . Musically - honey for ears ... with a bit of good vodka. Yummy. Regards! See More
Keller Meredith
· September 27, 2017
I really wanted to love this CD., but Stewarts singing and song writing ruined it for me. Kind of a poor man's Zappa or David Byrne, without the wit or musical sensibility. Why do great musicians feel... they have to sing? Hey you are one of the greatest drummers around. Why is that not enough?It was also a little too overproduced for me, and would have liked to hear Adrian stretch out more.The music was interesting, but couldn't listen to stewart's singing more than one time around. That's just my humble opinion. See More
Massimo Giai Miniet
· September 28, 2017
This is Good Stuff for real! You can feel, from the very beginning, that this album was made for FUN. And I have a lot fun while listening to it. I do not care if SC's voice is not 'as it should be' b...ecause I think it works perfectly on this kind of album. The sound is groovy and the whole think is filled with Zappa and KC and TH influences and there's nothing wrong about it. These super talented guys DO KNOW music and how to perform at a very, very high level. In a musical world overstuffed with rap, sad-but-good-looking pathetic ego-driven singer-songwriters, and a bunch of so-called alt-rock only good for teenagers, this album comes from another dimension. It is a Blessing. Thank you guys! Onward! See More
Terrence Sheehan
· September 17, 2017
Completely weird, spontaneous, creative rock masterwork. Being a fan of Klark Kent for many years you never know what to expect! That's exactly what makes this record great! It keeps you guessing for ...what comes next. It is a record filled the creative spark and nothing has been done to water that down. The album runs like a high performance engine sparking at a high RPM for the entire go of it! This album drips with talent and unrestrained chemistry! Enjoy! See More
Eraldo Paulesu
· February 19, 2018
Gizmodrome is fuuuunnnnn! A stellar line-up of great musicians just letting it go loose and funny. I hope they will tour more this summer
Dan Benson
· September 19, 2017
I consider Copeland to be one of the best drummers of all time, but please, he is not a lead vocalist! I guess it must have been a fun project, I would definitely like to sit in a small room and liste...n to them play live!
okay update, 6 mo later, I listen again, you know what? This IS pretty good! I change my rating! My mistake, spoke too soon, damn mouth!
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Edward Grover
· September 20, 2017
I see where you are coming from and you have great motifs and phenomenal moments but I think you guys clash too much and are an example of supergroups gone wrong. You have some good moments but I find... it hard to get to them. Maybe a bag of shrooms would help me find sense in it but it basically sounds like over edited masurbation. Every musician in this band should have heard this criticism coming. See More
Ken Gullic
· September 26, 2017
100% as much cool fun as I'd hoped for. I smiled through my first test drive of the entire cd (sorry, but I buy things, kids); like Klark Kent meets Zappa. A blast, and we'll done, good sirs! Thank... you... and please tour! See More
Todd Jenkins
· September 20, 2017
This album is just so damn much fun. I've had it three days and played it four times. It sounds like they had a total blast putting it together, and the ensemble meshes very well. Me gusta!
Dave Healey
· October 10, 2017
Absolutely love this Album. I'm a 50 year old entertainment tech and I've heard some shite and I've heard some great music in my working life.

OK it's not going to be everyone's taste, but I like it ...and I appreciate the musicians performances & the production of this great album.

Even purchased the CD & Vinyl ........
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Tim Koehler
· September 18, 2017
I guess you can call this "power-prog"? Musicianship is really quite good, ( best song is an instrumental ). Lyrics are coffee shop open mic night, and vocals, (Copeland), are droning at best, annoyin...g at worst. Would have loved to hear Mark King handle the vocals, but that would make to much sense. Berlew is excellent when not buried. Same goes for Cosma. This could've been great if the band was a democracy, but Copeland is obviously the dictator. See More
Alexei Sefchick del Paso
· September 21, 2017
Great record, reminds me a little bit of Talking Heads Naked album with a mix of late Police with a bit of mid 80's PFM.

Absolutely love it, keep it up guys I'd ove to see more.
Steve Marshall
· March 4, 2018
Music!!! That’s all you need to know . Played with joy and fun and a considerable amount of skill!
Take a chance you might just love it!! I did .
Haun Kelly
· September 24, 2017
Supergroup or not, a powerhouse has released a golden record of great spirit and direction. Is it cowpunk or subversive pop? Call the police, we found their lost opportunity with the unfettered effort...s on this dynamite disc. A few listens in and it was easy to see this is one of the best albums Adrian Belew has been involved in.
That kinda says a great deal. The sheer delight of tearing to the record store to hector employees until they locate the first copies of the new record and racing home to listen to a TRULY GOOD RECORD for the first time is an experience to savor, with repeated listening bringing even more joy.
These are rollicking tunes, with Belew unpacking his bag of tricks and bringing a level of excitement with incendiary contributions over songs that leave you blown away by the work done by Vittorio Cosma. Just beautiful playing and composition. Clearly the drummer guy had some sort of nose for quality. And the perfect voice to deliver these evocative and playful pieces, backed up by very sweet and accomplished singers Belew and King together bringing (On The) Beach Boys to the party. and what a party! The rhythmatizing on this punkgressize approach will cause large rooms to convulse with dancing fiends to a degree I doubt has been seen before. Mark King hammers it home and Stewart Copeland must be loving it. Those drums are deadly. What a combo. The textures produced are priceless and much appreciated!
Only two things could be better than buying and enjoying this knockout surprise- seeing them live as many times as possible, and most of all,
that day is what I am living for now.
thank you gentlemen for proving there is intelligent life on Earth, and
giving a great new reason to turn on some music!
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Chris Foster
· September 24, 2017
Klark Kent is all grown up! Love Copeland's silly, yet somehow endearing lyrics and he hasn't lost a step on his drumming. Mark King's bass lines and harmonies are the perfect compliment, Adrian Bel...ew and Vittorio Cosmo are both stellar! This album grows on me with each listen. Hope a tour isn't out of the question. See More
Fabian Lelo
· October 7, 2017
It's completely different from what I was 'kinda' anticipating, but overall not bad at all. Had no idea that Copeland was going to sing lead which is a shame, as Belew and King both have great but di...stinct voices of their own. See More
Michael Ruf
· March 11, 2018
What a great gig in Aschaffenburg (Germany). Please come back for some more concerts in Germany. Many thanx also 4 the autographs from the band members.
Best Regards Michael Ruf
Victor Medina
· September 17, 2017
I was super excited when I first heard about this project, but then when I read that Stewart was going to sing lead I lost interest, ( Sorry Stewart, but you're still one of my favorite drummers)I alw...ays thought that Adrian and Mark were going to trade lead vocals. In my opinion, Adrian and Mark are very unique singers and I was really looking forward to listen to them. See More
Greetings from Stewart Copeland
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