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Connor McRae Hammergren
· January 3, 2018
Best Donut Shop on this or most likely any other planet. The good people at Glam Doll are simply amazing. They serve us amazing gourmet donuts, for friendly prices during their posted business hours i...n a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and for this we humbly thank you. All are welcome at the Glam Doll and free to enjoy the donuts, photo booth, tables chairs and napkins, provided you pay US Dollars (CC accepted! Bonus!) in the amount of the posted price per donut (which are all amazing and delicious) and beverage of your choice. Lovely, Glam Doll printed pink boxed safely encapsulate your donuts till they reach your table, car, boat, ship (ships are cool) spaceship (even cooler), or wherever your donut eating destination happens to be, and they even have super rad apparel and collectibles such as mugs and stickers to rep your favorite donut shop with. Been going for years but was compelled to leave a review after we had a particularly great experience tonight with a dozen to go order that got the most bangin of bakers dozen hook up with a few of the amazing donut man’s (you know who you are, my donut hero, you old sailor you) favorites of the ever evolving, miraculous myriad of marvelous donuts offered at the Glam Doll. Donut man, You are a good kind man and some day people will write songs and stories of you. Thanks to all the amazing folks at Glam Doll. May your days be filled with mirth and good fortune and donuts. Mostly donuts. Donuts. � See More
Rebecca Miller
· February 5, 2018
I've wanted to come back to loving this company for nearly 4.5 years...yet...I can not.

I called the store, visited the Nicollet Ave. brick and mortar in person and talked to "management" after an i...ncident in July 2015 when I stopped by to pick up a dozen assorted donuts to bring to my native family in CNY (look it up) who really, and truly, looked forward to the treat.

Imagine my horror when I checked on said donuts, around Chicago, five hours from Minneapolis (and der, they were refrigerated, because make no mistake, I'm no culo) and found them rancid. Imagine my dissatisfaction at arriving 1,800 miles from my original location and having to relate that the treat I had planned was garbage before I left MN.

How do I know your edibles were, in fact, not? Mold. Mold all over every single one of them when I looked into the box for a Nightmoves as we approached the 10B exit.

And when I called your Nicollet store they tried to argue with a woman who grew up making donuts and bagels in her own home under the tutelage of a Fiorentina.

And when I returned to Minnesota a couple weeks after this incident, I went into said store and, when I asked to speak to a manager I waited for an hour before being laughing off by your staff off and knowing it was all a ploy.

I've kept this mostly to myself, and though I work in the service industry, I just nod and laugh slightly when anyone mentions your establishment.

Perhaps they'll have a better experience, but I know I'll never be walking through your doors again.
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David Schwartz
· January 26, 2018
This may fall on deaf ears since I don’t see any responses from Glam Dolls to any of their reviewers. Anyway, I passed the shop on the way to lunch this week and got excited because I have always want...ed to try it. Probably the worst doughnuts I have ever had. I got a half dozen assorted and only this lemon cruller thing was edible. My wife thought they were terrible and my 5 year old took a few bites and told me no thanks. Dry, flavorless and hard. After the popularity of all these baking challenge shows and the excitement over boutique style cake/doughnut/cupcake shops, Glam Dolls missed the boat. Sorry girls but it’s like you are not even trying. I really wanted to love it but I have never been so disappointed. See More
Jenny Holz
· January 24, 2018
The place itself was very fun and great atmosphere as well as great staff!!! However the donuts were a big let down. The cake donut was ok but most of it landed on the floor or my lap cause it couldn’...t hold together. The other donuts were decent but none that I would go back to get. A cheesecake donut I got was so artificial tasting I couldn’t even finish it. See More
Lena Picasso Vdakes
· October 29, 2017
I used to Love and crave "the girl next door"! The last two times (with a month or two in between) it's been terrible- Large thick donut with no flavor- barely any cheese and not much toppin. Whatever... was changed in the making, please Unchange! I don't think I would choose social media to complain, but while we were there I witnessed an employee acting incredibly rude to a customer! I can't tolerate rudeness. The customer simply asked a question and the employee put her hand up and, very loudly in a stern tone, told her to go ask someone behind the counter. As she was walking away she was bitching about the situation... c'mon. We're not at Bad Waitress- Show a little professionalism and Leave your problems at home. The tone overall, between all employees, seemed something was going on. I'm really saddened by the changes. I hope it gets better. We might try again in a month. My daughter loves the vegan "dark angel" See More
Dana L. Lee
· February 5, 2018
So. Monday morning after Super Bowl, the only thing that goes right is my van, and I wanted to go left. (allegory). I walk into my shop, a combination of Grumpy the Dwarf and Oscar the Grouch. On the... back counter sits a lovely pink box still half full of Glam Doll Donuts. Now the only thing not happy is my A1C levels. Bless you all, Glam Doll! See More
Donna Monson
· October 30, 2017
I expected to rave. I've wanted to come in for so long - yesterday was finally the day. I chose an assortment of delicious looking donuts (they do all LOOK beautiful), a dozen in total - roughly 8-...9 different donuts (a couple x2). The maple bacon was tops on my list to try - the maple was great. The bacon that was meaty was good, but the pieces were very fatty. Extremely unappealing, especially when it's cold, not hot - and in large chunks right on top. And sadly, the may as well been a dry heel of bread from the end of a bag. No flavor at all. Several of the others were much better. The cake and old fashioned far exceed the "raised" style, which should be avoided, because there were many I did not try, I'll be fair minded and just wipe out a star for the maple bacon and a star for the raised variety in general...but I'll be much more cautious of my selections if I go back. Staff was friendly, but not exceptional - met expectations. Maybe 3.5/5. See More
Olivia Raymond
· January 16, 2018
The Mac and cheese donut was amazing!!! I’ll go back just for that! There were so many fun flavors, I especially liked the Mrs. Cleaver- chocolate donut cookie dough sandwich... woah!!!! A lot of othe...r unique flavors like the night moves, dark angel, and coco cabana were my favorites! See More
Dayna Hudson
· September 15, 2017
Fun things to look at and a kind, fun, not snooty, uppity or fakey fake people kind of staff with a genuine smile and a willing to help gets my vote every time.
Cool citchy accessories make it caugh...t in time.
Doughnut i had was decent mocha was delicious.
And it is very very cool they have rotating local artists on display.
I will be back.
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Andrea Jean
· September 16, 2017
The restaurant itself was very clean, welcoming, and fun. The doughnuts on the other hand were not good. My son who is 4 and typically devours chocolate doughnuts , took a bite and spit it out. Mine the same. The frosting was delicious but the rest had the worst after taste. We're bummed as we bought a half dozen of all different kinds and we don't even want to try the rest. We won't be going back . See More
Quinn Boone
· January 15, 2018
They always have such friendly staff and the atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and welcome. The donuts are superb and the coffee is delicious. It would be next level, 6 out of 5 stars, if they had glu...ten free donuts for my celiac friends. Maybe those will be coming soon? See More
Rebecca Pollock
· February 4, 2018
My seven year old daughter absolutely loves donuts. We went here for the first time this weekend and she was in heaven. The donuts were the best we’ve ever had. Awesome place we will for sure be back.
Erica Hen
· September 16, 2017
My cousin and I stopped by for the Mac and Cheese donut. We are both from out of state and had been looking forward to trying it since the beginning of the summer. We were not disappointed!
I also tr...y to eat vegan as I can and was super appreciative they had vegan donuts on the menu. Awesome!
Hope something this cool pops up on the east coast. ♥
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Greg Florey
· August 13, 2017
Came in yesterday and had the Cloud Nine (dark Choco bourbon filling and Choco fudge brownie icing) and the Femme Fatale (raspberry curd and vanilla icing. They were both absolutely awesome and the la...dies behind the counter were very friendly and served up those awesome treats quickly! Went back in again today after my run and picked up the Femme Fatale, The Bombshell (spicy Mexican choco and cayenne pecans) and the Misfit (orange, ginger and cinnamon infused glaze). Again the donuts were awesome and the guys behind the counter were just as friendly and fast! Will definitely be back the next time I'm in town! Thank you! See More
Brett Burger
· August 14, 2017
I had my first Glam Doll experience this past weekend and I loved it. Not only were the donuts amazing but the service was fantastic as well. Greeted upon walking in immediately and I mentioned how I ...was new to the Uptown area so I never had Glam Doll. The woman behind the counter (who had some amazing tattoos) gave me some amazing suggestions. I grabbed an iced latte too and the espresso is beyond! See More
Terry Berger
· October 10, 2017
I'm sorry, but for the reputation this place has, we were expecting something really special, instead we had dried up donuts with pretty good frosting. We tried 4 different kinds....all were the same ...dried least 2 day old...maybe more. Will not be going back..oh..and $38.00 later...we had tap water to drink...but did buy 2 coffee mugs See More
Lauren Davis
· November 19, 2017
You HAVE to get the Mac and cheese donut!!! Fantastic! The staff is wonderful and my americano was delicious!! I got a calendar girl (to DIE for!) and my boyfriend got a showgirl and a chocolate peanu...t butter. All of them were so good! See More
Ryan Forgét
· October 4, 2017
I was visiting minneapolis and decided to try this place, only to be disappointed by the donuts. Literally could’ve gotten better donuts at a gas station back in iowa, hurts donut is a LOT better than... this place (and yes, hurts donut is an actual place), but I will admit, the cappucino is absolutely amazing, only reason it got 3 stars. See More
Sarah Joy Hewitt
· September 18, 2017
Great donuts, great staff, always a great experience! Just had a very satisfying experience with a special order for a party. Extra bonus that even our vegan friends have options from Glam Doll!
Julie Nye
· August 13, 2017
Went early on a Saturday morning with my daughter on our way to the Farmers Market on Lyndale. Cute place, friendly staff, my donuts was fabulous. Crispy on the outside and moist in the middle! I t...hink it weighed 1 lb! We will be back. See More
Make us a part of your 4th of July tradition! Both shops will be OPEN until 3pm so you can bring tasty treats to your BBQ💋🍩 #happy4thofjuly #glamdolldonuts
Are you ready for Sunday’s big game?! We’ll provide the sugar!! #skol #govikings 💜💜💜
Honored to be in this months MSP Magazine "52 Reasons to ❤️ the Twin Cities" issue! Get your copy today and then come check us out!! 😜💋🍩

We think 5 years is a big deal so we are throwing 2 parties!!! The Northeast party will be packed with fun and wonder! We have been working hard on our new “Dream Your Own Donut” Bar and you will not want to kiss the unveiling! We have @insightbrewing bringing the free beer samples, DJ @sarahwhiteblack setting the party mood and to top it off there will be Burlesque by @queenie_von_curves and @deevarose 🙌 Mark your calendar for Friday 3/2 cuz this is not to be missed!! 🎉 #glamdolldonuts #5years @ Glam Doll Donuts NE

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