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Silver Hayes (formerly the Dance Village)

We’ve had a dance tent at Glastonbury since 1995 growing over the years from a 2000 capacity tent up to a 10,000 capacity. We then turned this into a village in 2005. Now 10 years later and in the third year of our revamped area, welcome to "Silver Hayes".
Our flagship venue is the ‘Sonic which will have a capacity of around 6,000 and great viewing sight lines from outside of the tent. This state of the art structure is being provided by festival veterans Silver Stage and will allow access from multiple entry points. To help we’re installing a couple of LED screens outside as well as within the tent. It will have a futuristic look and at night will become a huge visual attraction from outside with video mapping and projections. We will have some of the currently biggest dance acts and Dj’s perform throughout the weekend.

The Wow stage will take on a new look as well, not only featuring the best in Underground dance Dj’s, but will have a boat party feel each day as the Dj’s will perform from outside the tent on the good ship Wow. Check out the boat-party sessions from: Skreamizm, Future Boogie and Hospitality.

‘The Pussy Parlure’ is reborn! We have replaced the Spiegel tent with a traditional 32m round tent with a mansion frontage and bespoke décor. The venue will be twice the size and will have the feel of a lounge bar with a large stage, a bar with seating and tables, and plenty of room for dancing. We’re be featuring, local, National and international bands and some great party DJ’s.

With the ever popularity of Reggae music the Silver Hayes area will have two new areas for your pleasure. ‘Gully’ is a new open-air stage that will feature mainly live reggae acts and Dj’s. There’s a couple of cool viewing platforms as well to give that arena effect.

The other exciting Reggae Area is ‘The Blues’ we wanted to bring an element of carnival into the field so we've built a street style set that represents this. This area will feature just Reggae Sound System DJ’s and MC’s and were happy to be having Mungo Hifi “Sound System” rig throughout the weekend to use. The Dj’s/MC’s will perform from a Carnival style float. There will be a Rum Shack cocktail bar, Jamaican Jerk chicken stall and other stalls representing a West Indian feel. This area will be semi open with seating and shelter points for when you need to get out of the Sun (or dare we say the rain). The blues will open until 3am each morning. For the Thursday we have a treat from Vision Quest who will host this area from 8pm -3am so get there early.
On Saturday night, Radio 1 and 1Xtra will broadcast live from Midnight to 3am with Djs: Target, Robbo Ranks and Seani B

The BBC Radio 1 Introducing stage will continue its success in Silver Hayes. We have given it a new position with its own audience area. This will be open also on Thursday night and run daily from midday till 12 midnight. Check the programme for the list of new and up and coming acts performing here.

The Heds Party in ‘Sonic’
Our “Heds Party” this year will be a slightly new concept. The headphones we are using have three (3) channels for your listening pleasure. Plus the headphones have flashing LEDs on the side that flash to the music. Each channel flashes a different colour so you will be able to see what everyone else is listening too- they look so cool.
We’re going to have Dj’s on two channels and VJ’s (Visual Jocks) on the 3rd channel. We may even include 3D visuals with glasses again. The Heds party will run on the following nights: Thursday 8pm –4am, Friday 12:30am –7am, Saturday 12:30am –7am and Sunday 12 midnight – 7am. You will be able to hire your headphones for just a £10 deposit per set. But please remember to bring them back to get your £10 back when you have finished. Also please note that they will not work outside of the Sonic super tent. If you have never experienced the maddest of a large amount of people all partying with headphones on then you are up for a treat…. it’s such good fun!

We have a few other surprises for you over the weekend so make sure were on your list of must see over the next few days. Silver Hayes will continue to grow and develop over the next few years at the festival, so we hope that you enjoy our first year’s instalment!

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