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Glennis Browne Fiction Author to Book Launch Group

Hi Readers,
Don’t give up the wait, as good progress is being made with Book Two of the Fortune Seekers series.

Book one was named-
The Fortune Seekers - Dan a...nd Charlotte

Today I have pretty much decided that book two will be named . . .
Are you ready to hear?
Wait for it!

The Fortune Seekers - Power and Acceptance

All I will tell you is :
Dan and Charlotte’s story concludes, with their family saga continuing with one of the sons. Because he has his father’s name, I have named him Danl. After the life he lived on the goldfields, Danl sets about discovering his own path. And a wife.
At the same time, a headstrong man known as Chas Harrell, enters the story with his family. Their circumstances bring them to Australia where the town of Echuca in New South Wales is their hometown.

Situations develop, featuring the contrasting lives of Danl, who’s values came from Dan and Charlotte, and the Harrell family where power and acceptance is played out between certain people.
Historical aspects are woven throughout highlighting the lives of the population in Australia (as well as New Zealand) in the final twenty years of the eighteenth century.)

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Review March 2018
The US Review of Books (w/ Eric Hoffer) for the book, The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte, has been completed.

Author - Glennis Browne


reviewed by Staff

"I know my adversary. This is a spiritual battle between good and evil."

Dan and Charlotte, both questioners of established Christian doctrine circa the 1800s, seek to leave behind their renegade reputations in Wales and England by escaping into what they hope is their promised land of Australia.

But the stability allowing for their navel-watching philosophy is overwhelmed by the need to simply survive in the Social Darwinist world of the Australian gold rush. Through this adventure, they discover answers to theological and cosmic questions.

For readers, tales of heroic ancestors might be a familiar yarn, but this book takes the reader into the 18th century world of Australia, where survival was the first order of the day.

Having put the reader into the mindset of an 18th century rebel/adventurer, the author gives the story of taking care of one’s family a universal appeal. Faced with these daily travails, the characters are provided answers to theological questions that forced them out of Wales and England.

Themes of a "brave new land" abound, Browne delivers the promise and struggle of courageous people who settle a new frontier.

The author is skilled in making the reader feel the sweaty and unstable atmosphere, where cabin-fevered treasure hunters and lurking threats in the dead of night prey upon the emigrants who flocked to Australia. Yet in spite of this dangerous climate, the author imparts to readers why so many regarded the country as signifying a second chance for those who could not compete in England.
It's memorable prose and story, grounded in history.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

Preview The Fortune Seekers- Dan and Charlotte on UTube:

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Glennis Browne
· March 16, 2018
This story explores the hardships and unyielding religious attitudes of people living in the mid-1800s. It takes the reader on a journey from the Welsh countryside to early Australia where the charact...ers must forge a fresh start while living in rudimentary conditions. They have little on hand other than hard work, determination and the ability to survive. It deals with their mental hurdles as they endeavour to live good lives while being responsible parents. They have little to look forward to other than a rare visit to distant family. A subliminal parallel between modern life and early settlers unfolds causing the reader to consider their comparative blessing.
Nicole O’Connor
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Joanna Pilatowicz
· December 19, 2017
Excellent author and personality! Looking forward to read your books!
Withagiganticsigh of relief I can share with you the following- The revised edition of The Fortune Seekers is now available. Just in time for Christmas. Enjoy.
This is my work station in our courtyard in Queensland Australia. Where I do most of my writing.