If you haven't visited the Paleon recently, you haven't visited the Paleon. Stop by from Tuesday through Saturday, eleven to four. One of our famous Bone Biddies would love to share our local finds with you. Admission is five dollars for folks over the age of twelve. Come and support local science and education!

We're grateful to the Glenrock Independent for sharing our paleontology program with our community.

While the majority of town sleeps Saturday morning, a group of five adventurers eagerly gather in downtown Glenrock. The early risers are anxious to get out and get dirty as paleontologists Sean Smith and Matthew Mossbrucker check and recheck the contents of a white trailer emblazoned with a large T...

The Bone Biddy's have been busy. This past weekend Lorna and Barb3 supervised and assisted Sean and Stuart in the basement. Big Project. Barb1 has new bone and did a tour Saturday. We are starting a new album of our history. The gift shoppe will have some awesome new items in the mix. Crissie doing many stitching projects. Crissie made some 5 star chili and we had a party!

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Samantha Camino
· August 10, 2017
We were driving from Billings to Cheyenne and I saw a dinosaur museum sign, screamed, and immediately turned around on the interstate just so we could go. I kinda dig dinos a little... Haha.. Ha. Ha. ...Dig... Dinos... See what I did there? ANYWAYYYY. We pulled into town, followed the signs and wound up at this little plop of magic. The ladies who all worked there were absolutely fabulous! All were very kind and informative. The lady in the gift store area didn't even judge me when I was freaking out because I got to put a pin on the big map... FYI... Yes I actually am an adult. I just get really excited about the little things. Back to the story. The tour was great. I learned a bunch and they have some great fossils and tons of rocks! I really like rocks too. For living in wyoming 20 years of my life and making the drive from Sheridan to Cheyenne several times you'd think I'd have at least stopped in Glenrock before but nope. This was the first time and it was SO worth it. If you ever get the chance stop and see it!!! See More
Marci Stirling Hayward
· July 26, 2017
This museum is not at all kid-friendly and the staff is very unprofessional. We visited the museum today because my 4-year-old son is obsessed with dinosaurs. After an awesome and fun little tour of t...he museum, we decided to visit the gift shop. As I was holding a toy for my son to look at (he wanted to push a button on it), one of the office staff screamed at us, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That's enough!! You are not allowed to play with the merchandise if you aren't going to buy it!!" This outburst was bizzare, completely uncalled for, and scared my children. It is unfortunate because, having so enjoyed the tour, I wanted to purchase something to help benefit the museum. However, after this embarrassing episode, we promptly left, and we will most likely never be back. See More
Megan Lindahl
· July 28, 2017
Small museum but very informative, the ladies working there made it well worth the $5 admission for adults and free for kids 12 and under. Lots of information on how the bones are found, preserved an...d readied for presentation. Not glitzy but very good for those interested in paleontology. See More
Greg Tally
· June 12, 2017
What a fantastic little museum that packs a lot of scientific punch! Great for a quick hour or two stop along I-25, to get to know the local dinosaurs. Or join one of their dig programs and head out i...nto the field for some hands on learning. The volunteers add a lot of heart and personality to the science. The Paleon is a treasure for the town of Glenrock! See More
Chris Thomas
· August 22, 2017
Had a great time here, really liked that we got to get behind the scenes to see how the work of cleaning and putting all them bones together happens
Jamie Jenkins Staggs
· September 19, 2017
Super friendly staff and great dinosaur exhibit and gift shop!
Jill Hutchison
· June 15, 2017
I participated in a weekend dig with Glenrock Paleo Museum a couple of weeks ago, and can't say enough about what a great experience it was! The Glenrock folks are so professional and have so much inf...ormation to impart, and yet are also warm and friendly. The museum is very impressive and provides a wonderful attraction for the town of Glenrock. Like Teri Stearns, I WILL be returning to dig, and strongly encourage all travelers to take exit 165 off Wyoming's I-25 to stop in Glenrock for a memorable visit. See More
Tony Campagna
· September 8, 2017
I went on my first dinosaur dig last weekend with these folks! It was fantastic! I highly recommend it! I'm going again next year!
Mike McDaniel
· August 22, 2017
Cool little museum with a focus on ongoing, active digs and fossil prep. Nice specimens on display, well curated.
Teri Stearns
· June 5, 2017
Just spent a weekend digging with these fine folks. The museum is terrific, not only as an attraction but as an outreach effort in education, science, and research. If you find yourself on I-25 headin...g to Casper, please stop in and have a look. Highly recommended. I WILL be returning. See More
Johnny R Cantrell
· August 6, 2017
The staff could not have been more welcoming , informative or pleasant. You will be on our agenda next time we visit Casper , from Washington State
Linda McComb
· July 13, 2017
Such a great place to visit. Thankyou for all of your enthusiasm and information.
Monika Jozwik-Ratliff
· July 29, 2016
Fabulous!!! When my children and I walked in we were welcomed by all the staff in such a friendly manner. We were asked if we would like a tour of the museum, we accepted. The guide was knowledgeable..., friendly and understanding of young children. We lear b ed so much more information than if we would have walked through by ourselves. Thank you much. I would highly recommend going. See More
Jere Fredenburgh
· June 27, 2017
Fun,informative, well worth the visit Great tour, best yet, great volunteers!
Ross Bamford
· June 23, 2016
We flew out from Pennsylvania to get grandson exposure to dinosaur field and laboratory techniques. He experienced both, and was led very well by paleontologist and lab volunteers. His interest only... was raised in this amazing line of animals. Many thanks to a great group of professionals for a job well done.

Ross Bamford
See More
Dylan DeWitt
· June 9, 2017
On my way to a Fossil Dig in Northern Wyoming, I stoped here to check things out and I was VERY impressed! Great mounts, accurate information and generally is very fantastic! Definitely recommend if y...ou happen to be driving by! See More
Cathy Collins Adler
· July 22, 2017
This was a very nice Museum. Very interesting! The volunteers here we wonderful.
Monica Martinez
· August 11, 2015
We just had the most amazing tour. Ms. Lila Swan was a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher (not to mention patient). Barb gave us a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the prep lab. This is one summer vaca...tion trip I know my budding paleontologist will never forget. Thanks for all the work your "skeleton" crew does! See More
Barb Reno Cook
· November 13, 2015
We did NOT have a pleasant tour with Ms Swan. She's the rudest individual we've encountered. She yelled/screached at someone not even with our group who touched. Put some dang signs up if you don't wa...nt them touched! Yes some museums you can touch. We left because of her rudeness.Very poor public relations. We'll never go back there again. Ever. See More
Kimberly Renner
· October 23, 2016
I took my 4 & 5 yr old grandsons. They loved it. The staff was great. The exhibits were fantastic. We will be back.

Here is hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas. Our volunteers are going to take this week off to recuperate and spend a little time with family and friends. See you in the NEW YEAR!

Remember we have great Christmas gifts. We have stocking stuffers for all ages and we allso have that major gift for young and old!. We will be open today and tomorrow from 11 ti 4 for your convenience.

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Encouraging little palaeontologists. Learn more:

The drawing for the quilt was awesome and Barb 3 will post pictures on facebook and NOW on our Website. Fortunately Stuart sent warning that it was up (so I didn't have the big one from shock) and there will be a post on the drawing on our (Where they give to the link to the page) Well done computer experts!

Our Brian Bull posted this

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Jonathan Stoby is with Joel Dorsett and 2 others at Witte Museum.

Looking for vacation ideas for next summer, or a unique experience to give as a holiday gift? Join us in the wilds of Wyoming for a two or five-day experience collecting fossils from the Upper Cretaceous beds of the Lance Formation - the Tomb of Triceratops.

Email MNHM Director & Chief Curator Matthew Mossbrucker at for details, questions, or to enroll. You'll find information and the enrollment forms at, which is best viewed on a desktop.

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The Bone Biddy's were hard at work today getting our residents ready for the holiday season. When our photographer has time we will share our joy with you. The key to harmony is to leave the display area pristine but we ladies can do anything we want in the gift shop. Too much fun. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from the Paleon.

LAST CHANCE to get your tickets for the Thomas Kinkade Queen Quilt raffle!
The drawing will take place on December 16th following the Christmas Parade as part of the Glenrock Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration. For tickets call the Museum at 436- 2667 11 p.m to 4 p.m. Thursday -Saturday or Barb Kumpula at 436- 5535 and leave a message. Ticket prices are $1 for a single, $5 for 6 tickets, and $20 for 30 tickets. Don’t miss this opportunity for a chance at a GREAT Christmas gift!

Looking for a unique gift? Or planning your 2018 vacation? Join us the field and learn how to properly collect, identify, and interpret local fossils from dinosaurs that once called Wyoming home.

Along with our partners at the Morrison Natural History Museum, we are now taking reservations for the 2018 dig season. More information or enroll the forms at or email Matthew Mossbrucker at

Hope to see you at the dig site!

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The Glenrock Paleontological Museum
Science Museum

LAST CHANCE to get your tickets for the Thomas Kinkade Queen Quilt raffle!
The drawing will take place on December 16th following the Christmas Parade as part of the Glenrock Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration. For tickets call the Museum at 436- 2667 11 p.m to 4 p.m. Thursday -Saturday or Barb Kumpula at 436- 5535 and leave a message. Ticket prices are $1 for a single, $5 for 6 tickets, and $20 for 30 tickets. Don’t miss this opportunity for a chance at a GREAT Christmas gift!

The Paleon will be closed for the Thanksgiving weekend. Bone Biddy's Crissie and Lorna are blaming it on the "Barbs". Barb1 will be assisting her daughter after her successful surgery, Barb 2 did a graceful move before crashing and Barb 3 will have family--including grandchildren. What can we say. We wish everyone a safe and relaxing weekend.

Thanks to Barb 3 for texting state football results. The Bone Biddy's had fingers and toes crossed. Good job purple!

Bone Biddy Barb3 is now a full fledged tour guide. Congratulations to her. She was the Director of the Annual Garage Sale and along with Lorna, Diane and so many others put out a herculanean effort each year. This year due to 'circumstances' we were no longer to tell our shoppers "thanks for shopping at The Paleon".

Our new fundraiser is the most beautiful 'Kinkaid' quilt that several ladies labored over. If you haven't purchased your tickets stop by! The drawing date is the 2nd week of December if not sooner.

What a week for the Bone Biddys. Lorna was down for a couple of days and Crissie is in the hospital for a bout with surgery. Thank goodness for our skeleton crew Saturday brought some rays of sunshine. We have a lovely young lady who wants to join us and some great news for the future and....on Saturday toward the end of the day a family group (Kids from Douglas and Mom from Michigan) came in. She opened the door and asked if we were the Bone Biddys. She said that she had planned her trip over the last year and at the top of her list she wanted to meet the B.B.'s. They got the tour and we had a great moment in the sun.

Want to dig for dinosaurs? Join us for the 2018 field season. The schedule will be announced tomorrow!

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The Glenrock Paleontological Museum
Science Museum

The Bone Biddys had a most wonderful summer that came to an end with the final dig of the season. The time off recharged our batteries and we are awaiting snow (we like) and ice (we hate). Thanks to all who stopped by and those many 'diggers' that joined the younger field crew. We are now in full winter mode, catching up on projects. We will have a surprise for guests probably in mid-October that will keep us laughing till Halloween.