GlobTek's in-house cable assembly and injection molding division is now producing power supply ac adapters with Lemo P/N FGG.0B.305.CLAD52.Z with bend relief P/N GMA.0B.045.DG to address a customer specific requirement. GlobTek's cable assembly group is able to build output cords and wire harnesses....
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In response to a customer requirement for a clean and professional look and a highly reliable lifespan, GlobTek created a mold tooling for an overmold for Molex 5557 series including but not limited to housing 39012060, 0039012060, 0039012065, 0039039062, 0455590002, and 0469920610. The Overmold/boo...
GlobTek offers inventory with our T00 plug system. This novel system allows for rapid shipment of prototype samples or small quantities of common output voltage and current which can fullfill the needs of most common barrel plug specs.
PSU Isolation and Identity David Love, GlobTek GTUS, Northvale Design Center Explanation of Class I and Class II Input Class I: One level/means of insulation to protect the end-user of the product (customer system) from the AC mains voltage. An additional means of protection must be provided by usin...
The GTM96180 power adapter product line, available in Wall plug-in and desktop configurations with grounded and ungrounded input options can be configured for a guaranteed output power limit of less than 15W. Output voltages between 5V and 48V are available, with a full load output power rating of 1...
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February 7
GlobTek now offers a 20V 60W power supply with Lenovo® Slim connector for Thinkpad and other products. The RR9LZ3000LENOVCIMR6B power supply is a IEC60601-1 Medically certified power supply. In addition it has 60950-1 with LPS, UL1310, 62368, and 60335 certifications for a wide variety of applicati...
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February 5
GlobTek's GTM96900P-90VV series of desktop power supplies is designed and qualified for a host of applications including IEC61347 for LED lighting. The family is available in desktop configuration with 3 options for IEC inlets: IEC60320 C6, C8, and C14.
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January 17
EAC certification, formerly known as the Russian GOST-R certification, implements a new logo (EAC mark), the implementation of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) new certification system. From February 15, 2013, the new Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) EAC certification syste...
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January 10
Brazil's Inmetro Scheme considers power supplies to be a voluntary type 2 commodity. The following products are available with Brazil's voluntary certification..
GlobTek has a core competence in both designing partially or completely customized plugs or implementing customer specific designs. GlobTek utilizes state of the art software and engineering abilities to design, validate, and tool connector solutions for all sorts of applications.