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Christopher Mwale
· October 23, 2015
Will continue with this until Africa starts becoming self sustained and food secure Technologies that will transform Africa
I cant avoid re-posting this wonderful video God Bless Child Legacy International
If you are serious about farming, watch this....

Finally the monster is here. So far the biggest Inverter in the country.
3phase 30KVA Solar Hybrid Inverter.
Ideal for a hospital, school, shopping complex, big offices, etc.
We Design Supply & Install

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Our Intelligent Solar Power Hybrid Solutions will enable you to use maximise utilization of available energy resource in the most cost effective way.
Our systems will enable you to use only solar power when available for your load and charging your batteries for night usage.
You can reduce your energy bills up to zero, depending on the system sizing.
To learn more about our services please inbox or whatsapp 0999823882

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Andrew Nkoloma to Go Green Malawi Campaign

We have all the good reason to #GoGreen with solar.
The very ESCOM that is only available 8 hours in 32 hours we have to pay 25% more

Paralleling 2x 5KVA MUST inverters to make 10KVA at a residential in Nyambadwe, Blantyre

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Stay connected to uniterrupted power even in the current countrywide load shed.
Get affordable mono and polycrystalline solar panels from Global Solar.
We Design, Supply and Install

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Andrew Nkoloma to Go Green Malawi Campaign

Slowly we are turning urban rooftops crystalline blue as Malawi goes green.
Join our #GoGreenMalawiCampaign and make Malawi greener and cleaner

DrPeter Mbiko Jere

Zodiak rpts tht 1 Genset will need abt 550 liters per hr of diesel to produce 2MW of pwr. Thats 13,200 liters in 24 hrs (1 day) to produce 2MW. In all they are ...78MW gensets. Has any1 dn a Feasibility Study on fuel consumption for these gensets b4 we dig one hole to fill another hole. Engineers, talk to us pls b4 w get into a diesel blackout.

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Receiving this Intelligent 30KVA 3phase Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter mid November.
Make you early booking before it's too late.

This Off-Grid solar system is available in 10KVA ~ 120KVA models with DSP digital control technology, it is combined with pulse-width modulation (SVPWM), disturbance MPPT control and multi-level control technology to enable the system to track the maximum power of solar panels fast. Its secure power supply feature provides good quality power with... regulated voltage and frequency to the loads, and it is featured with energy storage and staggering power consumption as well. It is an ideal inverter for medium-sized or large-scale residential, commercial and industrial PV applications which are off the grid, such as village, farm, factory, office building, hospitals and islands etc.
Off-Grid Solar Inverter 10KVA ~ 120KVA (3:3)
 Characteristics󰃟 Technical SpecificationsDocuments
● High-speed DSP digital control
● Full-bridge invertert control technology, providing secure power supply in the event of three phase 100% unbalanced loads
● Multi-string PV connected
● Inbuilt AC rectifier and MPPT control modules, configured battery parameters by operating interface, self-regulation for charging voltage and current
● Hot-swap MPPT modules for easy maintenance and power expansion
● Auto access MPP tracking states, be most probable to use PV energy in priority
● Intelligent AC and PV complementation power supply function to extend the battery life.
● Using multicore control technology and auto MPP trackers, auto-start AC rectifier enable PV and AC source to supply power to the loads at the same time in the event of insufficient PV, which reduces battery discharge times and entend the battery life.
● Intelligent staggering power consumption function
● Standard RS232, RS485 and optional SNMP communication port
● Multiple remote control: startup, shutdown, abnormal clearance, EPO, battery test and remote alarm port
● Staggering energy storage and power generation

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Different conditions under which our Intelligent MUST , East and Fortuner Inverters operate.

Aware that it is not easier to decide the size of power backup solution one needs for his application, we have come up with Standard Packages for common applications.
Posted here are our Power Backup Systems Special Offer
Where you find not very clear please inbox or WhatsApp 0999/888 823882 for clarification.
We Design Supply & Install

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Andrew Nkoloma is with Charles Ulaya and 4 others.

Staying without escom till 11pm and waking up at 3AM with yet another blackout.
The only way to bemefit from escom is when you store that few hours power into y...our home power bank (Inverter system) and use it when you need it.
This, however, may not be enough. You need to supplement it with nature's power from the sun.
Most houses on inverters are now hybridising with solar power and its working
For further enquiries and support please whatsapp 0999/888 823882

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Configuring another SMA family at BlueZone Limited, Blantyre.
Towards Zero ESCOM, 100% Solar

And Solar Energy becomes more relevant.
Invest in Renewable Energy will not only deal with ESCOM black outs but saves your money too

It is now official that ESCOM is providing power fewer hours than blackouts. In most places within 24 hours we are receiving power only 10 hours. In some places even less. This means that for those whom we had installed power backup systems performance will start reducing. This is because most systems were designed for less hours backup than what they are experiencing and result frequent system sh...

If you are tired of ESCOM Read this exciting news..

It is possible for us to give you any power backup solution of your choice without you paying any penny?

This is how👇🏿


1. You chose a product or service from us.

2. You will have 5% discount because you are my friend, you are our existing customer, we belong to the same group or you once showed interest on our products

3. 5% for sharing to another group or m/ ore

4. 5% for any for each friend you convince to buy.

5. 1% for sharing a post on your wall from our page

6. 2% for sharing any of our page post to any fb group you belong to.

6. Negociable commission on any big deal that you can facilitate.

Am sure you are a good marketer and can even get paid some money on top of the free product/ service

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Andrew Nkoloma

This is only September.
Yesterday we lost power at 2pm and came back at 11pm. Then we lost it again at 4:30am. The schedule says will stay off until 11pm.
One wonders whether ESCOM main service is to provide darkness or light
But we dont panic, we use free energy from the sun