15,000 nuclear weapons ≠ security
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With North and South Korea taking much needed steps to ease tensions, the US must embrace this unprecedented opportunity to push for diplomacy and reduce the nuclear threat.

Kim Jong Un tries to play South Korea against the United States.

Once again, Teen Vogue answers all of the questions you have about President Trump’s misguided plan to throw money at the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

The government plans to develop two new types of nukes.

A chart central to the Trump administration’s nuclear posture review “clearly was ginned up to cast the U.S. nuclear arsenal in the worst possible light...From such flimsy statistics bad policies may be born.”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is citing a chart that nuclear weapons experts say offers a misleading picture of U.S. upgrades.|By Fact Checker

Just about the only thing this article gets right is its title. The dangers posed by a single person with complete control over the U.S. nuclear arsenal doesn’t end when Donald Trump leaves the White House.

We shouldn’t let concerns about his stability lead us to undercut the nuclear deterrent commanded by his successors.

With its nuclear posture review, the Trump administration once again reaffirms its conviction that “the best way to limit the spreading nuclear danger is to expand and advertise its ability to annihilate its enemies” reports TIME.

‘The new arms race has already begun’

“Despite serious tensions over other security and economic issues, the United States and Russia have continued to implement [New START] not because of altruism, friendship, or third-party enforcement, but because of mutual self-interest.”

Jon Wolfsthal is Director of the Nuclear Crisis Group and a former Senior Director at the National Security Council. Michael McFaul is director of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and a Hoover fellow at Stanford University, and a contributing columnist to The Post. He was previ...

"New START must not be allowed to expire. As we saw again today, New START provides a critical window into Russia’s nuclear capabilities and intentions. These are tools our intelligence community can’t afford to lose and would take billions of dollars and precious years to replace."

Read our full statement on New START:

Today is the official deadline by which the United States and Russia must verify that they have met the limits of the New START Treaty, an agreement by both countries to reduce their deployed strategic nuclear weapons to no more than 1,550 each.

In the Trump administration’s nuclear posture review, released today, the U.S. has been committed to taking steps that not only to making nuclear war more likely, but comes at significant expense for a unnecessary expansion of our nuclear arsenal.

The policy follows on President Trump’s promises to strengthen and modernize U.S. nuclear capabilities.

The Trump administration's nuclear posture review is "a radical plan written by extreme elements and nuclear ideologues in Trump’s inner circle who believe nuclear weapons are a wonder drug that can solve our national security challenges. They aren’t and they can’t."

Read Global Zero's full statement below:

The Trump Administration Nuclear Posture Review released today calls for the development of new, more usable nuclear weapons, and expanding the number of scenarios when the first use of nuclear weapons would be considered, including in response to a non- 2 February 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday...

The Trump administration’s nuclear posture review is set to release soon. It’s full of dangerous ideas, like increasing the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and creating all-new types of nuclear weapons. It also expands the scenarios that merit a nuclear response, which “makes nuclear war more likely.”

Miscommunication + Misunderstanding + Bad User Interface + Lack of Protocol = A Nuclear False Alarm

An emergency worker misheard a recording as part of an unscheduled drill, the FCC says.|By Brian Fung

“A nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon. You use a small one, then you go to a bigger one. I think nuclear weapons are nuclear weapons and we need to draw the line there." - Former Secretary of State George Schultz

“These weapons are immoral, as President Reagan said many times," Shultz added.

“There are only two ways this story ends: We either find the wisdom and courage to reduce and ultimately eliminate [nuclear] weapons, or the Clock strikes midnight.”

Derek Johnson writes that as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists sets its Doomsday Clock ahead 30 seconds, to two minutes before midnight, the lesson seems clear: our time is nearly up -- unless the world takes immediate action.

This #Doomsday Clock has moved 30 seconds closer to midnight.

This meets the previous high-water mark set in 1953, the year after the United States and the Soviet Union first tested thermonuclear weapons.


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The Trump administration’s nuclear posture review’s “premises and logic precede Trump; they have been woven into America’s nuclear-war machine for a very long time”.

We should have been much more worried about these weapons BEFORE Trump got his hands on them.